Best Camcorders under $200


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With the best Sony camcorders reviews, it will be possible for you to record some of the best moments of your life without the need to spend huge. Some of the best models within this product category will be identified below, with the anticipation that such will make it easier for you to come up with an evaluation of the choices that are currently available.


GoPro Hero 3 Camcorder


Best Camcorders under $200

This is the most popular option for those people who live an active and sporty lifestyle, such as those who are into surfing. This small and light camera comes with a built-in Wi-Fi, which means that it will be easier to share your photos and videos over the internet. In addition, another thing that is worth highlighting about this model is its audio performance, which is a significant improvement from the older model. It has been improved to make it possible to record even subtle sounds.

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“An innovation was made in the GoPro Hero 3 Camcorder which makes it outstanding than the other camcorder in the market. The product is the one I love the most because I can capture and share my moments with friends and family in just a fraction of second because it can access the internet.” Richard Ireland


Sony HDR-CX190 Camcorder


With a resolution of 5.3 megapixels, this camcorder has 25x optical zoom and 30x extended zoom, which will make it easy to clearly capture your subject even if you are shooting at a distance. The Exmor CMOS Sensor is one of the parts of this camcorder that received favorable feedbacks from users and experts. Because of such, it is possible to see clear images even if they are shot in conditions with low light. It also has 2.7 inch display, allowing you to see what is being captured by the camcorder.

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“The Sony HDR-CX190 Camcorder is a very admiring product which I recommend to all. I can capture subjects even in a distant with this camcorder. It produces sounds that are great and clear. Issues on distorting images were never my problem because it delivers quality records and images.” Maria Stewart


Contour Roam2 Camcorder


This is another model that is commonly mentioned in many best camcorders under $200. One of the main reasons on why it is a popular choice is because it is waterproof, which means that it is durable and can have more applications. It can be used at the beach, without the fear of being wet. It also has an instant recording function, eliminating the need for you to manually set the camcorder. It is also small and lightweight, making it a convenient item to bring during your adventurous trips.

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“The Contour Roam2 Camcorder is what I have at home. I use it in when we have to go on beach and swimming. I never had the fear that this product will get wet because it is water proof. Another, this product is durable and handy. I can also bring it anywhere because of its small size.”  Craig B. Wright


Sony HDR-CX220/B Camcorder


The SteadyShot, an image stabilization technology, is a feature that is commonly cited by the users of this camcorder for their high level of satisfaction. This makes sure that blurring is reduced, even if your hand is shaking when shooting. With 27x optical zoom and 32x extended zoom, you can get close to your subject and make sure that the shots are clear. Lastly, the use of Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens should also be highlighted, as such helps in making sure of excellent contrast and sharpness.

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“Shooting and capturing images and subjects is never a problem with the Sony HDR-CX220/B Camcorder. Even the subject was located at a distant, you will guarantee of clarity. The zoom capacity of this camera is very clear that’s why it makes difference from other camcorders you can buy in the market.” James Mitchell


Kodak PlaySport Camcorder


When looking for the best camcorders under $200, it is impossible to not include the Kodak PlaySport camcorder in the list. This waterproof camcorder is also dustproof and shockproof, which is a guarantee that it will have a long functional life. This is the perfect choice for people who love the outdoors. The built-in digital image stabilization feature is also good, as it gives you an assurance that blurring is eliminated, while the color is always as realistic as possible.

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“The Kodak PlaySport Camcorder is a very durable product which I have at home. I never gave any second mind with this camcorder because I saw positive feedbacks from its users. This camcorder captured all my life moments with clarity, vibrancy and style. This is the best product I have.“ Danny Dunleavy