Top rated Golf Club Sets from Callaway


If you love golf, or if you are looking for a gift for someone who is passionate about this sport, you should read the different best golf club set reviews to be provided with help in searching for the best within the product category. By reading the rest of this article, you will have more insights on five of the best choices that can be taken into account.


How to get quality golf club sets in 2018


Thousands of people love to play golf from time to time in order to relax and have a nice time. In order to improve your golfing skills and get a whole in one more often than you’re used to, you have to find a decent golf club set. There are many models available on the market, which can make the whole process pretty tiresome. Still, finding the ideal product can be done if you consult with attention some of the best golf club sets reviews. Once you consult relevant information on the subject, you will be able to discover the most lucrative set. You need a product that is easy to work with and capable of responding well on different terrain conditions.

There are a couple of things to take into account before deciding on a specific product. The first thing you need to do is identify your golfing skills. You got to set realistic goals regarding your capacity to play. Finding the best golf sets in 2018 can be hard without consulting professional information. If you are just taking up the sport, you need to invest in high quality club sets. Those first experiences on the court should be great and a jumping start for more. With the right clubs, users will feel more confident during swings and implicitly will want to learn more. During golf lessons, you need to have access to professional clubs that improve your skill set on the course. You have to set the right learning parameters and take advantage of precision and golfing quality.

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product No. of pieces Price Shaft material Hand orientation Customer Rating Where to buy

Callaway XJ Series Junior

7 pc $$$ Graphite Right hand A+ AMAZON

Callaway Strata Plus Women

16 pc $$$$ Graphite Right hand B+ AMAZON

Callaway Strata Plus Men

18 pc $$$$ Graphite & Steel Left hand B+ AMAZON

Callaway Strata Men

13 pc $$ Graphite Right hand B AMAZON

Callaway Strata Women

11 pc $$ Graphite Right hand B


There are cheap golf club sets that you can purchase but even though it might seem like a good business it’s not. Sooner or later you’ll have to replace them. This is why you should consult the best golf club sets reviews and reduce the selection process down to only one set. As you know, golf sets are pretty expensive. To this end you need to be fully informed about the upcoming purchase. There is top-of-the-line golfing equipment which you can purchase if you have a few extra cash tucked away. You have to pay attention to the shaft composition (graphite or steel) and shaft flex. Some golfers consider that the best golf sets in 2018 have a shaft composition made out of graphite. These are light sets that generate more swing speed. Still, you should know that steel is durable and resists longer game plays.

It is important to have access to a productive golfing gear. Women and also seniors should consider investing in graphite shafts for additional swinging comfort. On the other hand, young and strong men should use stiff rods because they provide better precision during each swing. Beginners should opt for game improvement clubs. These are specially designed golf club sets which can help people swing better. You ought to choose irons with special perimeter weighted and cavity-backed. In addition, there are “hybrid” sets with 3-, 4- and also 5- irons replaced by hybrid clubs. One thing is clear, with this set you’ll have better swinging precision!


Callaway XJ Series Junior Club Set


Many best Callaway golf club sets reviews have revealed that it is one of the most common choices for junior players. Everything about this set constructed with the needs of juniors in mind. For instance, the clubs are known for their energy efficiency. This simply means that there is more power that can be generated with every swing of the clubs. In addition, the intelligent design of the clubs will allow juniors to have improved control and distance, or generally, better golf playing skills.



This is the perfect affordable Callaway golf club set to invest in if you plan on initiating your son into the basics of golfing.

It has received little to no bad reviews despite being on the market for a while now.

Destined for boys ages 9 through 12, the Callaway XJ clubs are durable, well-designed and quite efficient as far as distance and accuracy go.

The set incorporates all the necessary tools to get your young boy through an entire golf game.

It uses the same technology seen in professional games.



Could have been a bit sturdier but that is not that big of a downside considering only maybe 1 out of 100 12 year olds has the strength to put a dent in any of these golf clubs.


“ I recommend the Callaway XJ series Junior Club set for any juniors who loves to play and train themselves in the golf sports. It has a nice grip that you can hold with ease. The product is also efficient so you can have this product for good.” Ila Lindsey


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Callaway Strata Plus Women Club Set


If you are a lady looking for the perfect club set, this is most probably one of the best choices that can be taken into account. It is known to be one of the default choices for women who are just beginning to play and love golf. One thing that makes it great for starters is that it is lightweight, which will allow you to swing easier. Aside from such, it is also known for having practical price. If you are looking for a club set that can provide value for your money, this should not be missed from your list of choices.



This golf set is not only efficient but it is also incredibly stylish, which is a big plus for women golfers.

The 460cc driver offers a generous sweet spot which means you will end up making most of your shots count and you will also improve your score.

The materials used make every golf club included in this set feel a lot lighter which is perfect for women who lack force. Even so they will be able to increase performance especially when it comes to distance because of the faster swing speed.

The two hybrids included in the set will allow you to handle multiple situations with ease.

Even though this is not the most expensive golf set on the market, it still comes with some pretty high end features.



The bag that comes with this set is not destined for those who don’t have access to a golf cart. It will not stand all on its own and it does not offer a strap to help you move it from place to place.


“ For novice users, I highly recommend the Callaway Strata Ladies 16- piece Club set because it is just lightweight so you will have the ease in swinging it during the game. The product is very sturdy so you will never encounter any problem using it during the game.” Sherrie Frazier


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Callaway Strata Plus Men Club Set


This is another product that has been given high ratings in numerous best Callaway golf club sets reviews that have been published recently. The materials that are used are among the things that should be noted. For instance, graphite composite and stainless steel is a good thing since it allows the users to swing faster and deliver longer shots. The head of the putter has stylish design, which offers the benefit not only in terms of aesthetics, but also with regards to precision when playing.



Excellent starter kit destined for those who want to make the step from beginner to amateur golfer.

Because of the large sweet spot provided by the 460cc clubbead, you will improve the distances of your shots and you will also improve your hit rate.

Made out of graphite and steel, these clubs are lightweight, precise and quite durable, being able to take a lot of hits.

This very affordable Callaway golf club set comes with all the necessary clubs to get your through all types of golf courses.



It might not be the perfect set for those who average 230-260 yard drives. They might find the driver a bit less durable than they would expect.

The other golf clubs included in this set are also a bit too sensitive when it comes to shock.


“I’m an inexperience golf player and I’ve started playing this game some months ago. I bough this Callaway golf set because I read it was one of the best rated products for beginners. I steadily improving and I feel comfortable while using all of the set’s pieces. I know who makes the best golf club sets, Callaway.” – Lawrence S. Milton

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“ If you are going to buy a golf set then you must consider the Callaway Strata Plus 18- piece Club set. You have to take not of its durable and string structure that will never leave you during and throughout the game. The product is firm and handy.” Kara Holloway



Callaway Strata Men’s Club Set


Best Callaway Golf Club Sets ReviewsThe golf clubs that are included in this set are made from high quality materials that provide an assurance that they will function at their best. In addition, many of its users also never failed to notice the excellent quality of the bag, which is also often commended because of its solid construction and durability. Lastly, it is also important to note that while this club set never fails in terms of quality, it is at an affordable price range, which makes it one of the favorites in the marketplace.



Amazing looking golf set for less than $200 which despite sounding a bit improbable, is actually made true by Callaway.

Fully-loaded so you can start improving all aspects of your game regardless of the golf course.

Designed with innovative technology to increase accuracy and distance.

Built out of lightweight materials which are also very durable and flexible so as to offer a perfect golfing experience.



If you are looking to start competing you might want to invest in a different driver.

The handle on the bag could be a bit stronger as some users complained about it ripping after a few months of intense use.


“ I love golfing and I am always in a search of the best gold club set that will meet my standards when it comes to the sport. When I got to know about the Callaway Strata 13- piece Club set, I stopped searching for more because this product has all the qualities I am looking for. I was lucky enough to get if for a Black Friday discount, which made it quite affordable. My experience with it has lead me to believe it’s surely a top 10 set.” Russel Wiley


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Callaway Strata Women’s Club Set


This is another golf club set that is ideal for ladies who are playing golf. It has a customized design that prioritizes the needs and preferences of women, such as with regards to the weight of the clubs. The performance and distance will surely be optimized with the use of this set. Many of the young women players who have used these clubs have expressed nothing but good words on their experience with such.



Large 460cc driver for greater chances of perfect impact for those who have just started to play golf on a more serious level.

Designed to increase accuracy and swing speed.

It offers great value for money and it can make the perfect gift for your loved one regardless of the level she’s on.

Lightweight set with a bag that will stand on its own and that can be carried by using its strap. You will not require a golf cart to use this set.



The sand wedge might not be the best especially if you are an amateur. It lacks precision and it throws off those who need to feel the club in order to make a decent shot.

It is not a complete set.


“ Every woman will enjoy and be happy owning the Callaway Strata Women’s 11- piece Club set. It was optimized with features that greatly help in a precise golfing. It is durable so you can sue it for more than a year without any damage on the set. With such a description I was sure it was the best choice for the money I paid for it. Also, I bought it around Xmas time so it wasn’t expensive either.” Deborah Duran


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