Top rated cabinet safes in 2019


Every person has important documents or things of certain material or sentimental value that need to be kept away from harm. The best way to do so is by investing in a safe. There are many options for you to consider and even more features that need to be analyzed. Our experts have taken the time to help with your decision by making a list of five recommendations destined to satisfy even the most demanding of customers. They’ve based their decisions on the best cabinet safe reviews available and on thorough research.


First Alert 2096DF Waterproof Fire Safe


Best cabinet safe reviewsMost consider this the best cabinet safe in 2019 because of the great value for money it provides. It is designed to resist both high temperatures and water pressure. It will withstand up to 1 hour of intense fire without allowing the things inside to deteriorate. It has a storage capacity of 2.1 cu. ft. and it is built with concealed hinges which are pry-resistant. The inside can be adjusted to fit your needs as the two shelves and the included pull-out file rack can be removed. It is opened by using a digital keypad which can be overridden by a key which comes included in the package.

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First Alert 2077DF Anti-Theft Safe with Digital Lock


Digital locks are the way to go if you are interested in keeping your assets safe from others rather than from things like fire or water. The 2077DF is built just for that considering how complex its locking system is. Although affordable, it is impossible to open unless you know the code or you have the emergency override key. The interior of this safe is fully carpeted so even if someone tries to damage the exterior, your valuables will still be protected. If you consider the price tag and the efficiency of the locking mechanism you could say that this is the best cabinet safe in 2019.

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SentrySafe T6-331 2.3 Cubic Foot Security Safe


The T6-331 is among the top rated cabinet safes in 2019. It is spacious and has a well-organized interior which is very useful especially when you have different assets you need to keep safe. It uses an innovative and very efficient digital locking system which is impossible to hack. It can only be opened with the code or with an override key. The door on this safe locks by using 4 bolts which are enough to keep anyone out. The concealed hinges add to that extra safe design which is pretty much all you need from a top end safe.

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First Alert 2092DF-BD Bolt-Down Safe


If you are looking to make a great investment which will allow you to keep your valuables safe for many years to come, you should direct your attention towards the 1.3 cu. ft. safe by First Alert. It is one of the most efficient storage units of its kind. It is built to resist all major hazards including fire and water. Unlike other safes, this can actually handle being fully submerged in water. It can also handle 1 hour of intense heat before allowing the interior to heat up and ruin your assets. The digital lock is impossible to crack but can be opened with the override key.

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SentrySafe SFW123CS 1.2 Combination Fire Resistant Big Bolt Safe


According to most of the best cabinet safe reviews, this is the perfect safe to have around your home. It is pretty compact so it can fit in some tighter spaces. It is designed to protect documents and sensitive items like CDs, DVDs and flash drives from 1700 degree heat for as long as 1 hour before some deterioration may occur. It is crash safe so it will not open its door if dropped from up high. It will be able to resist water infiltration for 24 straight hours. The interior comes with a shelf which can easily be removed to free up more space.