Top rated butane torches in 2019


In kitchens, scientific laboratories, construction sites work requires attention and specific instruments that can deliver the right assistance. There is a growing need for advanced butane torches, which can add precision during every phase of your work. This torch uses intensely hot to extremely hot flame, through a flammable gas called butane. People use this tool in order to melt some of the most common metals such as aluminum or copper. How can you find a powerful model that will help you out during various jobs? Consult with attention the present best butane torches reviews and use the information wisely and end up with a great product.


Learn how to purchase a butane torch – Professional buying guide


The butane torch is a great device, readily available and applicable in many situations. If you work from home with metals or you craft your own goods, then you should look into a torch that suits your needs. Here we outline some of the most popular and reliable butane torches on the market and guide you through the similarities and differences.

Most of these torches are used for metalworking, to heat and partially melt metals and alloys in order to craft jewellery or hinges for furniture. However, there is an alternative use, and that is to use a butane torch for Christmas. Around the holiday season people make all sorts of tasty treats and snacks. A butane torch is exactly what you need to glaze all your treats and puddings. Sprinkle with a little cinnamon and you’ll have your neighbours, family and friends eating out the palm of your hand.

A very simple type of torch is the handheld, gas propelled variety which are readily available on Amazon for under twenty dollars. There is a range of these handheld devices, from larger torches to smaller pen-like ones. These are at the cheap end of the market and as such you shouldn’t expect a lot of power from them. Some customers noted they were difficult to get started and awkward to handle, but by and large many felt it did the trick. If you’re looking for something that’s within you budget and simple to use and re-use, then a hand held butane torch is right up your alley.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Item Weight Price Temperature Warranty Our Rating Where to buy

Blazer GB2001

0.43 lbs $$$ 2,500-degree F Included A AMAZON

Blazer GT8000

0.75 lbs $$$ 2,500-degree F No A AMAZON

Eurotool Jeweler’s Jumbo

0.5 lbs $$$ 2,450-degree F Included B+ AMAZON

Blazer GB4001

0.39 lbs $$ 2,500-degree F Included B+ AMAZON

BonJour Crème Brule

0.3 lbs $$ 2,450-degree F No B AMAZON


As you go up the scale you can find some, which are a bit pricier, but are always the best rated. These high end products allow you to adjust the flame, attach it to a worktable to give you use of your hands, and reach heights of 2,500 Fahrenheit, which is more than enough for most tasks. As these are more expensive, they tend to look the art, too. Not everyone cares how a torch looks, but ergonomically these fit much better in the hand, and when you’re trying to be precise that can make all the difference.

If you’re looking to really splash out, there are always chrome models. These are the top end of the market. They are crafted beautifully and work as a piece of art in themselves. The clean finish helps to guide the flame towards its mark and gives you that extra accuracy you need when working with metal. You can do a little research on who makes the best, but if you know what you’re looking for it will be easy.

Of course, not everyone can fork out for the high end devices, so you should keep an eye out for Butane torch black friday deals. That way you can afford that quality torch without breaking the bank.


Things to consider:

–          Handling: make sure it fits in your hand and is easy to use.

–          Cost: Don’t break the bank. Find one that’s a good price.

–          Usage: make sure you know why you’re buying it. If you’re making soufflé, don’t fret. But if you’re making jewellery then take the time to get the right one.



Blazer GB2001 butane micro-torch


Best butane torches reviewsAs you probably know, the market is packed with a lot of butane torches, all with different functions and elements. How can you narrow the search down? Use data from the present top rated butane torches reviews and understand better why thousands of people use Blazer GB2001 butane micro-torch! This advanced micro-torch has a diamond shaped and grid-designed body which permits you to manage every action easier than ever. It features a gas flow adjustment lever which permits you to control with ease the flame length and width, thus adding precision in everything you do. You can use around 2500 degree Fahrenheit of heating power!



Safe grip provided by the rubber, diamond-shaped body with grid design, enabling ease of use for various industrial and professional purposes

Easy control of the length and width of the flame is ensured by the gas-flow adjustment lever, helping eliminate the hazards associated with this product’s use

Commonly used for jobs that require exquisite detail work including laboratory, dental and automotive applications, culinary, jewelry-making, soldering, plumbing and brazing

Piezoelectric ignition system does not need electrical connection while offering a 2,500-degree Fahrenheit, blue-torch flame that is more precise



Due to its butane component, the device may be mistakenly considered the best butane torch for BHO (butane hash oil)


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Blazer GT8000 Big Shot butane torch


With a reliable butane torch you will be able to get things done easy and fast. To this end you should consider using one of the best butane torches in 2019 from Blazer: GT8000 Big Shot butane torch, a model that packs 2500 degree F heating force, more than enough to handle everything you throw at it. This model comes with a precise anti-flare and brass-frame nozzle that permits you to control with ease flames and heating force. It includes an attachable tabletop base that permits you to use it without hands. You will be able to control easier the heating force!



Refillable gas torch with attachable base and brass frame nozzle emits a precise flame tip that can be directly applied to an object to be treated

Suitable for a variety of applications including jewelry-making, plumbing, soldering, brazing, and  laboratory, dental and culinary purposes

Brass frame nozzle designed to be anti-flare for safe and controllable usage, with low blow-out rate when space is limited, held in various positions, or when used in areas where access is difficult

Angled head comes with attachable, tabletop base for hands-free work, while gas-flow adjustment dial precisely controls flame length



Mistakenly used in non-professional and non-industrial applications, such as dabs


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Eurotool Jeweler’s Jumbo max butane torch


Jewell crafting comes with its difficulties but most of them relate to the quality of instruments used to create various gems. To this particular end you should invest in a powerful butane torch capable of melting different metals with ease. Upon reviewing some of the best butane torches available on the market, we recommend that you use with confidence Eurotool jewellers jumbo max, a model that can get things done. It comes in black color with a chrome finish, and is the ideal torch to use while crafting jewels or repairing different things. You can use it to solder metal clay, sculpt metal, wax craft and many other actions.



Large flame nozzle with adjustable and controllable flame tip makes the Jeweler’s Jumbo-Max Flame Self-Igniting Refillable Torch the best butane torch for jewelry

Made with a quick replenishment system for butane gas content, making the tool convenient to have in the kitchen and in the home

With safety lock and ergonomic  design, enabling the user to handle the tool easily with one hand or place it on top of a table for hands-free operation

Has electronic ignition and a maximum temperature of 2450OF, a tall jumbo model with a larger fuel capacity to offer longer burn time



Can be harmful when used for purposes other than that for which it was designed


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Blazer GB4001 Stingray butane torch


Finding a reliable heating tool can be pretty difficult without the right help but once go through the best butane torches reviews things get a lot easier. Today, more and more people are using with confidence Blazer GB4001 Stingray butane torch, a model that can combines precision with heating force. This model has an anodized out body finish that resists with ease to wear and corrosion. You won’t be disappointed by the way this torch works! This advanced butane torch comes with a gas flow adjustment lever that you can use in order to control the flame width and intensity.



Built with anodized outer body finish to give prolonged period of use thanks to its ability to stay resilient against corrosion and wear

Flame length can be controlled easily thanks to the gas-flow adjustment lever, with attachable tabletop stand that makes easy and convenient hands-free use

No electrical connection required by the revolutionary piezoelectric ignition system,  saving on utility bills that can arise from repeated use of the unit

Offers a 2,500-degreeOF, blue-torch flame, for a more precise flame tip that can be applied to overly detailed work including jewelry-making, brazing, plumbing, soldering and a variety of cooking, laboratory and dental applications



Should in no way be mistakenly used for non-industrial and non-professional purposes


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BonJour Crème Brule chef’s culinary torch


In the kitchen there are a lot of activities that often end up in delicious dishes. You have the possibility to use BonJour Crème Brule butane torch which can help you prepare different dishes with more ease. This advanced chef’s tool has a large heavy metal construction which is very easy to manage around the kitchen. You can use the product in order to safely caramelize sugar, crisp different types of meat, brown meringue or melt with ease cheese. It features a reliable fuel level indicator window which you use to see how much power you have left to use.



Essential tool for preparing the classic crème brulee, but also works well for a variety of other uses in the home kitchen including melting cheese on onion soup gratinée and browning meringue, for more delectable culinary delights

With built-in fuel level indicator window so the professional   user is made aware of the fuel content and when it’s time for a refill

Helps in the preparation of browned twice-baked potatoes and fire-roasted salsa, making kitchen work much more exciting and special

Precise flame tip delivered by powerful flame nozzle, for even and uniform browning and fire-roasting without the danger of accidental firing



Used illicitly as the best butane torch for dabbing by people who don’t know any better


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