Helpful Advice on Buying the Best Business Plan Software:


Have you ever laid in bed and a great idea for a new business came to mind? After some deep consideration, you may have wanted to go ahead and start the business venture. Any experienced entrepreneur will tell you that you will need a comprehensive business plan before you can actually create the business. Some of the best business plan software of 2018 available on the market can help you get started. The highest rated programs can guide you through the necessary steps to put you on the path to creating (or expanding) a lucrative business. While we cannot tell you which business plan software is the best, we can provide you with essential information that will help you determine which program will be the most beneficial to you.



Type of Plans

The type of business plan you need strongly depends on what your goals are. Suppose you want to approach possible investors, you will need a plan that discusses and explains how you intend to use the funds, a proposed budget, as well as what the investors can expect in terms of revenue and profit. The best rated programs should offer plenty of templates to help you to organize the business plan so it explains what you want to do and how you plan to go about doing it.


Document Creation Tools

The best business plan software reviews reveal that document creation tools are extremely helpful when it comes to creating a business plan that investors will take seriously. These documents can include comprehensive financial projections, advertisement strategies, competitor profiles, and an in-depth market analysis. The top ten business plan software have tools that you would find with any common word processing tool, such as image importing, spellcheck, and document preview. These programs should also feature tools that will help you create and organize financial and budget analysis projections into easy-to-read charts and graphs.


Resources and Support

It can be challenging when you are trying to create your very first business plan. It is important to find the best business plan software for the money. This means not only should the software include useful tools, but plenty of guidance, resources to help with research, as well as technical support that can help you use the program to its full potential. The support tools are essential to writing a good business plan because they help you gather information that is often found in market analysis publications, help to identify business investors and gain funding, as well as provide you with a directory of legal advisors in your area.


In order to create a business plan, it takes a lot of patience, research, and dedication. You have to fact check, make sure the plan is solid and there are no questions left unanswered. By choosing one of the best business plan software of 2018, you will be able to get up to date tips on how to do all of this, and more.


Things to consider:

  • When creating a business plan, tailor it to meet your specific needs.
  • Look for a program that has plenty of templates and tools to help create a fantastic business plan.
  • You want to choose asoftware that offers you plenty of resource and support options.



Top rated Business Plan Software in 2018


Writing a business plan is no easy feat, especially if it is a new concept. You may want the assistance of a program to help format the business plan so that it looks professional and easy to read. To get a better idea of which program can help you on this endeavor, you may want to read some of the best business plan software reviews. These reviews will give you first hand user experience with the program and give you an idea what to expect.


Palo Alto Software Business Plan Pro Complete v 12


This software offers you over 500 sample plans to help you get an idea of how to write your plan. These example plans are designed to help you choose the correct wording that makes you sound professional, well researched, and ready to start making money. The software makes the financial and budgeting part of creating the plan simple because all you have to do is plug in your numbers. The program will make the calculations for you, as well as explain all the financial terminology. This particular software also offers you an extensive resource library that givesyou have access to business planning resources, real-world financial data, as well as general legal advice.

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Palo Alto Software LivePlan 6 Month Subscription


This software is ideal for those who already have a completed business plan and an operational business. It allows you to compare your plan with how your business actually performs. It makes it easy to input your actual sales and expense numbers and see if they are close to your estimates from the business plan you started with. If they do not line up, you can adjust things so that you are back on track. You can update the plan every month to keep a close eye on the variance between the forecast in your plan and your actual results.

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Growthink Ultimate Business Plan Template


The Growthink’s Ultimate Business Plan Template was created to help you create a professional business plan in a very short amount of time. The template is a Word document that guides you through each of the 10 sections of your plan. The template uses a structure that investors and lenders expect to see, which includes: company analysis, customer analysis, marketing plan, operations plan, financial plan and an appendix—to name a few. The program also features a pre-made financial model that uses an Excel format that can be edited just by entering your numbers. This will give you financial statements and pro-forma financial projections for five years.

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Nolo Quicken Legal Business Pro 2018


With this program, you can begin running your own small business easily and efficiently. To start and run a lucrative business, you will have to have some legal work done. Luckily, this mostly requires information gathering and finding the appropriate legal forms, which is all provided for you with this program by Quicken Simply follow the guided onscreen interviews and it will create customized documents. These documents allow you to structure or buy a business, prepare for a corporation or a LLC, rent commercial space, hire employees, independent contractors, and so much more. The program also helps you find any legal and practical information that could help you along the way.

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Palo Alto Software Start, Run, and Grow Your Business Plus


The Start, Run, and Grow Your Business Plus software is designed to provide you with 45 of the “best of breed” tools that are essential to creating a new business. The program features a collection of tools, resources, information, and even discounts that will get your business started within no time. Some of the features include discounts for logo creation, website domain, and establishing your brand. The productivity tools can help you manage your emails, track your time, and even managing your payroll, making this business plan software worth investing in.

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