Cheap washing machines in 2022


When you live by yourself in a not so big home or apartment you should invest in a portable washing machine which has a smaller size so it doesn’t take up too much space. You have a wide variety of choices when it comes to this type of washer and in order to make the correct one you should take a moment and read the best budget washing machines reviews. The next five examples are all reliable washers which are worth every penny.


Speed Queen AWN432S Top Load Washer


Best Budget washing machines reviewsFor a small family with 2 members a good suggestion for a top load washer would be the Speed Queen AWN432S. The 3.3 top load capacity will allow you to wash all your clothes at once, thus saving resources and money. Its reliable ½ HP motor is versatile enough to spin and 2 different speeds and support 17 different wash cycles. No type of clothes is too much for this washer thus making them clean at all times, stain free. Its customer reports also speak highly of it.

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Haier HLP21N Pulsator Portable Washer


When it comes to popularity there are very few portable washers which are as good as the Haier HLP21N. For a dorm room this washer is perfect and it is made to last as well with its stainless steel tube. Also it is fitted with a Quiet operation feature so it won’t be too noisy and disturb anyone. Having 3 different wash cycles plus 3 water levels will be to your clothes advantage as well.  Move it in your room wherever you want thanks to its reliable casters. The Haier HLP21N deserves its title of one of the top rated budget washing machines in 2022.

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Panda XPB36 Compact Portable Washing Machine


Just 28 pounds weighs the panda XPB36 portable washer which can be moved easily from place to place. To start its washing cycles is extremely simple, just fill it with water and set its timer. The compact design makes it ideal for saving space and the excellent performance level has made customers think of it as one of the best budget washing machines in 2022. You can even take it with you when you go camping or travelling.

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Sonya SYW-70S Small Washing Machine


The Sonya SYW-70S can be another great choice to make for a portable washer having a top capacity of 1.9 cu. ft. which means you can stuff in there 15 lbs of laundry each turn. Having 10 water levels and 6 wash cycles lets you wash almost any type of fabric inside it properly, without damaging it. The washing machine is also made to last, having a stainless steel tub, which won’t rust and resist corrosion. There aren’t many washers as good as it for apartments, making it one of the best budget washing machines in 2022.

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The Laundry Alternative Eco-Egg Automatic Mini Washing Machine


The Laundry Alternative Eco-Egg is a very reliable solution for a compact washer which also has a rinse cycle and is light enough to even be placed on a countertop. Small types of clothing are excellently washed by this innovative washer and with consuming as less energy and water as possible. Almost no noise is made by it so you can even enjoy catching up on a book when it is on. The best budget washing machines reviews appreciate the high level of performance that this mini washer provides.

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