Top rated Budget Laptops reviews


Getting a laptop for a good price means you will still use it for whatever you intended to buy it but won’t have to pay that extra money for all those features that didn’t help you much. If a basic usage of a laptop is all you need, than have your pockets remain just as full because the best budget laptops 2020 is all about affordable technology that doesn’t disappoint your standards. Have internet surfing, film watching and even game playing affordable and easy to get on you laptop.


Find the best laptop for the money


In the present there are a lot of people that use laptops in order to play games, watch movies, create presentations and or run different applications. This is probably why the market on laptops grows with each passing month. What is the best budget laptop? Well, this is a tricky question since there are a lot of people that recommend different models. In order to simplify the selection process you ought to learn which components and features make a product great. This is where we come in. At the end of this buying guide, you will be able to easily find the features that make a product great. Still, you should know that purchasing such a model means compromising in some areas. Depending on the laptop’s use, you will know exactly where to cut corners.

Picking out a model from the most popular products available for purchase may prove to be quite a challenge. As we said earlier, when it comes to laptops on a budget you have to compromise somewhere. You can set aside looks and concentrate on technical build. Or if appearances matter to you, the laptop doesn’t necessarily have to incorporate powerful components. Still, with attention to details you can opt for a laptop that is set somewhere in between. In our analysis of the top ten products on a budget, we noticed that you can skip on program performance. If you are not into video or photo editing then you can safely invest in a product that combines utility with style. Design is very important for people that use their laptops in public areas. Given that laptops are more personal than desktop computers, it is easy to understand their point of view.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Display Size Price Weight Memory Our Rating Where to buy

Acer C720 Chromebook

11.6 inch $$ 2.76 pounds 2 GB DDR3L SDRAM A++ AMAZON

Samsung Chromebook

11.6 inch $$$ 2.4 pounds 2 GB DDR3L SDRAM A AMAZON

Acer Aspire V5-131-2629

11.6 inch $$$$ 3.26 pounds 4 GB DDR3 B+ AMAZON

HP Pavilion 10-e010nr

10.1 inch $$$$ 3.2 pounds 2 GB DDR3L SDRAM B AMAZON

ASUS VivoBook X200CA-DB01T

11.6 inch $$$ 2.6 pounds 2 GB DDR3 B AMAZON


In matters of aesthetics the best rated budget laptop will definitely have some curves to show for. Still, you need to stay aware from models use cheap plastic components because they will not resist prolonged use. You could opt for laptops with high gloss black plastic which resists well to daily computing tasks. Furthermore you should pay attention to smaller things like hinges, access hatches and also keyboard. There are new models that incorporate premium-grade materials for better functionality. For maximum performance we recommend laptops with aluminum alloy because it is a durable material. In order to avoid paying too much, we advise you to consider Black Friday deals on products. This is the day of huge price reductions!

You can even choose a budget laptop for Christmas, as a reliable gift for another person. It is important for the laptop to have a solid construction. As a result you have to check the keyboard’s construction and accessibility. On the other hand the internal components, RAM, hard disks and graphics card should be powerful enough to handle minimal operations. The laptop should also include a mid-level processor in order to limit the appearance of frames or lag.


Things to consider:

–         Aluminum alloy, so you won’t have to worry about corrosion or rust after two or three months of use

–         HD display, so you will be able to watch all your favourite movies or TV-shows in high definition

–         At least 2.5 GHz processor speed which is the standard of quality and stability for daily programming tasks

–         USB 2.0 and HDMI ports that permits you to connect it to other devices


Acer C720 Chromebook


Best Budget Laptops 2020Relying on Google apps or cloud based applications has never been more fun or easy. The best budget laptop 2020 will have you process word documents or photographs just as good as Microsoft Office or Adobe Photoshop. This Chromebook will keep your spirit up and have fully trusted mobility, two key elements that will convince you to go for this light and portable model. Simplicity and security are to be completed by the smooth slide of the touchscreen that will provide all data fast and accurate.

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Samsung Chromebook


Internet has really made technology even more affordable. Stay cloud connected and keep your feather light laptop in your every day bag. Wi-Fi connectivity from almost everywhere will have you using your laptop fast and easy for working, playing or relaxing. Nothing outdates the internet and moving online seems like the best trend to follow for having full mobility and simplicity in your computer related activities. Keeping in touch with your friends and surfing the internet will bring you to embrace Chromebooks as the best budget laptops 2020.

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Acer Aspire V5-131-2629 Laptop


Having a notebook for your travelling purposes or just for having it with you at a cafeteria to surf the net while having a coffee on the terrace? This model will grant you a wide range of tasks that you will be able to perform on your laptop at no costs whatsoever. Information will be securely stocked, tasks will perform well and life will be a little more exciting with all the money you will have saved, Just stay in touch through wi-fi connectivity and make the most of your video-chatting, battery life is not going to trouble you.

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HP Pavilion 10-e010nr Touchscreen Laptop


Use it wisely, by touch screen or wide keyboard and you will have the sense of what this best budget laptop 2016 can do to make you have everything you need in one slim and portable device. Giving full access to all sorts of devices, this laptop will have you deliver projects and pictures, make you see good movies and even play great games. As thin and as affordable it may look, this notebook doesn’t get you and data losses and makes sure that shocks are amortized for long life continuity.

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ASUS VivoBook X200CA-DB01T Touchscreen Laptop


This on-the-go model will let you keep your good files on hard and a lot of your data on cloud. It sure has you slide your fingers through the Windows 8 operational system and have you keeping it in your bag or suitcase. Very light and portable this laptop will not lower standards when it comes to providing good quality service. It will just have you ready for everything and still make you feel comfortable for not spending too much money on it.

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