Useful Tips for Buying a Reliable Briefcase:


Combining modern trend with traditional functionality, the products highlighted in the best briefcase reviews take center stage once more. Originally used by lawyers who had to carry case briefs, a briefcase has evolved with the times, now serving businessmen, students and office employees. You can easily put in a laptop or notebook, or everyday work essentials, maybe even your lunch pack. A briefcase is amazingly versatile and practical, preferably durable and lightweight since you’ll be carrying plenty of items in there. When buying a briefcase, bear in mind that you’ll basically be making an investment. Never forego quality for price, as the item will carry a lot of other things you’ve already invested in .


Types of Briefcases

Comprised of a lightweight, rigid shell constructed of aluminum, plastic or cardboard, a hard-sided briefcase has a lid that may or may not be of equal depth as the body. The two primary parts are attached together through hinges at the bottom and a top-mounted clasp. A briefcase of this kind has no shoulder strap but does come with a handle. You can find folders and dividers inside for neat organization. Straps may be present to hold a portable device in place. The attaché case is a smaller version.

The soft-sided briefcase is often part of best briefcase 2021 line-ups. It may have a partial metal frame or no framing at all. Made of plastic, vinyl or leather, it opens from the top, and snaps or zips closed. It has a shoulder strap that you can detach/attach at option, plus a handle. A portfolio is a smaller version, while larger ones serve as laptop cases.



Both soft- and hard-sided products included in the best briefcase reviews are typically made of leather, which imbues them with durability and attractiveness. Leather needs little to no maintenance, can be used for years while remaining fashionable. Suede is sometimes utilized as leather case lining material. Lightweight aluminum briefcases bear a modern, sleek appearance that hardly requires embellishment. They have unparalleled strength. Vinyl is waterproof and man-made. It makes a friendlier alternative to leather but has shorter life span. People who seek lightweight units opt for canvas or nylon briefcases, which are versatile and lightweight and can even be water-resistant.



You can’t consider a product as the best briefcase 2021 unless the overall workmanship is beyond reproach. Stitching should be small, straight and even, with no loose threads anywhere. This should be true from the inside out. Full-grain leather is a guarantee of a tough briefcase. Handles should be neatly and fully secured to the case, either with great stitching or metal hardware. Watch out for handles that are merely glued to the exterior, or for handles that are just stitched to the lining. Hard-sided briefcase hinges should be corrosion-free and robust. Metal zippers are preferred over plastic, and they should run smoothly every time.


Things to consider:

  • Choose a briefcase that goes with your lifestyle or the work you do.
  • Get a case made of quality materials.
  • Go for a product that sports apparently good workmanship.


Top Rated Briefcases in 2021


One should not get overwhelmed by the choices among the top ten briefcases. Like any other investment, buying a briefcase entails good judgment and as much research as possible. Some people go through an array of products simply because they fail miserably at putting greater premium on quality than on cost.


Samsonite Leather Flapover Briefcase


Best Briefcase ReviewsThe US-made Samsonite Leather Flapover Briefcase assures of quality you can trust and unlike any other. This is one of the most popular products on the market thanks to its genuine leather construction. It is 12 inches high and 16 ½ inches wide, fitting a 15-inch laptop easily within. The soft-sided briefcase provides front pocket organization so you can make sure everything is in the right place and easy to retrieve when needed. Have all your essentials at the ready and never have to rummage crazily just to fish out a pen or a piece of paper. The removable and adjustable shoulder strap is padded for comfort and makes carrying easy.

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Kenneth Cole Reaction Luggage Show Business


With its Flapover construction, who’s to say that the Kenneth Cole Reaction Luggage Show Business briefcase is not the highest rated product in this category? Made of 100% leather, The Kenneth Cole Reaction has a 20-inch shoulder drop that makes comfortable, hassle-free carrying. You can choose to sling it over one shoulder or have it cross-slung from one shoulder to the other side of the body. The briefcase is 15 ½ inches wide, roomy enough to fit a portable notebook or device, plus printed documents, writing materials and more. The briefcase has a strong and tough full-grain cowhide leather exterior for years of use.

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Samsonite Colombian Leather Flapover Case


Made of genuine leather, the Samsonite Colombian Leather Flapover Case is among the best rated products on the market today. It is 4.5 inches high and 14 inches wide, providing you sufficient room to put in your everyday work or school essentials with ease. Have your business or writing essentials at the ready by placing them in the organizer under the front flap. The rear compartment provides generous room for important documents. This briefcase accommodates laptops measuring up to 15.6 inches. The padded shoulder strap offers comfort, flexibility and easy handling, as it is adjustable and removable. The buckle-and-snap closure provides security for the case contents.

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SOLO Classic Collection Expandable Attache


People looking for a cheap briefcase need not look very far. The SOLO Classic Collection Expandable Attache provides the best solution. This case comes at an unbeatable price and with a main compartment that boasts of capacious room for all your work and school essentials, including folders, files, tablets and laptops. The sturdy ergonomic carry handle offers comfortable grip. The dual combination locks ensure that everything inside is not easily accessible to others. The robust vinyl exterior is ideal for everyday use. The slim profile makes the briefcase easy to stow away underneath your seat or into an overhead compartment.

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Samsonite Bonded Leather Attache


The Samsonite Bonded Leather Attache is definitely the best briefcase for the money thanks to its functional features. Crafted of genuine leather, this attaché case guarantees years of use with its legendary strength and rigidity. The padded top carry handle makes problem-free mobility. The top portfolio is perfect for storing files, giving you convenient organization. Need more room? No problem! The Samsonite Leather Attache expands another inch for extra storage capacity. The fully-lined interior makes it hassle-free and smooth to store your essentials while providing a neat and classy look. The case accommodates a 15.6-inch laptop, and its rigid body ensures that the portable device is kept safe.

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