Top rated breast pumps reviews


A breast pump should be somewhere near to the top of your shopping list when looking to make a list of baby gear. This device will not only save you money but will also help you go through a difficult period of your life which puts quite a lot of stress on your body. The number of choices has grown considerably over the past years which makes the search for the best breast pumps 2018, harder than it’s supposed to be. If you don’t have the time to go online and spend hours looking through reviews and user feedback you might want to take a look at our list of suggestions. We’ve based our picks on hours of research which resulted in a list of products to consider or avoid.


Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump with On the Go Tote


Best breast pumps 2018When looking for the best breast pump 2018, you might want to take this product and use it as a benchmark. It has it all. It is fast, portable, well-built and packed with all the necessary add-ons to get your through the first year after your baby is born. It is destined for daily use and it is perfect for moms who lead an active lifestyle. It comes with a “on the go” Tote back which incorporates a battery which allows you to use it everywhere you want. It has removable cooler back which can keep milk fresh for 12 hours.

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Medela Pump in Style Advanced Backpack


There is not much more you could ask for from a breast pump pack. This is a complete set which meets the needs of mothers who are constantly on the go and that includes what is probably the best breast pump 2018. Designed as a backpack, it incorporates an AC adapter and also a battery powered source. It is easy to figure out and easy to use. The pumping accessory can be used on both breasts at the same time which will save you a lot of time. It is pretty much the same as the previous product with the added benefit that it comes in the form of a backpack which could be more comfortable for some moms.

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Philips Avent Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump


If you are looking to store excess milk or if you are working and you don’t want any unpleasant accidents to happen while at the office, we suggest getting the Philips Avent Double electric comfort breast pump. According to reviewers, it is one of the best breast pumps 2018 mostly because it is comfortable and fast. It has a great design which is easy to use on a daily basis. Both pumps have a massage cushion which stimulates milk flow even for those who have problem breast feeding. It is an affordable product that comes with a 2 year warranty.

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Evenflo Feeding Deluxe Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump


If you feel that none of the breast pumps you’ve tried before have done you justice, we recommend the Feeding Deluxe by Evenflo. This device is one of the most customizable products of its kind. It is capable of providing 32 different combinations of speed and suction which are bound to fit your body structure and your necessities. It is comfortable and comes included in a full pack which incorporates a cooler bag, a shoulder back and other useful accessories. This breast pump is easy to clean and it is designed in such a way it will not require you to slouch in order for it to work.

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Lansinoh Affinity Double Electric Breast Pump


We’ve decided to include this product on our review list in order for moms to avoid it. Its only advantage over others is that it is cheap. Even so, it is not worth your while considering what reviewers had to say about it. It is as stated by many, not at all recommended for everyday use. It is poorly built lasting for about 6 months if used intensely. It has little to no pumping power thus making it very unpleasant to use. It is also hard to assemble and gets stuck most of the time. Some users even mentioned the fact that customer service for this product is as inefficient as the breast pump.

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