Top rated boxing shoes in 2018


For millions of professional boxers a high quality pair of boxing shoes can add stability to every game. We are not surprised to see so many amateur and pro boxers search for durable and stable shoes. Still, the wide range of models can make a person’s search pretty challenging. On this note, we took the liberty of studying over 40 top rated products, released on the market by popular brands. After 2 long weeks of tests, we reduced the initial list down to only five. Afterwards we drafted the best boxing shoes reviews in order to help other people identify the right pair!


What boxing shoes to buy


Thousands of people call boxing the sport of precision, passion and determination. Due to great players like Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier, with their fight of the century, boxing became a real phenomenon. With more media coverage on big games, players around the world strive for performance. Still, in order to fully enjoy every phase of boxing, from training to official games, you have to be properly equipped. One of the most important pieces of a boxer’s gear is the pair of shoes he or she owns. Shoes offer comfort and stability in the arena, helping you enjoy proper swinging balance. Manufacturers took seriously Ali’s famous quote “sting like a bee, fly like a butterfly” in the current shoe for boxing development.

There are affordable boxing shoes but also pretty pricy ones from which to choose. Still, if you don’t know what to look for, purchasing a new pair of shoes might take a while. We took the liberty of going through professional reviews on the best shoes out there. In our research we came across a couple of interesting things. It is important to own a decent pair of boxing shoes and enjoy heightened stability. You don’t want to plant a punch and then fall down because you’ve slipped. What are the best products? Well, this is a good question which you’ll answer on your own once you know exactly what to look for in a boxing shoe. Modern boxing requires that all players are on their toes in order to properly fight. When the bell rings, you have to know that everything is in order and you are ready. The secret to a good footwork, essential to win games, is the quality of shoes a boxer wears during games.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Materials Price Sizes Colors Our Rating Where to buy

Title Boxing Hi-Top

Full synthetic leather upper $$$ 6-11 Black, Red and more A+ AMAZON

Title Boxing Lo-Top

Full synthetic leather upper $$$ 1-13 White, Blue and more A+ AMAZON

Ringside Power

Breathable mesh/suede $$$ 6-13 Red, White and more B+ AMAZON

Ringside Youth Diablo

Patent leather vinyl finish $$$ 2-13 Pink, Black and more B+ AMAZON

Title Boxing Reaxxtion

Split leather, brushed suede leather, mesh upper $$ 5-7.5 White, BLue and more B AMAZON


You can start your search with a quick overview on the most popular boxing shoes today. Usually such models are appreciated for the quality of traction they offer. Every step made in the right is firmly connected to the ground. The shoes need to enhance movement on the court and set you free to land punches. Furthermore comfort is very important. Your feet need to breathe, especially if you are facing a long 12 round match. Choosing a best rated product might do the trick but you don’t need to rush things. Once you get to know the shoes, the better you will feel wearing them during games. As a tip offered by professional athletes, you can wait for the Black Friday deals on boxing shoes and save some money.

Some trainers give their players a good product for Christmas, as a sign of faith. Just remember that the shoes need to fit well and provide solid support. You need a pair that protects the feet and limits the appearance of plantar fasciitis, a common disorder among boxers. So, choose carefully in boxing shoes that demonstrated their worth to other players.


Things to consider:

–         A thin sole with a cushioned mid-sole which significantly reduces jar ring stress

–         High material quality, which can be soft leather or suede upper with breathable mesh panels

–         Lower topped shoes, so you can enjoy high mobility in the ring with minimal distractions

–         Laces, which provide proper fit and don’t rub against the skin like a zipper would do



Title Boxing Hi-Top Boxing Boots


Best boxing shoes reviewsToday’s passion for boxing grows with each new practitioner. This is also the case for proper equipment. Now, you have the possibility of choosing one of the best boxing shoes in 2018 from Title Boxing, the Hi-Top boxing boots. Elegant and with a sturdy construction, this pair of boxing boots are made out of full synthetic leather upper. In addition, the boots have a light weave nylon fill which sits atop solid polyurethane soles for added convenience and stability. The shoes were carefully designed for quick footwork and speed in the arena, helping you get the upper hand over your opponent.



Who makes the best product? According to our statistics it seems that amateur and professional players can safely opt for the TITLE Hi-Top boxing boots from Title Boxing, a pair of shoes which offer stability during training sessions or official matches

As one of the best boxing shoes under $200 this pair is made of synthetic leather and contains light weave nylon fill, for comfortable fit

The shoes are designed to enhance athletes speed and footwork, taking them closer to landing the right punches

With an approximate 12” height the boxing shoes include sleek logos that make the wearer stand out



Require a bit of time to accommodate

Placing the tongue in the right position is not that easy


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Title Boxing Title Lo-Top Boxing shoes


With the right boxing shoes you can be virtually unstoppable in the arena. Most of the present best boxing shoes reviews underline the superb design of Title Boxing Title Lo-Top. The shoes have an ultra-light design which enhances your speed and response to your opponent’s movements. Built for rapid footwork, the shoes are made out of full synthetic leather which allows your feet to breathe. Due to the solid polyurethane soles, you will enjoy high comfort and stability every moment of game. Furthermore the shoes include superb embroidery that completes any boxing style. They are available in black, white, red and blue colours.



Which product is the best” represents an important question, often raised in boxing communities. For high performance we recommend the Title Lo-Top boxing shoes from Title Boxing, a pair designed to enhance speed in the arena

Made of full synthetic leather placed in the upper top while the weave nylon is present near the soles, capable of supporting the athlete’s feet during rapid movements

The shoes come with a modern embroidery design, capable of matching players boxing style and desire to impress through sheer appearance

This pair comes equipped with a 6” height, helping athletes develop their footwork and enjoy heightened speed



Take care when choosing the boxing shoes size (consider a gap of 1-1 ½)


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Ringside Power Boxing shoes


There are many top rated boxing shoes in 2018 which you might consider taking home. Now, you could opt for Ringside Power boxing shoes, a stunning pair that can improve your boxing skills. With a unique design, the shoes include a grooved rubber sole for added stability. During every moment spent in the ring, you will be able to box better than ever.  The shoes come with a hook-and-loop ankle strap that enhances stability every time put them on. These boxing shoes include a reinforced toe tip which allows you to pivot and manage your moves easier in the arena.



Considered by many boxers as the best boxing shoes for the money, the Power boxing shoes from Ringside come fitted with a solidly grooved rubber sole which minimizes impact during repetitive movements

The shoes feature an exclusive Hook and Loop ankle strap that protects this particular sensitive area of the feet

Incorporates a reinforced toe tip which permits boxers to freely move in the arena without having to worry about restrictions

Even though a cheap product this model includes a breathable mesh and suede construction as the basis for a comfortable and durable fit



The available shoes for women are 2 sizes smaller than the ones released for men

The shoes do not benefit from manufacturer warranty


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Ringside Youth Diablo boxing shoes


There are thousands of boxers out there that want to win game after game. Today more and more professional and amateur boxers use Ringside Youth Diablo boxing shoes. Designed with attention this pair of boxing shoes includes a high-top ankle for additional support. Light and easy to wear, Youth Diablo is a great investment in the quality of your boxing skill set. The boxing shoes are now available in sizes 2 and 13. They include a unique leather vinyl finish that impresses. Regarded by many as the best boxing shoes in 2018, this pair will give the confidence you need to become undefeated in the ring.



Present among the current top ten boxing shoes, the Youth Diablo pair from Ringside represent a great addition to young boxers that desire to enhance their skill set and move without restrictions during practice or official matches

The shoes come fitted with a durable high-top ankle which serves as a protective support when boxers perform quick changes in movement

Features an exclusive leather vinyl finish which enhances its general appearance, helping the wearer to stand out in any crowd

Combining style with utility these boxing shoes enhance the boxer’s capacity to move and thus punch opponents faster



Contains plastic components which some users find discomforting


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Title Boxing Title Reaxxtion boxing shoes


It is very important to use a professional pair of boxing shoes whenever you have to throw some punches around. Since you are probably a winner, you need to use a stunning pair of shoes. This is why we recommend that you invest without hesitation in Title Boxing Title Reaxxtion boxing shoes. Designed with high quality split leather, specially brushed suede leather and integrated mesh upper, this pair of shoes can give you access to complete boxing freedom. The shoes also include an extra light weight design and thick added tongue, for enhanced comfort every time you step in the arena.



As the highest rated boxing shoes from Title Boxing, the Reaxxtion pair is designed to enhance the wearer’s ability to move fast and surprise adversaries during games

The boxing shoes come with brushed suede leather and mesh upper in order to provide a comfortable and cool fit

Due to the light weight design the shoes come with a thick padded tongue and durable ankle support in order to reduce the appearance of injuries during rapid movements

Features a durable outsole made of gum rubber and the exclusive herringbone weave pattern that provides heightened traction and speed



Do not include a carrying bag (sold separately)

Does not come with a spare lace (this is an accessory available for purchase)


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