Top rated boxing mitts in 2018


For thousands of professional or amateur boxers owning a high quality set of boxing mitts is essential for proper training sessions. Every gym comes equipped with pro boxing mitts, designed to help boxers accomplish their objectives easier. As a boxing instructor for over 20 years, I’ve used different types of mitts during daily training sessions. So, after going through 40 boxing mitts models, I managed to attentively draft the best boxing mitts reviews. Once you read them, you will be able to discover the ideal product. A good boxing mitt set needs to respond well to hits and different impact pressure.


Pro Impact Curved Focus Mitts Genuine Top Grade Leather


Best boxing mitts reviewsOut of the many boxing mitts available on the market, you could opt for Pro Impact Curved Focus Mitts. Made out of genuine leather and with a unique curved focus design, the mitts offer trainers and practitioners the possibility to train without restrictions. It comes with a special black and white target cycle, for a special feel during each training session. Now, this pair of mitts comes with 20 to 30% more padding which enhances shock absorption. You should also know that the boxing mitts were designed with durable leather, ideal to add comfort to your long training sessions.

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Contender Fight Sports Leather Punch Mitts


Today’s sporting equipment varies in shapes and material design. So, most of the best boxing mitts reviews underline the efficiency of Contender Fight Sports, Leather Punch Mitts. Now, developing the proper winner mentality starts with daily practice. You need to use a high quality boxing mitts every time you train. The mitts are 2 inch thick with superior closed foam padding that safely absorbs high or low impact. If you decide to hit harder and harder, the punch mitts manage to offer protection to the receiver. You should also know that the boxing mitts from Contender includes secure hook and loop wrist straps for proper fitting.

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Title Platinum Punch Mitts Pair


It is very important to use a professional pair of boxing mitts whenever you train. You have the possibility of choosing the best boxing mitts in 2018 from Title Platinum, Punch Mitts Pair. Present in thousands of gyms, this pair is perfect for taking jabs, hooks, straight shots, angled shots, uppercuts and also overhands. The punch mitts have a special curved design, anatomically correct to fit well. You should also know that the mitts include a hook-and-loop wrist attachment and D-ring which secures the hand. It has a special 3” thick, with high contoured shock-absorbing padding. Every training session becomes more than challenging!

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Everlast New Punch Mitts


If you decide to study the top rated boxing mitts in 2018, be sure to linger more on Everlast New Punch Mitts. These punching mitts are durable and can resist long training sessions. They were designed in order to help boxers significantly improve their technique and thus develop the proper winning attitude. Made out of resistant and high quality synthetic polycanvas for enhanced durability, these mitts ensure that you won’t have to change them any time soon. Furthermore due to the unique design, boxers can hit and control impact’s force better. As so many trainers pointed out, these punch mitts should be in the arsenal of any seasoned boxer.

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Everlast Everhide Mantis Mitts


There are thousands of boxers that want to expand their boxing expertise. For this they need to train harder than ever. This is where the best boxing mitts in 2018 come in handy. We recommend that you take a few minutes to learn about Everlast Everhide Mantis mitts. Designed to offer the ideal boxing experience, these mitts are out of durable Everhide. You will be able to use the boxing mitts for a long period of time. The mitts include a unique curved design which helps you punch better. It can be used in order to develop proper punching combinations and thus add new techniques during everyday training sessions.

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