How to find an affordable boombox


Purchasing a good quality boombox when you are on a budget may feel a bit of a daunting task. Getting the right amount of features and the best sound quality for the price you are willing to pay is possible, but you need to be well informed. This guide will help you identify the best boombox under $100.

1.2 Sony CFDS50 Portable Boombox

What to look for when buying a boombox?



A lot of features are now available for boomboxes, so you need to carefully pick the models that truly meet your needs and expectations. Some basics, like an AM/FM tuner, the presence of a cassette player, speakers, and a CD player, can be found in most models, so they are not an issue. However, when it comes to comparing different options, you will notice that the extras can truly make the difference.



One particular issue that you need to be aware of is that cheaper boombox models tend to cut corners in regards to the quality of the speakers. Back in the days, boomboxes were famous for their inability to render clear accurate sounds, but those days are gone. Even in a cheaper model, you should look for the best sound quality.



We live in a digital era, and even if a boombox has sort of a retro charm, it does not mean that it should behave like a reminiscence of times part. Bluetooth compatibility is a must if you want to play music from your smartphone, and compatibility with your MP3 or iPod is, again, a necessity that any hipster could tell you tons about.



Sony CFDS50 Portable Boombox

1.1 Sony CFDS50 Portable BoomboxAre you looking for the best wireless boombox on the market right now? Search no further, as this Sony model is about to make your dreams come true. This portable boombox can be acquired for less than $100 and it packs quite a punch for the money.

Sony is obviously not trying to cut corners when it comes to sound quality, even if the manufacturer has no intention of affecting the retro charm of the device in question. The MEGA BASS extends the bass response, so you can enjoy the full power of sound when you get this baby going. All the basics are in place, so you can listen to radio, cassettes, or CDs, as you see fit.

The lengthy battery life is another reason to prefer this particular boombox. 19 hours of playing are guaranteed and you can easily replace the battery with the help of a responsive closing mechanism for the battery compartment.

CD playback is among the extras offered, so you can listen to MP3 files, personally recorded CDs and CDs bought from specialized stores. Connecting any digital device with this Sony boombox is a breeze, which makes it a great choice, especially when you do not want to spend more than $100.

All in all, this is the best boombox under $100 you can get right now. Sony worthy sound quality, a good amount of features and great compatibility make this boombox popular with many consumers.

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Lasonic i-931BT Portable Ghetto Blaster Boom Box

2.1 Lasonic i-931BT Portable Ghetto Blaster Boom BoxFeaturing a more old school look than the Sony boombox presented above, this portable music blaster is bound to whisk you off your feet when you hit the play button. A great array of features makes the Lasonic boombox a good choice for those who, for some reason, do not want the Sony model.

When purchasing this particular model, you will get the basic AM/FM tuner, along with 3.5mm stereo auxiliary input. The USB Input and SD card reader that come handy for direct MP3 playback are commendable, since you will surely need to play music from a wide variety of devices.

Do you want your boombox to connect well with your smartphone? This model offers Bluetooth compatibility and it does not matter if you have an iPhone or an Android phone, as it works with both.

Let’s not forget the quality of the speakers. The 15W speakers deliver good quality sound, and the separate bass and treble controls make this model easy and fun to use for obtaining different sound effects.

The extra features make the Lasonic boombox a recommended purchase. You get radio data display with text on, a cool looking LCD display, an alarm clock, a remote control, 20 preset radio stations, headphone input with echo adjustment, and many others.

Since the price is right and the quality offered is great for the price, we recommend this particular model for those who prefer an alternative to Sony products.

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Xact XS097 Deluxe Boombox System

3.1 Xact XS097 Deluxe Boombox SystemThe last boombox model we are reviewing here is cheaper than the other two, and also more lightweight. Of course, it does not sport the same bells and whistles, but it is satellite ready and it can play all types of files you want.

Keep in mind that for the reduced price, you should not expect the same extras as you can find in the boomboxes reviewed above. Being almost 30$ less expensive, there is a cost to pay in terms of features and compatibility. However, because of its decent looks and capabilities, it is a very good choice for someone who does not want to spend on features they do not need.

Ideal for small parties, the main advantage of this model is portability. Very light and compact, you will find no trouble taking the Xact boombox anywhere you want to go and take the music with you. The boombox is capable of playing AM/FM radio – 10 presets are included – , CDs and MP3 files, so there is not much to wish for.

However, you should not expect Bluetooth or any other type of digital connectivity on this model. As it seems, this is reserved for higher priced models. The speakers are also less powerful than what we have seen earlier, packing just 5W juice per each channel. Nonetheless, if you are not looking for frills, this Xact model makes the cut and it is also less expensive than others.

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So, what is the best boombox under $100? We bet on the Sony CFDS50 Portable Boombox and the Lasonic i-931BT Portable Ghetto Blaster Boom Box, because of their great extra features, Bluetooth connectivity with smartphones and tablets and sound quality, which are the best you can buy for under $100.