How to choose an amazing boombox


Music is a big part of people’s lives. Day after day, men and women put on their favourite songs and drift away in a state of tranquillity or joy. As so many musicians stated over the years, emotions have a voice of their own in songs. According to recent statistics it seems that boomboxes are preferred by thousands of Americans. Today’s market reunites a multitude of models, each incorporating unique features and options to stream music in a fun way. The wide selection of models makes it pretty challenging for people to identify the best boombox in 2019. This is why we decided to undergo a complete research on what makes such a musical unit great. People that need to escape headphones or MP3 players can safely choose boomboxes. Now, let us see what makes a boombox great:


When it comes to amazing fun on the road, boomboxes are definitely the ones to take along. So, portability and clear audio sounds make these musical units great to own and use in different places. Equipped with new audio technologies, the current modern boomboxes offer a lot of force whenever people choose to play songs. Now, it is important to invest in a product with more watts and also high bass boosting technology. Music becomes a possibility everywhere. Starting with parks, campsites and road trips, boomboxes offer hours and hours of audio clarity. With the best wireless boombox people can play all their favourite songs without problems.


Audio compatibility

In the quest for advanced boomboxes audio compatibility is probably the most important feature of a model. People should opt for boomboxes that can play a wide range of sources. For instance, a high quality boombox should be able to playback CD-R/+R/-RW and even DVDs. These are the basic audio sources that people are currently accustomed with. Still, given today’s growing audio advancements it comes as no surprise to see so many people search for boomboxes with iPod, iPad, MP3 and Android smartphone capabilities. Furthermore there are models that can pick out AM/FM programs and even play cassettes.



Everyone has a different take on style and format. There are thousands of boombox designs, which can match people’s own personality. As it goes with most portable audio devices, style needs to go hand in hand with the owner’s true side. This is why people can choose from modern, traditional or hip boombox styles. With attention music lovers can discover the product that renders quality sounds and still look pretty awesome. There are contemporary and futuristic boomboxes that are a joy to use on different occasions. Playing a great song in the middle of nature should be done in style!


Sony CFDS50 Portable CD, Cassette


Looking for the best boombox ever made can take some time given the multitude of products available for purchase. Yet, some models stand out, impressing with their sound clarity and interesting design. For unique audio experiences we recommend the CFDS50 portable boombox from Sony. Backed by hundreds of positive reviews this boombox can be used to play songs from CDs and Cassettes. It incorporates an advanced FM/AM radio with 30 stations and many more. Due to the user-friendly LCD display users will be able to see the duration of a song and who’s singing. Designed as the ultimate fun machine the CFDS50 boombox doesn’t disappoint!



Features FM and AM radio programming which people can use to listen to music, local news stations or interesting talk shows

Incorporates the exclusive MEGA BASS system that renders amazing bass during country, rock, hip hop or pop songs

Besides the bass-reflex design this boombox includes powerful stereo speakers which can render clear sounds

It offers a unique power flexibility, by letting users choose whether or not to select the AC or battery driven option



Does not include batteries (this is an accessory sold separately)

Does not offer the possibility to play DVD but impresses with cassettes, CDs and radio stations


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