If you’re looking for the best book light for paperbacks but don’t have the time to do the appropriate research than the following short paragraph is intended to offer a quick suggestion for a competent product. After going through dozens of book light reviews, written by both specialists and customers alike, we’ve concluded that the Dewenwils HBRL01A clip-on LED light might provide you with the best service, as it is highly versatile and convenient. You can adjust it to two levels of brightness, depending on the weather you need more comfort or more light, and since it’s small and highly flexible, you can easily clip it on the pages of a paperback or on a kindle for directional a directional light stream. It also charges from a USB port, so you won’t have to keep track of additional items, like a plug charger. If this isn’t available, the Lite Reading Dual Head will offer a similar degree of functionality.



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Reading lights can vary greatly in regards to factors like the shape and the lighting they provide, that’s why choosing the best one might fall down to personal preference rather than anything else. There are a handful of parameters to consider in order to make sure we land on the product most suitable to our particular needs.


A good book light must naturally be bright enough to fit its function, and there are some pretty powerful ones available for sale. But since it will also need to be dim enough for adequate eye comfort, the best book light for reading in bed might not necessarily provide the highest lumen count.

The lumen figure refers to how many of these units of light will be put out per square feet. While it is suggested that we will need between 250 to 500 lumens for activities such as reading the actual specifications for bedside lamps is far lower than that, since the light provided is often directional, falling straight on the page.

Furthermore, newer LED lights tend to appear significantly brighter than their specs would otherwise indicate, so something in the range of a couple of dozen lumens will be enough to make reading comfortable. This also applies to the best book light for Kindle, since their screens are designed to offer little to no glow, pretty much like an actual book.

Darker environments will also require a lower lumen figure, as your eyes will constantly adjust to the dark places in the room, making for additional strain if the contrast is too high. A similar thing will take place if the temperature differences are too sharp.


Light temperature 

This refers to how “warm” or “cool” the lighting in a room appears. Warmer light tends to gravitate towards beige and yellow, and it’s characteristic of incandescent light bulbs and fires. Cooler hues will appear blue-ish and also brighter. This is the temperature of daylight, some halogen bulbs, and also LEDs.

Temperature is measured in Kelvin’s, with lower values of around 2700K-3000K which are tinted yellow contributing to a more warm and friendly atmosphere. At the opposite range of the spectrum, you have bright white LEDs and halogen bulbs, who are said to give an impression of professionalism, but also rigour, and alertness.

You might choose between the two depending on how prone you are to nodding off while reading in bed, with the latter option, which put up around 5000K to 6500K helping you stay awake.



The best reading book light will incorporate a series of solutions to make it easier and more comfortable to live with. You won’t always be able to find a plug for it while traveling, so a battery operated model might be a good idea if you want to get the most use out of your light.

Many of these can be charged from a USB port, which might be provided by your mobile charger or even a laptop since its battery won’t be significantly drained by something like an energy efficient LED, which can provide in excess of 200 lumens for as little as 4 W in energy.



Top Books light for paperbacks in 2018


Considering all the criteria discussed above, as well as other convenience features like the ability to clip on to the pages of a book, we’ve selected a number of highly appreciated book lights for you to consider as possible purchases.



Dewenwils HBRL01A


Small, flexible, and discrete this Dewenwils product will offer just enough light for you to read a book at home or while traveling, without bothering people nearby. It can clip on to the edge of the book or Kindle device and provide a directional stream of white light along the page.

Its body will allow for quite a deal of adjustment, namely 270 degrees of rotation for the LED lens and 350 degrees of bend for the holder. The LED can also be tilted down to 45 degrees in case you are using it on a smaller page.

Although fairly cold at 6500K, this will prove comfortable enough to your eyes since it won’t really fill an otherwise dark room, with only 10 lumens generated from a highly economic LED.

This can function for up to 8 hours from one charge at its highest setting, and once depleted; it will be fairly easy to find an appropriate port to recharge because it uses a USB plug.

The LED allows for two brightness settings, a full one for when your eyes are well rested and half of that if you are nearing sleep.

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Lite Reading Dual Head


While the Dewenwils we’ve covered could be said to allow for a comfy atmosphere this Dual Headlamp is probably powerful enough to illuminate a medieval choir book, or a good chunk of your desk during a late night study session.

It does allow for some adjustment as you can select whether one or two of its LED lights will be on at any given time. Furthermore, these allow for an almost unrestrained degree of flexibility so you can adjust it to cover a wider or narrower area, depending if there are other people in the room.

While it is significantly chunkier than the Dewenwils, so it might not be as easy to fixate, it does have a clamp with which to attach it to a book or a similar base, so it’s relatively easy to use while traveling in a bus or plane.

You can opt for an AC adapter, but otherwise, this unit uses AAA batteries to power up. These are common enough to keep an adequate supply when away from home and the fact that LED lights are extremely economical should allow for many hours of continuous use, under a bright, white light to keep you alert during late-night hours.

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Woopower FBADA7381C1


This compact reading lamp from Woopower will let you choose between 4 brightness settings, with the highest one powerful enough to let you see the whole page of a book without having to adjust the angle of the LED.

Nevertheless, you can do this fairly easily since the long plastic neck is very flexible and can bend around two axes. Being thin, this will also allow it to act as a bookmark, and a clip is used to fixate it between the pages of the book.

This makes it well suited for use while traveling and the fact that it uses a USB charger means that you can load it from your laptop’s battery while in a car or train. The charger doesn’t use a cable, so there’s nothing to lose and just plugs in directly to the power source.

As an interesting feature, this also has a strong magnet along its back, which is useful for attaching it to metallic surfaces when the pages of the book might not offer the best base for support.

While it works well for most book formats, this is in the power range of the Dewenwils, meaning you shouldn’t expect to use it for larger paged magazines where it will merely allow you to “scan” the content.

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