Top rated body pillows in 2019


People sleep in different positions and this means that pillows must have a certain shape. If you like sleeping on the side the best pillow for you would be a body model. Now, these pillows are excellent for pregnant women, allowing them enjoy a deep and comfortable sleep always. The best body pillows reviews will point you in the right direction if you are looking to buy one for yourself.


Sleep Innovations Embrace Memory Foam Body Pillow


Best Body Pillows reviewsSleep Innovations Embrace body pillow is one of the most popular models on the market today because women appreciate it and believe it to be one of the best body pillows in 2019. Also, this model comes with an extra-soft pillowcase for added comfort. But the key to its high comfort level is the memory foam which has a micro-cushion core. It is built from 100 % polyester, so you know it will be durable too, lasting you for a long time.

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BlowOut Bedding Oversized Total Body Pregnancy Pillow


To help you have the correct position while you sleep, you should purchase BlowOut Bedding pregnancy pillow. Because it is oversized, you can easily switch from one side to the other without having to move the actual pillow. It feels so soft because the exterior is made of thread and the filling is made from 100% polyester. To make it even better, the whole pillow is 100% American made, so it has the best quality and the most comfortable feel to it.

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Boppy Custom Fit Total Body Pillow


This body pillow from Boppy has been shaped by physical therapists so you will have the deepest sleep possible during the night. One of its innovative features is its 3 piece design, which allows you a high number of possibilities to choose from, so you get the ultimate comfort level. This pillow is machine washable as well, so you won’t put any effort for keeping it clean. The top body pillows reviews recommend it as a very good solution for a pregnant woman.

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Soft Living Memory Foam Body Pillow


Another great option for a quality body pillow is Soft Living Memory Foam Body Pillow, which is quite cheap considering the level of comfort it provides. The dimensions of this pillow are 50 x 14 inches, enough to support your whole body. While adjusting your body weight, this pillow will also take care of the temperature, so you won’t wake up in the middle of the night all sweaty. Another thing to look forward to is the anti-microbial and anti-allergenic pillow case.

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Pinzon P031 Basics Body Pillow


The best body pillow reviews acknowledge the fact that Pinzon P031 is a great solution which offers the customer a comfortable night’s sleep. The cover is made from hypoallergenic polyester fiber and it won’t let microbes take shelter between its fibers. Cotton is used in its construction, so while being very comfortable it will be durable as well. You can use your washing machine for cleaning it without damaging its fabric.

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