If you’re here just to find the best board games and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. Board games are fun ways of spending time with family and friends. We’ve looked at some of the most acclaimed alternatives that can be bought on the market today. We take pleasure in helping buyers who might be struggling with making the right choice for their needs, so that’s why we’ve gone through a lot of info in regards to the best board games money can buy. Some of the details we considered were owner feedback, sales figures, the value offered for the price, and overall brand quality. We didn’t leave out what several professional review sites were saying. To complete our research, we looked at what the general public had to say about these models, even on various social media networks. After months and months of research and several thousands of models analyzed, we eventually came to the conclusion that Cards Against Humanity is one of the best adult board games available nowadays. It’s affordable and easy to learn by any type of user, regardless of his or her love for gaming. If the somewhat dark humor of Cards Against Humanity doesn’t fit your group of friends or family, you might benefit from having a look at the Settlers of Catan, one of the most entertaining family games out there.



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There are thousands of people that use board games in order to have fun with friends and family members. Choosing a brand new board game can be pretty difficult given the multitude of titles available on the market. With attention, you will find a product that can offer hours of excitement and passionate competition. Combining fun with challenging levels, most of the current board games give something to do to all types of game-playing groups. For instance, there are simple games of chance and complex but captivating economical games. Everyone has the opportunity of playing an interesting game, strengthening the bond between friends. Now, there are a couple of things to take into account while browsing through the maze of board games out there.



How to choose board games represents for thousands of Americans a great puzzle to decipher. There are board games designed for children, ideal to capture their attention for hours and hours. Kids need to be entertained! This is probably why manufacturers invested a lot of time in developing interesting board games, with plots and fascinating things to discover at every turn. There are also games that have a specific time frame. Such board games with allotted time periods come in handy when friends come to visit and can’t stay too long. Still, there are also games that require hours to finish, recommended mostly for family fun. Another important thing to take into account is the amount of people in the playing group. Each box comes with relevant information on this particular issue. As a result, you will know exactly how many people can play the game and even estimate a play time.



Investing in the best board game in 2022 requires patience and attention to details, since there are so many options out there. You’ll have your pick! Today’s market on board games covers a lot of themes, each more exciting than the other. On a quick overview, we can mention some of the following board games: resource collection, bidding and auction, party, cooperative, trivia and card games. These are only a couple of the board games from which you can choose. You should know that most party and cooperative games have a fast rhythm, which don’t require intense analytical thinking. On the other hand, auction and economic board games have a slow playing pace. According to the current surveys it seems that German-style board games are very popular among teens.

Having fun with friends’ starts with the best board game in 2022! Today, there are more and more people that play RPG games like Dungeons and Dragons. Young teens play Munchkin card games, designed to offer hours of fun to all players. You have to determine what you’re good at, adventure, cards, economic or fantasy games. It doesn’t hurt to have the upper hand on other players. Winning is part of the game, and keeping a long streak relates to the level of research done on the respective board game.


Things to consider:

–         Games with long or short playtime, starting from party board games to complex economical titles;

–         Level of complexity, each game comes with its difficulty and for this reason you must find one that matches your needs;

–         Family or friends themed games that can offer appropriate fun;

–         Number of people that can play the respective board game.



Top rated board games in 2022


Whether you are a grown up or a child sometimes what is required to eliminate those boring moments is a simple board game which can be a lot of fun if played with your family or friends. If you want to purchase one you will be faced with a huge number of choices. To make sure you will get one which is very fun to play the best board games reviews will provide you with the best advice for every kind of taste.




Cards Against Humanity


Best Board games reviews

This is the best product on the market because it is among the most critically acclaimed alternatives we came across. It might not be destined for the use of children or people who might not understand its slightly wicked sense of humor. However, it’s very easy to understand and learn thanks to its simple game mechanics.




This is one of the most popular games for adults. It might be worth mentioning that individuals who aren’t yet 18 might not be the right public for Cards Against Humanity. However, this is an excellent alternative for somewhat sarcastic people who enjoy pushing their mind limits and aren’t overly sensitive about any topic.

The instructions are exceptionally easy to learn, especially since the game practically plays itself. Since Cards Against Humanity requires little to no creativity, players can rest assured they’ll have a good time without breaking their brain cells in order for them to solve any puzzle.

Yet another benefit of choosing this game is that it’s well-made. The cards are durable and convenient and are known to last for a decent amount of time. You won’t have to spend any penny on replacement parts or on purchasing a new game.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that this alternative is among the most affordable ones on the market today. It won’t break the budget of any prospective buyers as it can be purchased for as little as twenty-five to thirty dollars on a broad array of marketplaces.



The game can’t be played by children or too young players.


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Mayfair Games The Settlers of Catan


This is the second best product on the market because it’s still one of the most acclaimed options we’ve stumbled upon, even though it might not be as popular as Cards Against Humanity. The Settlers of Catan is a neat way of spending time with your family or a group of friends, considering that it’s strategy-based and easy to learn. Even though you might not be the biggest fan of strategic games, this one will leave you wanting for more.




This product is one of the best family board games that money can buy nowadays. Its popularity comes from the fact that it’s remarkably easy to learn, as the guidelines are well-explained and make playing a breeze.

The four pages of illustrations are excellent when it comes to depicting the rules of the game, so rest assured, you’ll have more than enough fun if you choose this alternative.

What’s more, the Settlers of Catan isn’t overly competitive, as each of the players has a fair shot at winning. The score can change at any minute, depending on the resources gathered by the other players. The robber piece makes the activity even more interesting, as it can very easily turn the tide.

All in all, this game is educative, as it can teach children that the right amount of work and effort pay off in the end. The Settlers of Catan is a constructive and entertaining way of spending time with family.



Based on several reviews, the extension pack might not fit the original pieces perfectly.


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Up to four players of ages 6 and above can play the Qwirkle board game which will be fun and mind challenging at the same time. The 108 wooden tiles which have different signs painted on them of different colors have to be placed in different ways which will be both fun and also will stimulate the brain of your young ones. Make point and in around 45 minutes you will see who has won and then you can start again. The best board games reviews recommend it as well because it has all the makings of a great board game for children.



Lighter game than Scrabble, requiring no special skill such as the need to be a good speller or reader, with similar rules but without the major complications of an out-and-out word game

Plays on one’s ability to make calculated risks and to remember what blocks haven’t been played yet so that an optimum play can be made during one’s turn

More enjoyable as the best board game for 2 players since having more than two players means a more random game that can go any which way, making it harder to predict the outcome



Depends much on luck and skill, and can become ineffective when a player is left with really bad tiles to play, and maybe even stalling the game midway


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Apples to Apples Party Box


One of the best board games in 2022 which is educational and offers loads of fun is the Apples to Apples game which has a very affordable price as well. The games includes over 1000 cards which will depict events, personalities, places, things and traits and with the help of a judge you will determine who is the winner and thus the most creative and fun player. The comparisons which you will have to make at any given time will prove to be hilarious and will spark a lot of laughter.



Light fundamental card game that invites players to make interesting comparisons, with players trying to outdo each other to justify the combinations they come up with

A game can include as few as four people to as many as ten people, with less green cards needed to win a game as the number of players increases, making the game more exciting thusly

Everybody gets to be the judge at some point, so the game gives equal opportunities for all players to become the one that calls the shots

It can be great to rediscover the game after not having played it for some time, making it a great game idea to play on and off



The rule of putting a red card down as quickly as possible to match a green card can be a limiting factor, as great ideas are worth thinking about for longer


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Rio Grande Games Dominion


If you enjoy strategy games then you will surely like the Dominion board game which has been designed for 2 to 4 players and they will battle it out all through the gaming time which normally takes about 30 minutes. The great thing about this game is that it has a lot of expansions as well which you can purchase after you have figured out all the secrets of the initial game. So civilize as much land as you can so you can win one over your friends.



Board game requires a medium level of focus and practically no level of game experience, providing quick and modular play, with each game being different from the next

Only three things must be remembered: Action (play as one grey action card instructs you to); Buy (to purchase cards, available to be played once unless an action card enables you to get another purchase card); Cleanup (to shuffle up a draw or discard), making the game pretty easy to play

Aggressive players try to outdo each other while less aggressive ones just follow their own agenda, giving choice on strategies and endowing the game with a random play factor

So many different cards guarantee a new and fun game each time, making this interesting as the best board game for couples



Scores high on luck and uncertainty factors, likened to playing several solitaire games simultaneously

Game has Kingdom cards that can be a bit intimidating for those who haven’t played the game, and involves lots of shuffling to be done


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