If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best bmx bike money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best bmx bikes on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, sales figures, value for money, price, and overall brand quality. Out of the products we have looked at, the X Games FS20 Freestyle Bicycle is the best because it has a sturdy, welded steel construction for the frame and fork, the wheel has alloy stem in a 4-bolt system, you can use both the front and the rear brake, and a 20-inches wheel. The rugged design, safety features, along with its dimensions make this bike the perfect for your young one’s first experiences as a bmx rider. The Bmx handlebars and Bmx saddle contribute to the performance of the bike, and the black and red design give it a professional and cool look. If the X Games FS20 Freestyle Bicycle is out of stock, you could also consider the Framed Impact Bike as it is the second best option.



Top rated BMX bikes in 2021


Most of the people in the United States have bikes. I have a bike at home as well. I use it whenever I have to go to places with only short distances. I also use my bike for exercise because it keeps me physically fit. I have been using my bike for 5 years now and I believe I’ll have to replace it with a new one. Best BMX bike reviews gave me all the information I need about BMX bikes.


How to buy a new BMX bike


In the present there are thousands of Americans that love to use BMX bikes whenever they go out for a stroll. If you are currently searching a reliable BMX bike, this article will prove to be quite helpful. Fortunately the current offer on bicycle motocross models is more than generous. The wide selection of bikes allows people to identify a BMX bike, worth using on different types of terrains. For instance, you will notice that there are models designed for beginners and for advanced riders. So, everyone can use a BMX bike that enhances the overall riding experience, and adds stability and comfort at every turn. Maximizing the riding performance starts with the careful collection of professional information on what makes a bike great.

We know that not everyone has the time to go through the best bmx bike reviews. This is the reason why we decided to do the research for all interested riders to read. Ever since the first release in 1960, BMX bikes evolved to match a wide range of riding styles. Riders have their unique way to tackle the road’s challenges. Today’s different types of BMX bikes reflect the way people approach the riding experience. During our research we came across five major types of bikes: freestyle, overlap, dirt jumping and cruiser. Each of the mentioned bikes come equipped with different functions, created to help people ride easier. You need to determine the types of roads you like to ride on and then choose a bike. As so many professional riders pointed out, the bike needs to enhance the riding style.

why to buy from amazon

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Wheel Size  Price Color Frame Our Rating Where to buy

Diamondback Viper Junior

20 inch $$ Green Heavy Duty Steel A+ AMAZON

Denali X-Games FS20

20 inch $$ Black/Red Tig Welded Steel B+ AMAZON

Mongoose Scan R50

20 inch $$$ Blue Lightweight Freestyle B AMAZON

Razor Quick Freestyle

20 inch $$ Grey Strong Gusseted-Aluminum B AMAZON

Huffy Bicycles 23583

20 inch $$ Matte Black Hi-ten Steel C+ AMAZON


Some people consider the best bmx bike in 2021 the freestyle model. Thousands of riders use BMX freestyle bikes (flatland or vert riding) while riding on pavements, streets. Such bikes are great for riding tricks like jumping on ramps, blocks or other types of obstacles. Another type of BMX bikes is the Dirt jumping model. Such bikes are mainly used by performers that love jumping on dirt ramps and paths. Dirt jumping bikes come in handy during flips, high jumps and twists, for more fun than ever. BMX racing are designed, well for racing. When riders go head to head, they want to use bikes that can enhance their speed. BMX Overlap and Cruiser bikes are used mainly for casual cycling. Cruising around town with a smooth bike becomes a lively experience, one with joyful freedom.

While browsing for the best bmx bike in 2021 you should know that there are also some particularities worth taking into account. Active riders should look for bikes outfitted with different accessories. For example, there are special bikes with protective layers especially for children. Some teenagers need bikes that offer comfort and stability during each ride. One of the most important components of a BMX bike is the frame. This part of the bike needs to be made of a sturdy material. Most of the best BMX bikes are equipped with chrome steel or stainless steel frames.


Things to consider:

–         Matching riding style, each type of BMX bikes offers specific features for beginners or advanced riders

–         Powerful brakes, which ensure proper control during the riding experience

–         Solid bike frames that should be made of stainless steel or chrome steel (avoid plastic materials)

–         Wheel size, which range from 20-inch to 48 inch, depending on the bike’s type



X Games FS20



The X Games FS20 Freestyle comes in a tig welded steel construction, with 4 bolt alloy stem, and two front and rear pegs to make sure you’re jumping wild and safe. The front and rear hand brakes keep you in control at all times. Rated as a beginner’s level bike, this model won’t let you have any trouble learning your first jumps and stunts, as it’s one of the sturdiest bmx bikes out there. While it’s been advertised as designed for riders from 7 to 9 years of age, the Freestyle has a 20”-tall wheel and a total height of 49 inches. This means that it can be ridden by any person of up to 5.7 feet with a medium weight. The welded cross brace only adds to the strength of the construction, enhancing the fork’s resistance. Since some of the reviewers complained about the brake system, we recommend having them installed by a professional, or carefully following the instructions provided by the manufacturer. The X Games FS20 Freestyle can be purchased online from Amazon and numerous niche retailers, or you can look for it in the local profile stores.


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Framed Impact 20



Framed is a well-known bike and accessories manufacturer, and in its embraced tradition, has a full set of products destined to the world of bmx. The Impact model comes as one of their best efforts to satisfy the increasing interest in x games bmx bikes and is intended for beginners and training. With parts made out of materials such as HiTen steel, shrapnel fragment alloy, framed alloy and nylon, bike is easy to assemble, giving your kid the opportunity to learn basic mechanics and benefit from a smooth and safe ride. Having a 20-inch tall wheel, this bike can be ridden by individuals that reach between 5.3 and 5.7 feet in height, so it’s not appropriate for tall people, but neither will it usually  work for 10 year old boys. The Impact has a sort of minimalist aspect to it, but there is nothing to be worried about when it comes to its sturdy construction. While some might argue that HiTen steel is the low-end option for bikes and has durability issues, you have to keep in mind that there is quite a price advantage to it, and as long as you and your children use it in compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendation, risks are minimal to nonexistent.


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SE Bicycles Everyday 20”



Yet another great bike for x games shares the same HiTen steel construction, only that in a much more expensive design. The bike arrives disassembled, and therefore will require some knowledge to be put together, but on the bright side, all of the components can be purchased separately from the manufacturer, so that repairing, upgrading and exchanging all the bmx bike parts won’t be a problem for you. Your SE Bikes Everyday comes with two pegs for all your stunts and jumps, and while it’s bottom bracket is placed higher, it features durable, high-end cromoly crankset. This model will require a little more maintenance than your average bmx bike, but in return provides the robustness and strength your child needs in order to use it with confidence. The tires on this bike are wider than the average, measuring 2.3”, which makes it extremely versatile and better fitted for competition stretches. While advertised as an entry-level bmx bike, the Everyday has been sworn in by users as a sturdy piece that can be used for mid-level stunts, as long as you know what you’re doing. You can find this model for sale on Amazon and other online retailers.


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Razor Quick Spin Freestly BMX Bike


This Razor Quick Spin Freestly Bike, according to best BMX bike reviews, is the most suitable bike for freestylers. It can do almost any stunt confidently. Moreover, it is very fashionable and in the groove. Its gusseted aluminium frame has a striking brushed finish that you will really love. A biker having this kind of bike would really love doing and exploring new tricks and stunts. Its break system functions a lot better than the normal bikes because once used, the bike will stop very quickly.



Even though an affordable BMX bike, the 20 inch Quick Spin Freestyle model from Razor is fitted with a durable aluminum frame and 4 axle pegs which enhances riding performance

Due to 360 degree handlebar rotors, this BMX bike permits users to cover different types of bike tricks and spins on various terrains

The BMX bike features a solid 3 piece forged brank and very resistant front alloy caliper brakes and solid rear U-alloy for proper response to changing terrain conditions

This sleek BMX bike incorporates the exclusive Razor jumper saddle, which ensure a comfortable and smooth ride



The bike does not include a safety helmet (this is an accessory sold separately)

Some assembly is needed (takes around 45 minutes to complete)


Even if you are novice in the biking sport, the Razor Quick Spin Freestly Bike will never let you down. With the quality standards it has, you will surely make everything in place. I always have a time to play and ride with my bike in any terrain activity and until now the bike is in its best.”  Renee Matos


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Diamondback Viper X BMX Bike


This Diamondback Viper X BMX bike is known for its excellent performance and good functionality. It is compact and has a very solid design. Bikers would love having this at home. This model has a solid rush allow U-breaks that will allow the biker to work on any terrain characteristics. This model is a very reliable one and gives the driver some sort of confidence while using it. It is said to be one of the top bike according to best BMX bike reviews.

The Diamondback Viper X BMX Bike is the best gift I got from my uncle. I always have a good time using and riding in it because of the soft and stable wheel it has. The entire bike is stylish which is really compatible with my age. My friends envied my bike because of the great performance it shows.” Blake Jordan


Huffy Berserk BMX Bike


If you love to bike so much and want to try new things using your bike other than just using a normal bike, this HUFFY bike is the best for you. It one of the best bikes as prescribed by this review. This bike is made out of high-resistant metal which gives the user greater confidence while riding it. It comes equipped with oversized hi-ten steel. Its fork is made of steel as well. Buying this bike would really give you a lot of benefits.

I am looking for a reliable BMX Bike for my child for his birthday and I got to know about the Huffy 20-Inch BMX Boys Beserk Bike. It has a very good product reviews in Amazon so I decided to purchase one in order to give this as a gift. My child is very happy having this bicycle.”  Donald Hayes


Diamondback Boy’s Grind BMX Bike


This Diamondback Boy’s Grind BMX Bike is good not only a good way to perform tricks and stunts. This model is a combination of extreme performance and unique style. This is a high-fashioned kind of BMX bike that gives the user the confidence while using it. Its rugged box cube and the freestyle fork is very dependable and high quality. Bikers will surely love this model of BMX bike because of its awesome features. Having this bike will give you a great pleasure.

I am comfortable riding in the Diamondback Boy`s Grind BMX Bike. The features are great and durable. I already sued this in more than 5 biking tournaments and until now it’s fine and great to use. The design is fashionable for me. The wheels are reliable so I dint have to worry at all.”  Jason Wright


Kink Curb BMX bike


Having a quality bike means having the right balance as you use it. This Kink Curb BMX Bike is best when you want to do tricks with your bike. This is a very strong bike that allows the user to do almost anything that he wants with the bike. This model comes equipped with a Crank Mission Cipher with a 25-tooth sprocket and 9 tooth drivers that give it a high standard. With so many awesome features of this bike, you will be able to do a lot of stunts and enjoy it a lot better than the normal ones.

I am a cyclist and I am looking for a bicycle that can get along with me. I bought and tried the Kink Curb BMX Bike as it received overflowing positive reviews online. I tried several stunts and I can say that this product is really solid and stable. I am using the product until now.”  David Rooney