Top rated Bluetooth Mouse in 2019


While online, I saw one article that listed 20 models of Bluetooth mouse available in the market today. To help me trim down the choices that are available, I read the best Bluetooth mouse reviews and found the five models that will be mentioned below as amongst the best that you will ever find.


Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball


Best Bluetooth Mouse ReviewsIn the best Bluetooth mouse reviews that have been published in the past, the innovative design of this model is one thing that is frequently highlighted. The well-thought and sculpted design of the mouse makes it able to promote the highest level of comfort for the user, even when used for an extended period of time. With the trackball, there no need to have the entire mouse moved when you need the cursor to change direction. Aside from its ergonomic design, it has also gained popularity for the exceptional battery life. It comes with AA battery that will prove to be functional to up to 18 months.

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Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000


As you try to make a good choice with regards to the best Bluetooth mouse in 2019, you should not forget to take this model into consideration. The Blue Track Technology is considered to be one of the most innovative features that you can find in this mouse. This makes it possible for the mouse to work effectively regardless of the surface where it is used, even in granite countertops. In terms of versatility, this will also prove to be an unmatched option, such as through having 4-way scrolling and 4 buttons that can be customized based on your preferred functions.

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Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse


This is another model that is counted as the top rated Bluetooth mouse in 2019 because of its revolutionary design. This is not only stylish, but also very ergonomic. It has a flexible design that will allow you to choose how you want it to be used. It can be flat or curved. It also has the Plug-and-Go Nano receiver. Many were also happy with the touch to scroll functionality of the mouse. There is no need to move the entire mouse in order to move the cursor in a specific direction. You simply have to touch or swipe from the surface of the mouse to input the necessary commands.

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Microsoft H3S-00003 Sculpt Comfort Mouse


From the recommendations that have been mentioned above, you are most probably now aware of the importance of design in choosing the best within the product category. With such being said, you have a good reason to choose this model as it is also designed with the needs of its users in mind, with specific emphasis on the comfort that it can provide. It comes with a Windows touch tab on the side, which will make it easy for you to access the Start menu. It is also a good thing that it is compatible with most of the Android-powered tablets that are found in the market today.

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Apple Magic Mouse


This product is called “magic mouse” for a variety of reasons, which also makes it deserving to be included in the list of the best Bluetooth mouse in 2019. The laser technology that is embedded in this mouse is one thing that makes it better than the other choices within competition. Such technology makes it able to deliver performance that is 20 times better than others. It also comes with miniature sensors that are very sensitive even to slight movements. This is considered to be the first multi-touch mouse in the world, setting the bar high for competition.

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