Top blue ray players in 2018


When a film is loaded with great resolution and excellent picture quality it takes up much space on an optical disk which had finally lead to Blu Ray disks that can supersede normal DVDs. However obtaining a Blu Ray disk is not everything as you will also require a quality Blu Ray player for the exciting viewing experience. You just need to choose any one from the following best blu-ray players under $100.


What to look for when searching for a new blue ray player



After a hard day of work or a stressful encounter with chatty friends that go on and on about their problems, a good movie can relax the senses and make all those worries fade away. On this particular note, we are not surprised to see so many people search for high quality Blu-ray disc players capable of streaming HD movies and TV shows. Such disc players can deliver a unique viewing experience directly on your HDTV. Today’s wide selection of Blu-ray disc players makes it pretty difficult to find the most efficient product. This is why we took the liberty of analysing the best models available on the market. After two long weeks of tests and surveys, we went from one player to the next, and with attention drafted the best blue ray players reviews. Once you consult professional information on the structure and functions of each top model, your task of choosing a player becomes easier.

There are popular brands like Samsung, Panasonic, Sony and Philips that release high quality players month after month. You need to take into account brand name while browsing through the best blue ray players in 2018. Most of the present players offer precise support to different formats, being capable of delivering superb visual experiences. Most of the current DVDs discs are made at resolutions higher than 480p and currently reaching outstanding 4k upscalling. Due to the increased popularity of 4k UHD TVs, it is easy to understand why most of the best Blu-ray disc players offer 4k upscalling technology. People love watching movies and with the right player enhanced visual clarity during each scene. In order to set the proper high-definition experience, you need to invest in a product that completes your home theater system.

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Special Features Price Dimensions Batteries Our Rating Where to buy


3D & HD compatible, noise reducing $$$$ 16.8 x 12.2 x 3.1 inches AA batteries A AMAZON

Panasonic BDT220

3D & HD compatible, card reader $$$ 16.9 x 7.1 x 1.5 inches 2 AA batteries B+ AMAZON

Sony S3100

Child lock, HD, noise reducing, parental control $$ 1.6 x 7.8 x 11.4 inches 2 AA batteries B AMAZON

LG BP125

HD grade movie file playback $$ 10.6 x 7.8 x 1.5 inches AA batteries C+ AMAZON

Samsung F5100

HD compatible $ 10.6 x 7.6 x 1.5 inches 2 AA batteries C AMAZON


Most of the present Blu-ray disc player can support CDs, CD-R, RW, DVD and obviously Blu-ray discs. Furthermore you can use such devices to access online entertainment sources like Amazon Video, Vudu, Hulu Plus and Netflix. All your favourite movies and TV-shows are accessible through the right Blu-ray disc player. You should also take into account the player’s capacity to stream 3D movies. Since 3D television is now in high demand, you need to find devices with 3D function. Most of the present Blu-ray disc players come with different connections like Composite, S-Video, analog Stereo, Digital Optical, Component video outputs and Digital Coaxial audio outputs. With these connections you will be able to add new mobile devices to your player and thus enhance the overall media entertainment.

With one of the best blue ray players in 2018 you will be able to enjoy a sublime visual experience, worth sharing with friends and family members. Most of the present players have 5.1 and 7.1 channel analog outputs which creates a high clear audio experience. It is important to make sure that the players come equipped with such audio features if you truly want to create a unique video and audio experience. As some people pointed out, with the right Blu-ray disc player, people can create a fascinating and thrilling home cinema, accessible anytime!



OPPO BDP-103 universal blu ray player


Once I had laid my hands on this magnificent Blu Ray player I instantly understood why it has made into the lists of the best blue ray players reviews. Just able to support any sort of optical disc and can even read 3D formats. This player will also allow having limitless access into their partner members like Netflix, VUDU, AND Pandora. All you just need to do is connect the Blu Ray player, sit back and then relax and enjoy.



Provides excellent performance with its dual-core processor, the exclusive Updated Qdeo Video Processor, that offers quick start up and loading time

Wider connectivity via a host of outputs and inputs including MHL-compatibility, dual HDMI inputs and outputs and three USB inputs

Is truly a universal blu-ray disc player that provides enjoyment of blu-ray discs, SACD, DVD-Audio, DVD, VCD/CD, high definition CD, AVCHD, AVI, MKV and MP4

Offers easy connection to various media sources including Pandora, YouTube, Netflix and Vudu



Price point is higher than other brands for the best blu ray player under 100, but is completely feature-rich

Simple home theater set-ups can be overwhelmed by the unit’s array of features


“When it comes to blu-ray disc players I don’t think there is a better one than my OPPO BDP-103. I know it costs a bit, but I tell you that it is worth it because it is capable of top quality images and also it can upscale old DVDs to make old classics come to life again, in the 3D and Full HD era.” Glenn Collins


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Panasonic BDT220 blu ray player


For years, Panasonic has been around in the world of electronic goods and they are here as their products have equally been satisfying thousands of customers across the globe. A mesmerizing innovation, here comes a Blu Ray player that can even be controlled through your smart phone application besides being registered for four different users and organizing settings according to their taste. The elegant Blu Ray player with its UniPhier chip processor reduces mechanical noise to give astoundingly clear sound.



Precision engineered to be the blu-ray DVD player of the high-tech age with its capability for Smartphone remote control, so users can easily integrate their portable device to enjoy stored movies or images with friends and family

Runs on the exclusive VIERA Connect platform and built-in Wi-Fi to enable conversion from 2D to 3D for larger-than-life movie enjoyment

Has several output terminals including analog, optical, video and HDMI so user can choose an array of connectivity to suit their needs

Designed with social networking app so user can communicate with loved ones and share the excitement of what is being watched



Wi-Fi functionality works amazingly well with a high-speed connection

Firmware update has to be done online or through a burned disc from a PC


“Full HD and 3D movies are at my disposal thanks to me buying the Panasonic BDT220 blu-ray palyer. I love the app that lets me control it through my smartphone so I don’t have to get up and set it manually. Panasonic have outdone themselves with this blu-ray player.” Ben Reynolds


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Sony S3100 blu ray player


Best blue ray players reviewsThis super sleek compact Blu Ray player has in–built Wi-Fi system that immediately sets you connected to thousands of videos connected in You Tube®, Netflix®, Hulu Plus® etc. Able to play in CDs and DVDs as well, this amazing device also boasts of full 1080p HD viewing. After all that is the fun of watching movies with a Blu Ray player. Besides with its additional features like 2.0 Energy Star rating for less energy consumption and its beautiful design simply makes it more wanted from the best blue ray players reviews.



Streaming experience gets more enhanced with this product’s premium design and built-in Wi-Fi capability so there is no shortage of great things to watch

Integrates well with a wide variety of streaming applications that cover the gamut of over 100 sites including Hulu Plus, Netflix and Pandora

Provides superior reproduction of DVD movies and impeccably high resolution full HD 1080p blu-ray disc playback so the details that matter are always there

TV SideView feature offers efficient controlling and browsing from mobile devices for convenient and versatile enjoyment



Provides less smart content than other imported brands on the market but that’s all a matter of taste

Provides no support for 3D or DivX, but again, that’s all a matter of taste


“For absolute top quality pictures when I see a movie I had to get the Sony S3100 blu-ray player. And on top of all this it is even able to boost the image quality of my DVDs. The installation process is easy and no one should have any problems with it. I found it cheap because it was for sale on Black Friday.” Chris Woodgate


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LG BP125 blu ray player


Just a slight single touch and this player will start streaming music, images, and videos stored even on external hard drives. Then again with full HD up-scaling, it is very easy for the Blu Ray player to provide HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface). The extremely portable players with their contemporary look will easily get blend into your home interior. And with a smart TV along with an Internet connection is all you want to enjoy this player hundred percent.



Offers playback of a wide variety of stored media including external HDD and USB content, so there is never a shortage of movies that can be enjoyed with the family

Movie file playback is high-definition so everyone can experience movies as the director meant them to be

Glossy black looks are smart and ultra-compact so the unit can integrate into existing décor and home theater system with ease

Connects via HDMI to HD-ready television plus USB port that accepts USB drive device so an unlimited library of videos, photos and music can be enjoyed on TV



Great choice for the best blu ray player under 100 with entry-level features that will surely please users who prefer simplicity in DVD players

No Wi-Fi and ethernet inputs mean no updates and apps to worry about


“This blu-ray player made by LG has a lot of quality and at the same time has a very affordable price. These are the two main reasons why I got it for my home and I am extremely satisfied with the Full HD movies it allows me to see. Now I know who makes the best blu-ray players, clearly LG.” John Lawrence


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Samsung F5100 blu ray player


This new wonderful product is packed with wonders. I simply loved the features that come within this single package that it has changed the meaning of home entertainment for me. A smart box, no doubt that it kept being recommended by satisfied customers. Complete with matte finish and rounded corners, this Blu Ray player has apps to stream contents from Pandora, Netflix and You Tube. Moreover its Quick Start mode gives you immediate access to the world of HDMI.



Enjoy blu-ray disc playback with the entire family, with every detail, color and movement getting fully displayed onscreen via the unit’s 1080p high resolution capability

YouTube, Pandora and Netflix apps support means there is never a shortage of great things to see on TV

Comes with coaxial digital audio outputs and HDMI so the user can connect a variety of devices that can support exceptional TV viewing

Small footprint, compact and lightweight design enables user to integrate the unit flawlessly into an existing home theater center



Not designed for playback of 3D blu-ray discs, which is a capability in higher-priced models

No Wi-Fi but just a simple, no-nonsense entry level player


“I must say movies seen with a blu-ray player are really something and this was precisely the reason why I invested in this player from Samsung. Wi-Fi capabilities allow me to stream movies from Netflix, Hulu in a jiffy and overall I am extremely satisfied with my investment. The price was low, under $80 because I got it around Xmas. I’m so happy I got the best deal for the money I was prepared to spend. ” Matt Spencer


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