Top rated blu-ray drives in 2019


Given today’s passion for Blu-ray movies it comes as no surprise to see the growing demand for high quality drives with Blu-ray capabilities. Top manufacturers released high end products worth considering during the selection process. Still, due to the wide selection of drives often people find it difficult to identify the right product for their PC. This is why we decided to attentively go through the best blu-ray drive reviews. In our research we also read user testimonials and product descriptions in order to accurately pinpoint the best models. We managed to identify five Blu-ray drives that can be installed in any PC and render any movie with ease.


Pioneer Electronics USA Blu Ray Combo Drive


Best blu-ray drive reviewsThere are more and more Americans trying to find the best blu-ray drive in 2019. With a good drive they hope to play top movies and TV-shows. For such individuals we recommend the USA Blu Ray combo drive from Pioneer Electronics. Users appreciate the product’s capacity to write and also read CD, DVDRW and Blu-Ray discs. With a solid SATA interface this drive can safely read through a wide range of discs with no problems whatsoever. Designed by skilled Pioneer engineers the Blu Ray combo is a major upgrade to any personal computer. Furthermore it is important to know that the drive doesn’t need installation software.

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Samsung SE-506BB-TSBD Blu-ray Writer Drive


When it comes to high quality external blu ray drives, Samsung is definitely the perfect place to start searching for a great product. For smooth reading and writing performance we recommend the SE-506BB-TSBD drive. This external Blu-ray drive requires only an USB connection in order to run.  Designed to help people watch movies, documentaries and TV-shows whenever they want, this Blu-Ray drive is supported by Mac and PC systems. Furthermore the drive features a unique TV input, helping people play different discs directly on the TV. This particularity is what sets apart the SE-506BB-TSBD blu ray drive from other models available for purchase.

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Asus Black 12X BD-ROM Internal Blu-ray Drive


Most of the best blu-ray drive reviews that we went through underline the smooth functionality of the Asus Black drive. Designed by skilled Asus engineers this Blu-ray drive supports Windows 7, Vista and also XP operating systems. It delivers an impressive 12x Blu-ray reading speed which ensures proper functionality, with no lag or frames. Furthermore the drive is E-Green certified which saves users over 50% of power consumption. This high quality drive can play 3D Blu-ray discs, by ensuring a smooth transition from 2D to 3D. Due to its unique design the drive supports Dolby EX and DTS-HD for a smooth audio performance.

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LG Internal UH12NS30 BD-ROM Blu-ray Optical Drive


In our search for the best blu-ray drive in 2019 we came across a high quality model from LG, the UH12NS30. This Blu-ray optical drive has a sublime design, which easily blends to the computer’s general appearance. With a sturdy SATA interface this blu-ray drive features a 4 MB buffer memory which maintains the overall functionality clean and smooth. It can support Windows Vista, 7 and XP operating systems. Now, the drive transfers data in BD-ROM mode at 359.65 Mb/s and in DVD-ROM mode at 22.16 Mb/s. Measuring 6.8 x 5.8 x 1.6 inches and weighing only 1.8 pounds, the drive will easily become part of the computer.

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Panasonic UJ240 6x Blu-ray Burner


Who doesn’t want to watch movies in high definition, directly from Blu-ray discs? Well, out of the best blu-ray drives in 2019 we recommend the UJ240 model from Panasonic. Designed to help people watch HD movies on their computers this drive is without a doubt a step forward in personal cinematic pleasure. This Blu-ray drive permits users to record up to 25 GB of photos, movies, files and documents onto a standard BD-R disc. Furthermore the UJ240 Blu-ray drive can write discs (BD-R) at speeds of 6x and BD-RE at 4x. In addition the product can also write and read different DVD and CDs!

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