Expert Buying Advice on Blow Dryers for Damaged Hair


Using a blow dryer every day can make damaged hair worse than it already is, if you are not using the right one. Like other styling tools there are several blow dryers to choose from, and each one is often designed for a specific type of hair. To protect your damaged hair and even improve its appearance we have included some helpful tips in this buying guide. Hopefully this will help you find the best blow dryer for damaged hair.

A.Best blow dryer for damaged hair


One of the most important aspects to consider is the wattage, and this refers to how much power the blow dryer has. While the best blow dryer will be able to quickly dry your hair, the price is usually higher on more powerful models. If you have thick hair that takes hours to dry then you probably want a blow dryer with a higher wattage, but if you have fine hair or generally opt for air drying than a less expensive model will probably work best for you. Higher wattages also mean more heat, which might not be ideal for hair that is already dry or damaged.


Type of Heat

Blow dryers can use different technologies to safely dry all types of hair, and if yours is already damaged than you want to pay particular attention to the type of heat it uses. Ionic hair dryers are able to quickly dry long, thick hair, but more importantly it can also improve its health and appearance. The negative ions can lock in hydrating moisture, and help to smooth rough and broken ends. Tourmaline blow dryers will leave damaged hair with a healthy shine, while the less expensive ceramic models use a mild heat that won’t cause any damage.



Blow dryers can be used for more than simply drying wet hair, these convenient tools can also help you quickly achieve the style you want. Attachable picks let you add volume and lift to your hair will you are drying it, while diffusers are perfect for drying curls without causing any damage. There are also concentrated nozzles which make it easy to aim the warm air at a specific section of hair, and can also be used to give it a healthy and luxurious shine.


Most Popular Blow Dryers for Damaged Hair in 2022


While we can’t pick the right styling tool for you we can show you the best blow dryers for damaged hair. Affordably priced, easy to use, and gentle on already damaged hair, maybe one of these blow dryers is exactly what you are looking for.


Babylis Pro BABTT585


1.Babylis Pro BABTT585This blow dryer will safely dry and style damaged hair, and features a comfortable design that is easy to use. The handle is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand, and you will also appreciate its lightweight construction. Constructed to last through years of use, you will also love experimenting with its variety of included functions.

The tourmaline and titanium blow dryer is designed to dry your hair from the inside out, and since it uses infrared heat it won’t cause any additional damage. The negative ions help to lock moisture into the follicle to help improve the health and appearance of dry, damaged hair. The infrared heat also results in a faster drying time making it easier to get ready without running late.

There are 6 settings for the speed and heat so you can quickly achieve almost any style you want, and with the convenient “cool shot” feature you can even set your hair without using any additional products. With its lightweight design, and quick drying time this might be the only blow dryer you ever need to safely dry and take care of your damaged hair.

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Ovente X5


2.Ovente X5 Blow DryerOne of the first aspects you’ll notice is its affordable price, along with its sleek and professional design. This blow dryer is lightweight and well balanced for comfort, and features a compact construction for easy storage. With a removable filter to keep air flowing freely and a long, tangle free cord, this also might be one of the most convenient blow dryers to use on busy mornings.

You have the advantage of 2000 watts of power for an incredibly fast drying time, and since it uses a combination of ionic, tourmaline and ceramic heating technologies it is safe to use on all hair types. The blow dryer will dry your hair from the inside out, while also locking in nourishing moisture to improve damaged follicles and split ends. You will also appreciate the quiet motor, especially when you are trying to get ready without waking anyone else up.

There are three heat settings to choose from making it easier to achieve almost any style, and the “cool shot” button lets you set your hair while it is drying. You also have the advantage of the two included concentrators that make it easy to only dry specific sections of hair. Affordably priced and with a one year warranty included with your purchase, you can rest assured knowing your purchased a quality blow dryer.

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T3 Micro 83808


3.T3 Micro 83808 Blow DryerAs stated in the reviews this blow dryer is designed to be effective and safe to use on all hair types, and won’t cause any additional damage. Featuring ceramic ionic technology, this blow dryer will leave your hair soft and shiny as it drying and styling. The negative ions help to seal in necessary moisture to improve the look and feel of your hair, and it will also give it a healthy, luxurious shine.

With the two speed settings you can easily dry and style your hair, and with the addition of the “cool shot” function you can also set and limit the amount of heat. Not only will your hair look smoother and healthier after using this blow dryer, you will also love how soft and manageable it is.

This blow dryer is also designed to be easy and convenient to use, and the controls are conveniently placed on the handle. Featuring a lightweight and durable construction, you will also appreciate the long tangle free electrical cord. With the included removable screen and filter it is easy to keep air flowing freely, and the powerful 1800 watt motor will have your hair dry and ready to go 60 percent faster than other models.

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