Top blenders for smoothies in 2019


Smoothies are the perfect way to attract a child’s attention sand gets them to have some fresh vitamins inside them. In such times, a good blender always comes handy. But with so many types of blenders available everywhere, reading the following article on the best blenders under $50 will be a better idea before heading to a store to buy one.


Hamilton Beach 51101B smoothie blender


Best blenders for smoothies reviewsIf you are always on the run but still have an eye for fresh homemade smoothies to match your taste, then take this one. I simply loved clear colored blending jar with a tight lid so that you can just blend in some fruits and yogurt and carry the top jar as your 14 ounce travel cup as well. Easy to store  and durable with a strong base along with stain-less steel blade, this blender is not a toy at all. Dish washer safe and easy to clean, you will just fall in love with this cute little device.

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“The Hamilton Beach 51101B is the perfect blender for my small apartment and as you can imagine my small kitchen. I does the smoothies that I want whenever I want and I find it very easy to clean. And on top of that it has a very accessible price.” Mark Miller


Hamilton Beach smoothie Power blender


If a blender comes within the best blenders for smoothies reviews, then here is the one that is loved by thousands of customers all around the world. A trendy looking counter top device that can nicely blend in with your kitchen; it can also perform twelve blending functions like mixing, making milkshakes, easy cleaning process, making puree, smoothie, icy drink, or do dicing, chopping, salsa, grinding, crushing ice, and even grating. So with a 700 watt of blending power this little blender is a small powerhouse to provide you and your family or a small gathering of family and friends a fresh source of cool drinks.

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“Because I love smoothies andthis blender had an affordable price. I got it for my kitchen. Now me and my husband have the possibilities to do some natural drinks with ice, making our day a little bit sweeter. This is a great little blender, without a doubt.” Rebecca Smith


Hamilton Beach 51102 smoothie blender


A perfect personal blender from the noted company, you can also use its top jar as your travel mug too. So on a hot sunny day I would actually have preferred a cooled icy milkshake with banana or a simple mango juice made on the jar and just set out with it closed with its lid. The pretty clear glass jar with its sturdy base is just perfect for convenience. Similarly, the easy-to-clean process has also helped it to land amongst the best blenders for smoothies reviews.

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“I recommend getting this blender from Hamilton Beach because it can really make those hot summer days a little bit more bearable. Also I must point out the fact that the price is nothing short of a bargain and I couldn’t figure one reason why not to get it.” Rachel Wickman


Oster BVCB07 Stainless smoothie blender


This US made blender is real strong thanks to its 600 watt crushing power. Designed for absolute durability, the blender also has a specially made stainless steel ‘ice crusher’ particularly for icy drinks as we all know how important that part is while preparing one. With this product you will also get the flexibility of seven stage pulsating option. But what I liked most is that beside that, this blender also has the traditional low, medium and high settings.

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“This blender does the smoothies and milkshakes that I so enjoy and I am very thankful for that, espacially when it cost almost nothing. To operate it is no complicated task and also to clean it doesn’t take much effort.” Suzanne Spencer


Ninja Kitchen smoothie pulse blender


It is always better to get a few things in the same package. So if you also care for a little extra then head straight for this one. This lovely set of blender comes with a large family size pitcher with lid, three glasses with tight lids, a main blade, a smaller/personal blade, a dough blade and a cookie paddle.  With all these accessories, the main blender truly acts like a ninja and can make fresh smoothies within seconds.

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“I bought this whole package because it is more than just a blender and I can do more things with it. I also like that the pitcher has a large capacity so that I can do a nice smoothie for all, in one turn, when I have guests over.” Mary Jones