Top rated blenders for baby food in 2019


As you look for the best baby food under $25, you should not also forget to look for a blender that will help you to easily prepare foods for your baby. Keep in mind that they have different digestive need, which makes it apparent that there is a need to use a blender to prepare what they will eat.


Best rated blenders for baby food – A buying guide


As a parent, it is understandable that you want to provide your baby with the best baby food. By electing to make your own baby food, you are guaranteeing that your child has the most nutritious and best quality food available. Not only that, but it is much more affordable than the bottled stuff that you will find in the grocery store because you can give your baby what you are eating—just pureed. In preparation for Black Friday deals on kitchen appliances, you may be wondering, “What is the best blender for baby food?” Well, you are in luck. We have researched some of the top selling blenders and we created this guide to help you determine which blender for baby food is the best to suit your needs.

While some people may ask which is better, a blender or a food processor, they each have their own strong suits, although many prefer an affordable blender for baby food, rather than an expensive food processor. Blenders are ideal for liquids or soft solids, like soups, soft vegetables and fruits; however, a good blender with a high-powered motor can easily blend lean meats that do not have any sinewy fat marbled through the meat. Chicken, fish, and ground beef are excellent to throw in the blender. You will also want to look for a feature that continuously circulates the contents for even blending. Different companies give this technology a different term, such as “wave action” or “cyclonic action.”

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Power Source Price Dishwasher Safe Material Free Our Rating Where to buy

Beaba Babycook

Electric $$$ YES BPA, Phthalate, Lead A AMAZON

Boon Mush

Manual $$ YES BPA, Phthalate, PVC B+ AMAZON

KidCo F900

Electric $$ YES No B AMAZON

Baby Bullet Complet

Electric $$$ No No C+ AMAZON

Baby Brezza One Step

Electric $$$ YES BPA, Phthalate C+ AMAZON


The typical blender is rather big, and if you have limited counter space, it could be a hassle. When you are looking for a good blender, you will want to consider the amount of space you have. Are you going to store the blender on your counter or will you store it in a cabinet? Do you plan on making large quantities of food and storing it for a later date? A regular sized blender is a great choice if you plan to make several days’ worth of food from one item. Say you have a lot of extra chicken noodle soup and your baby loved it. You can blend the extra and then freeze it; however, if you prefer to feed your baby fresh food as you cook it, you may want to find a smaller blender. The small blender will take up less room and will be easier to store.

Many people may ask their loved ones get them a blender for Christmas, which is perfectly fine. Every kitchen should have one, in our opinion. Not only can they be used to make all-natural baby good that is both fresh and tasty, but it is also an appliance that can be useful long after your child has begun eating solids.


Things to consider:

  • Does the blender have a strong motor, as it will make the blending process easier
  • The blender should have a feature to circulate the contents for even blending
  • How much storage or counter space do you have, as some blenders can be quite big and bulky
  • Will you use the blender for other tasks, or is it just for baby food



Beaba Babycook Food Maker


Best Blenders for Baby Food ReviewsThis model is the winner of the 2008 JPMA Award for Innovation, which can be seen as a testament to its high quality and excellent functionality. Aside from such, it is also a favorite in the best blenders for baby food reviews because of its compact size, making it highly efficient when it comes to consumption of space. It is also a good thing that this product is multifunctional, as it is not only a blender, but also steamer, defroster, and warmer.



Revolutionary countertop appliance with multiple functions: a blender, steamer, defroster and food warmer, enabling easy preparation of fresh and healthy meals for a precious one

Precooked foods can be reheated or defrosted, eliminating wastage when food gets frozen too heavily or stored in the refrigerator

Starts by steam-cooking fruits, vegetables and meats in less than a quarter of an hour, ensuring that all the nutrients are packed in while preparing baby food

Includes a shatterproof polysulfone bowl with 2.5-cup capacity, plus a polypropylene cooking basket where portions of the prepared food can be placed for storage



Machine does not have provision for storage of its very few parts

Side of the machine where water goes into can be very hot, requiring careful use


“I can prepare a very diverse menu for my baby with the help of Beaba Babycook food maker. It’s very easy to use, it doesn’t take up too much space on my kitchen table and it always makes a homogenous paste without leaving any large pieces. Because it works so well for me, I believe it’s the best blender for baby food 2019.” – Marisol King


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Boon Mush Manual Baby Food Processor


Even if this product is hand-powered, you can expect that it will not be disappointing in terms of its performance. All that you need to do is to have the handle pulled and you can begin chopping the ingredients depending on your preferences. Although it requires manual operation, many of its users have reported that it is not at all tiring. Lastly, it is also a good thing that it has a compact design that does not only make it easy to keep, but also ideal for travelling.



Helps mom to easily and quickly prepare delicious, fresh and healthy meals that baby can enjoy, allowing baby to partake of a variety of tastes and textures as she grows up

Hand-powered food processor made for baby’s delicate and developing tastes as it efficiently chops boneless meats, vegetables and fruits

Uses no electricity and just requires the handle to be pulled, which powers the blades to start chopping ingredients to produce coarse to good-quality puree

Convenient for travel and storage thanks to its compact design, yet with generous 3 ¾-cup capacity that can help prepare full servings of baby food



Not able to produce a really fine blend but great for preparing coarser food textures

Parts can be difficult to clean


“I don’t find it hard to manually operate Boon Much Manual Baby Food Processor. I cut the veggies and fruits into little pieces and the after a few turns of its handle, I have a tasty paste ready for my son. I would definitely recommend it to other mothers.” ­ – Sandra W. Dupre


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Baby Bullet Complete Baby Care System


In many of the best blenders for baby food reviews, one thing that has been highlighted about this product it comes in a complete set with everything you will need. Aside from the blender, it also comes with spatula, lid, cup, bowl, and milling blade among others. The storage containers are dated, which will provide you with the assurance that you will not forget when it should be consumed and when it will no longer be good for your child.



Is easily the best blender for baby food and smoothies thanks to how it blends, mills, grinds and chopsvarious food ingredients in batches

Delicious, healthy and fresh foods can be stored using the fridge-friendly Date-Dial Storage Cups that make tracking of prepared baby food easy and convenient

A surplus of food can be stored in the flexible Easy Pop Batch Tray, so baby always has freshly prepared food on hand all the time

Comes with a high-torque power base that drives the baby blend blade and milling blade to deliver a variety of food textures that baby can chew on at every stage of her development



Prepares small portions of food at a time

Bottom has to be screwed on tight


“I have everything I need with this baby care system to make for my baby healthy food. All its pieces are of high quality and work properly. Also, I like the dated storage containers, reminding me always when the food will expire. I am very satisfied with this care system and I give it a five star rating.” – Marie Gordon


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Baby Brezza One Step Baby Food Maker – Not Available


When looking for a blender for baby food, one thing that you should consider is its ease of use. With such, there is no doubt that this model is an excellent choice. Once it is filled with the items that will be blended, you simply need to set the timer and the machine will work on its own. It is also commendable that it has one-bowl design, preventing spillage as there is no need to have it transferred to another container throughout the process of having the food prepared.



Exclusively designed multi-functional appliance allows steaming and blending of all-natural ingredients that include fish, meats, vegetables and fruits all in one bowl, making this the best blender for baby food weaning

Easy to use, with simple addition of ingredients into the bowl, then setting steam time, and the machine does the rest of the blending work

Safe single-bowl design eliminates tedious transferring of hot foods into another receptacle or blender midway through the cooking process

Bowl and blade are easy to clean and are dishwasher safe, making clean-up after food preparation easy and effortless



Prepares small batches of food

Blends slowly to ensure even consistency of baby foods


“This baby food maker does all the work, I just have to fill it up and push the ON button. The rest is up to Baby Bezza. It has never made a mess of things and the results have been well liked by my baby. It’s recommended by the best blenders for baby food reviews too.” – Jaclyn C. Newby



KidCo F900 Electric Food Mill – Not Available


With the pulsating rotations that are created by this model, it will be surely effortless for such to blend and grind a variety of food items. It comes with blending attachment, which makes it able to blend more thoroughly, providing you with the assurance that the baby will not choke. There were also many who have expressed their satisfaction over the fact that this blender is relatively easy to use. When it is time to have it cleaned, there is also no need to worry as this is dishwasher-safe.



Is definitely the best blender for baby food puree thanks to its blending attachment that enables thorough mixing, creating smoothies and baby food purees with uniform consistency

Has a Turbo button for pulsating rotations, to ensure a powerful mixing action for preparing various types of food purees from boneless meats, fruits and vegetables

Helps prepare healthy, all-natural baby food using the stainless steel blade and strainer to ensure clean and convenient food preparation

Base and grip designed to prevent slipping plus a non-skid bowl that accommodates the healthy ingredients and does not allow nutrients to escape thanks to its snap-on lid



No chute through which to add liquids, necessitating removal of the plastic lid

Powerful motor can operate a little loudly


“I bought KidCo Electric Food Mill because it has excellent feedback in baby magazines. Using it extensively has made me realize it’s a top notch model and definitely deserves the highest quality marks. On top of all this, it doesn’t even have an expensive price tag.” – Emily K.