Top rated blank guns in 2020


In the present more and more props managers search for reliable gun replicas to use in theater plays. Fortunately today’s market is more than willing to help out, offering people the chance to invest in rifles and guns replicas, with military or espionage themes. Due to the impressive number of blank gun models people find it difficult to invest in the right product. As a result we took the liberty of consulting the best blank gun reviews and completed the research with user testimonials. During our extended studies we managed to discover 5 models that will look great in any play.


Voltran Tuna V950 JF Blank Firing Replica Pistol


Best blank gun reviewsThere are many cop theater plays that require the use of replica pistols, capable of adding an authentic feel to the whole experience. Picking out the best blank gun in 2020 is hard, given that there are specific requirements to different plays. Yet, during our research we came across a superbly crafted replica pistol from Voltran, the Tuna V950 JF. Users love the gun’s carefully crafted design which can also be given as a gift. The blank pistol from Voltran measures 4.75” x 4” and weighs only 1 lb, making it easy to manoeuvre during plays or simple games.

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Voltran 9mm M85 Military Blank Firing Starter Pistol


Most of the best blank gun reviews underline the solid construction of the M85 Military 9mm pistol from Voltran. This powerful semi-automatic pistol has a classic military and detective style which looks great. It is very easy to use and load, offering people the chance to feel like the real deal. During each shot some blank shells are ejected from the barrel’s top end. This is a beautiful and powerful pistol, down to the tiniest of details. People appreciate the pistol’s design and capacity to deliver joyful experiences during each use. After each shot, a low level gas is released, imitating a real firing aftermath.

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Voltran 9mm Black Blank Firing Revolver


Picking one of the best blank guns in 2020 may prove to be quite a challenge but as we discovered things become easier while accessing professional information. So, according to our research we discovered that the 9mm Black Blank firing revolver from Voltran represents a great option. This popular detective firing revolver features a 2.5” barrel and safely fires .380 caliber loud blanks. There are some people that collect the revolver. Designed with high quality zinc alloy material the revolver also comes with a durable carrying case for easy transportation. For safety reasons the revolver can’t be made to fire any real ammo!

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Collectors Armoury Blank Firing German Replica Starter Pistol


For those of us dreaming to become James Bond just for a night or two, a good starter pistol is needed. Well, with the best blank gun in 2020 from Collectors Armoury, the German Replica Starter Pistol anyone can take the role of a spy. This particular starter pistol is a detailed replica of James Bond pistol. With a deluxe nickel and special blued finish this sleek starter pistol is easy to hold and use. The pistol only fires blank ammo (8 mm) and for safety reasons it can’t be made to fire live ammo. ATF approved the starter pistol is a great gift to people that love spy movies!

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Top Swords Botan 9MM Blank Firing Back Finish


In the present there are many people interested in owning a carefully designed blank gun, ready to use during movie re-enactments or plays. During our research we came across a lot of gun models but one in particular caught our attention. The Botan 9MM blank firing gun from Top Swords represents a unique addition to those that truly love playing a spy. With a 5” length and smooth black finish this pistol shots only 9mm PAK. The firing pistol has a compact design with composite appearance which looks great in the hands of any detective. Furthermore the pistol incorporates a roomy magazine that holds 6 blank shots.

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