Best Black & Decker Electric String Trimmers Reviews


Top rated Electric String Trimmers from Black & Decker


The various best electric string trimmer reviews have identified some of the best products currently available in the marketplace that can prove to be helpful in the achievement of a green and well-manicured lawn. In this article, three of the best models from the said manufacturer will be further discussed, noting some of its benefits and features.


Black & Decker LST136 String Trimmer


Best Black & Decker Electric String Trimmers Reviews

This string trimmer has a PowerCommand Dial, a feature that offers users with high degree of flexibility. When the max power setting is chosen, it can be able to trim thick grasses in a snap. More so, when the max runtime setting is chosen, the battery life of the unit can be prolonged. In addition, another thing that makes this product flexible is the fact that it is also multi-functional. With a simple rotation of the shaft, it can be transformed from a trimmer to a edger. This offers the benefit of being able to do more in a single device. The satisfaction of the people who have been using this model also stems from the battery of the product. It has 36-volt lithium ion battery that is long-lasting, giving you an assurance that you can do more in a single full charge. In addition, it can be charged fully in just about an hour.

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If I will to recommend the best black and decker electric string trimmers, I will proud to suggest the Black & Decker LST136 String Trimmer. This will surely leave your worries away because this product can actually remove all grass in your lawn in just a minute. This is just by clicking the button in which will help you to clean the area. This trimmer has a good battery life that will make your cleaning better than before. Try it in yourself so that you can tell by yourself the beauty of this product.” Carol Wright


Black & Decker NST2118 String Trimmer


The NST2118 is another model that has received positive feedbacks in many best Black & Decker electric string trimmers reviews. It has been lauded by many people because of its exceptional cutting performance, in an operating mechanism that is a breeze to complete and mess-free. One of the things that make this model a good option is the PowerDrive Transmission, an exclusive technology that has been developed by the manufacturer. The most significant benefit of such is that it allows the delivery of incredibly high power from the motor to the string, which guarantees its exceptional performance. Convenience is also a major reason on why this product is chosen above other available options. With just a simple push of the trigger, the product will automatically start. In addition, it is also light, making it easy to use, even if you expect trimming a large area.

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The Black & Decker NST2118 String Trimmer is the only Black & Decker Electric String Trimmer that last  for me so long. I bought this product 3 years ago and until now it is functional and useful. The product is useful in any cutting process in my yard. I never thought of another product like this so I can say that this is the only product that I will use for my life. I recommend the product to all because of the quality and nice features that were equipped in this electric string trimmer.” June Smith


Black & Decker LST220 Edger/String Trimmer


This edger and trimmer offer users the convenience of two functions in just one product. Aside from being multi-functional, it has also been praised by many people because of its quiet operation, as it does not produce an annoying noise when used. Many have also liked the fact that this model is easy to start, without the need to sweat before one can finally enjoy its functionality. This model has a powerful performance, which is possible because of having incredible airflow and built-in scraper. The combination of the two will provide you with the opportunity to easily trim the backyard and make the surrounding area look as clean and green as possible. Lastly, the Automatic Feed Spool is also another remarkable feature that has been highlighted in many best Black & Decker electric string trimmers reviews. This makes sure that the string is at its best length, without the need to exert effort on your part.

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I don’t experience any problem with the Black & Decker LST220 Edger/String Trimmer because it operates well. It has the perfect performance which I like the most. I admire this trimmer because it doesn’t create too much noise when in use so I cannot disturb any person in the area. This product is definitely one of the best products I have from Amazon. I never regretted this product because it gave me the satisfaction I am looking for an electric trimmer.”  Tracey Harrington