Top rated car vacuum cleaners from Black & Decker


Black & Decker vacuum cleaning products are the first choice if anybody thinks of getting the best dust buster or hand vacuum in the market. These products are well designed, user friendly, stylish and most importantly, affordable. The vacuum cleaners are fantastically built to accomplish almost all sorts of dust cleaning activities mainly for cars. Black & Decker products are reliable, safe and well shaped for greater accessibility. So, it will be an excellent decision to collect the best vacuum cleaners from wide ranges of Black & Decker products.


Choose the right vacuum for your car


2Owning a car comes with different cleaning responsibilities. Every car owner needs a powerful vacuum cleaner that can be used in order to clean different areas of the vehicle. In the present there are many types of car vacuum cleaners, capable of cleaning dust, debris and small items. Taking into account the wide range of products available on the market picking the right product requires time and patience. You will find on the market different types of rechargeable vacuum cleaners: cordless and with power cord. Depending on your car’s characteristics you should pick a vacuum cleaner that can easily cover every inch. It is important to own a car vacuum cleaner that is easy to manoeuvre and can reach tight spots.

You need to take into account a couple of things before you decide upon a particular product. There are some popular brands which release high end car vacuum cleaners which represent a great addition to any garage. According to recent statistics it seems that more and more people use Black & Decker products. In order to help you identify the most efficient car vacuum cleaner we analysed the market’s top products. Going through the best Black and Decker car vacuum cleaners ensures that you will be able to take better care of your car. Identifying the ideal product starts with a couple of basic things. It is important to take into account the size of the car cleaners. For example a 12 volt vacuum cleaner can easily clean cars. You will do right to choose a cordless car cleaner which is very easy to manoeuvre around different inside obstacles.

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Power Price Corded/Cordless Weight Our Rating Where to buy

Black & Decker CHV1410L

14.4V $$$ Cordless 3.8 lbs A+ AMAZON

Black & Decker BDH2000L

20 V $$$ Cordless 3 lbs B+ AMAZON

Black & Decker CHV1510

15.6V $$ Cordless 3.2 lbs B+ AMAZON

Black & Decker PHV1810

18V $$$ Cordless 4 lbs B AMAZON

Black & Decker CHV1410

14.4V $$ Cordless 4.6 lbs B+ AMAZON


How can you choose the best Black and Decker car vacuum cleaners in 2019? Well, narrowing things down to one single product starts by getting to know more on the most popular line from Black & Decker. A powerful vacuum cleaner can precisely remove dust and dirt from the car. You have to use a cleaner with impressive power and tank capacity, capable of handling different cleaning tasks. Tank capacity is essential for proper cleaning performance. Currently you will find on the market car cleaners with tanks that can safely hold up to 1-gallon or even 18 gallons. You can choose a car cleaner with 2 to 6 gallons capacity, more than enough to handle dust, dirt debris in standard cars. For medium chores you can choose car cleaners with 8 to 14 gallons.

Some of the best Black and Decker car vacuum cleaners in 2019 were designed in order to help car owners keep their vehicles clean. Now, there are also some additional features that need to be taken into account while looking for a new car cleaner. A good cleaner should incorporate high level HEPA filters which can clean easier than ever cars. Furthermore HEPA filters can safely suck out dust mites and pollen. As a result you won’t have to worry about dangerous allergens. With the right car vacuum cleaner you will be able to get the job done fast and without problems.


Black & Decker CHV1410L Vacuum


It is a very handy and useful dust cleaner. It has wonderful design and great features with powerful suction. Its slim nozzle can easily bring dirt from tight spaces and can be rotated also. It saves almost 50-percent energy because of using a very smart and unique technology. Moreover, it has much more accessibility in stretched places and less bending in comparison with others. This is wonderful for car cleaning. It has fantastic satisfactory high ratings on the best Black & Decker car vacuum cleaners reviews by the consumers.



Lightweight design and engineering used in this unit ensure excellent portability while leaving surfaces mess-free, making this the best Black and Decker portable vacuum cleaner for hundreds of satisfied users

With bag-less dirt bowl that is easy to empty so cleaning up is always effortless and hassle-free

Slim rotating nozzle picks up dirt in hard-to-reach or confined spaces so everything is always spick and span around the home and in the car

Onboard construction for crevice tool and brush attachments means no loose items that can be easily misplaced



Dirt bowl and nozzle do not have substantial capacity for collected dust, but this is a handheld unit after all

Blue LED charging indicator lights can be bright and overwhelming, but can also be used as great night light alternatives


I am very much satisfied with the performance of the Black & Decker CHV1410L Vacuum. It is very useful and handy. Owning this product will make you worry less because it is equipped with features that are useful in maintaining the cleanliness of your car. You will surely love this one.”  Vera Agan


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Black & Decker Platinum BDH2000L Hand Vacuum


This is one of the best dust busters with some unique features. It has lithium integral battery which keeps constant voltage. Its slim nozzle and smart shape can easily bring dirt from all the spaces and rotating feature is really helpful. The cleaner’s dirt bowls and filters are washable and can be removed as well. Moreover, it doesn’t have any kind of memory effects. It is smart in design and really user friendly.



Weighs less than three pounds but able to provide satisfactory cleaning results with long-lasting suction power

Washable filter and bowl are easy to clean, with easy mess-free one step emptying so cleaning up the unit after it efficiently does its cleaning job is never a problem

Built with slim rotating nozzle that sucks in crumbs, pet hair and dust from confined spaces so users don’t miss anything. It’s usually recommended as one of the best car vacuums for pet hair.

Filtration system possesses triple-layer cyclonic action so filter is kept strong against dirt, eliminating replacement of durable parts



Charging takes hours but unit is able to use battery life efficiently

Can’t be hung on a wall, but charging pod enables easy storage


The Black & Decker Platinum BDH2000L Hand Vacuum is a very helpful tool for me when it comes to car cleaning. Owning this product will give you much ease and confidence because this can really make your car clean and safe. It makes your car look brand new inside and out.” George Perry


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Black & Decker CHV1510 Hand Vacuum


Best Black & Decker car vacuum cleaners reviews

It has great design and wonderful features with great suction. It can rotate easily and its slim nozzle targets the dusts from stretched spaces. Moreover, it has much more accessibility and less bending in comparison with the previous one. The dust buster’s large designed mouth can easily scoop up small debris and the cyclonic spins keep the dust and debris away from the strong filtering system. It is perfect for cleaning the cars, houses and stairs.



Translucent dirt bowl makes it easy to empty the unit of collected dirt, with both filter and dust bowl easily washable for genuinely thorough cleaning of the machine

User never has to do guesswork on the unit’s connection to the AC outlet, thanks to the functional charging indicator light

Earns top points as the best Black and Decker portable vacuum cleaner due to built-in three-stage filtration system that ensures cleaner exhaust and decreased clogging

One of the most versatile cleaning appliances to store, with three options to choose from: wall mounting, vertical and horizontal storage



Extension wand may be too short and necessitates the user to bend down, but this is a handheld vacuum cleaner

Fur can be difficult to remove from dustbin, which is washable


I always use the Black & Decker CHV1510 Hand Vacuum in cleaning my car. It is easy to handle and doesn’t weigh much at all. Using this is never hard for me.  Aside from that, the product is stylish and durable, proving I’ve bought one of the highest rated models in 2019. I was surprisingly cheap too and based on my pleasant experience with it, I recommend this car vacuum.” Santos Brown


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Black & Decker PHV1810 Pivot Vac Hand Vacuum


It is a perfect small vacuum cleaner from our best car vacuum cleaner reviews which is really easy to handle. Its dirt bowls and filters are washable as well as removable. It has charge indicator light and cyclonic action of motor is really useful. There is no chance of losing the brush and crevice tools because of its on-boarded accessories. Its suction power is really high and sound is quieter than most of others. This product has wonderful consumer satisfaction on the best Black & Decker car vacuum cleaners reviews.



Cordless convenience means there are no cables to drag around and that can create clutter

Smaller unit is engineered with a quieter motor and an easy-to-clean design  while having the same outstanding suction power as the original Pivot Vac™ model

Translucent and bag-less dirt bowl made washable and detachable for convenient and hygienic unit clean up while being able to collect 40% more debris and dust than the original model

Folds in half for trouble-free charging and storage, so there is less room taken up by the unit for both purposes



Vacuum cleaner has no provision for wall-hanging, but folding design requires less space than non-folding models

Chute contents can accidentally spill out as on/off button and chute release are placed close together, which can be prevented by careful pressing of the power button


Noise is never a problem with the Black & Decker PHV1810 Pivot Vac Hand Vacuum. This vacuum cleaner is what I sued in cleaning my car for almost 2 years. The reliability of the product is the one that I admire the most. Its small size can handle big vacuum cleaning jobs. I knew it was one of the most popular models, but I didn’t imagine it was going to be this good. What makes it even better is that I purchased it for a Black Friday discount.” David Davidson


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Black & Decker CHV1410 Hand Vac


It has some wonderful unique features. It’s great to use as well as nicely designed. It has powerful suction and built in motor with cyclonic action. It has less chance of losing the brush and crevice tools because of its on-boarded accessories. The dust buster’s large mouth can easily scoop up all kinds of debris and the cyclonic spins keep the debris and dust away from the strong filter. This product can be an efficient tool for dust cleaning.



Cordless handheld vacuum cleaner provided with a 14.4-volt motor that gives quick clean-ups with strong suction power

Bag-less dirt bowl is translucent so dirt can be viewed easily while being easy to empty after cleaning up

Accessories for brush and crevice tool are built in so no components ever go missing or misplaced

Powered with triple-stage filtration system intended to reduce clogging of the unit and for cleaner air exhaust



Does efficient cleaning with a louder-than-average powerful motor

Button to open waste canister is positioned right in front of power switch, so watchful pressing is required for fewer mistakes


I can say that the efficiency of the Black & Decker CHV1410 Hand Vac makes it one of a kind. It is an outstanding tool that will surely give you a super-clean car interior, just like it did for mine. Aside from the performance, this affordable  vacuum cleaner is also stylish and user- friendly. I’m so pleased by how it functions that I’m going to buy one as a Xmas present for my parents. Now I certain about who makes the best car vacuum cleaners, Black & Decker.” Kathryn Lyons


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