Top rated birdhouses in 2019


If your neighborhood is full of birds and you want them to hang around your house, then you should get a birdhouse and wait for birds to come and nest inside it. The best birdhouses reviews will present to you some of the most reliable models on the market, so the birds will have the perfect environment for nesting. Getting a birdhouse is not even a serious financial investment and if you are a bird watcher, who knows maybe you will even get the chance to view a rare species.


Coveside Window 10010 Nest Box


Best birdhouses reviewsFor a bird lover nothing is better than being close to birds all the time, even when they are at home. Nesting is a very important stage in a bird’s life and you can watch the chicks grow from your window if you buy this nest box from Coveside for a very cheap price. This nest box is crafted from Eastern White Pine and is kept in place on your widow with the help of three suction cups. The top birdhouses reviews recommend the purchase of this nest box.

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Woodlink Wooden Bluebird House


Woodlink Wooden Bluebird House is the model to go for if you want birds to nest near your home, so you hear their chirping every day. Even more so it’s ornithologically designed to primarily attract bluebirds to it, so if you are such a bird enthusiast then this is the birdhouse for you. It’s made 100% in the USA from inland red cedar which has been reforested and kiln dried. Once the birds are gone you can easily open it, so the cleaning can begin. Based on its set of features it can be considered one of the best birdhouses in 2019.

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Furniture Creations 34716 Lighthouse Station Birdhouse


Attracting birds to your yard or garden can be done easily if your purchase this very affordable birdhouse made by Furniture Creations. The design is the most intriguing part of this birdhouse, having the shape of a little lighthouse, which will prove very cozy for the bird nesting inside. All of it is made of hard wood, so it is resistant as well, being in your garden for a long period of time. We recommend investing in this nicely designed birdhouse.

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OTC Camper Birdhouse Trailer


OTC Camper Birdhouse Trailer has a 50’s look, which for some reason attracts birds to it, so it is ideal for hanging in your back garden or yard. The body is made out of high quality stainless steel and it can resist rain or any kind of weather, ensuring it will house bird nests for a huge number o summers. The nice paint hob it has is all done manually, plus the price you will pay for it is extremely cheap. Wherever you decide to hang it, OTC Camper birdhouse will look stunning, being held in high regards by the best birdhouse reviews.

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Red Earth Naturals Window Bird Feeder


If you care about birds and you want them to come more often near your home, to directly observe them, then you should buy this feeder from Red Earth Naturals. Two suction cups will stick it to your window, place some bird food inside and wait to see many different birds come to feed from it. This way the seeds won’t suffer from the elements and you will have a front row seat which, once in a while, might even get you a rare bird.

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