Top rated bird feeders in 2019


Are you a bird lover? You love to feed your birds? A bird feeder is an important supplemental source of food for your birds. The type of feeder and food that you offer determines the type of birds that are attracted. The best bird feeders reviews present the top most beautiful and easy to fill in bird feeders for your convenience. Now you can enjoy watching birds just by hanging a feeder with feed in it anytime you want. Go through the reviews and choose one that you prefer for feeding your birds.


Aspects 429 Hummzinger Bird Feeder


Best Bird Feeders ReviewsIf you live in the coast line or on the slope of a mountain, just hang one of this Hummzinger bird feeder and enjoy the view of birds feeding. Why use the plastic bottle type feeders? No blocked views of the birds, you can see the birds from every angle. Easy to clean and easy to fill in allows you to maintain this feeder nicely. There is an arrangement for resisting insects from the feeder and birds can easily get a contented feeding position. This long lasting bird feeder costs next to nothing.

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“My backyard has become quite the feeding place for all kinds of birds, once I got Aspect 429 Hummzinger. It wasn’t an expensive investment and hearing birds chirping all summer long is very pleasant for my ears. It’s easy to clean and maintain, making be see it as the best bird feeder 2019.” – Elinor Smith    


Brome 1024 Bird Feeder


This is the only squirrel proof bird feeder with nicely designed feeding positions. It also protects foods from other larger birds and it is always great fun to see the squirrels trying to get seed from the feeder. That is the main reason for including this item in the list of best bird feeders reviews. The feeder can hold enough seed and it’s exceptionally easy to clean. The price of the feeder varies, but it is not particularly expensive. This wild bird feeder is well worth the money you pay for it.

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“I bought this bird feeder because no pesky squirrel can get to the bird food. With this problem solved all kinds of birds come and feed, their chirping being music to my ears. I recommend Brome 1024 bird feeder to whoever likes having birds near their home.” – Virginia E. Perez


Aspects 407 Jewel Box Bird Feeder


The Jewel Box bird feeder brings beautiful birds right to the window of your house. You can enjoy the close view of birds feeding by hanging this feeder. Ant moat blocks the crawling insects and the feeder includes three feeding ports with 8.0 oz capacity. This excellent feeder is very easy to clean and fill in. The price ranges from $25 to $30. The window feeder adheres to the window nicely and beautiful hummingbirds love to eat from the feeder. You can buy it for yourself and also give it to your friends as a gift.

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“Every summer, I see all the little birds that come to feed on the seeds that I place in this bird feeder from Aspects. The suction cups ensure it sticks to my window and supports the weight of all the birds that come and feed. I found out about it by reading the best bird feeder reviews.” – Paula Harris


Perky Pet 209-6 Bird Feeder


Make your yard birds’ nest with the Perky Pet glass feeder. To attract hummingbirds, you should place this feeder away from the sun and wind. In spring start adding nectar so that hummingbirds begin to visit your yard regularly. This glass made reservoir remains clean for longer time and in case gets dirty, just wash it with soapy water. There is also a built in bee guard which does not fall out. If you are not satisfied with you present one, just give a shot to the Perky Pet bird feeder. This item satisfied lot of customers, so it came to our best bird feeders reviews list.

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“I have no trouble cleaning Perky Pet 209-6 bird feeder and in no time I fill it up with seeds whenever it’s required. The birds seem happy, as I feed them almost daily and seeing them gives me a pleasant mood in turn. Hummingbirds are my favorite and their starting to come more often.” – Donald Hasegawa


Perky Pet 348 Bird Feeder


Wide open compartment of the feeder allows birds to have access to the bottom. A crystal clear design helps you to watch birds easier. The powerful suction cups stick on to the window without any difficulty, if the window is neat and nicely cleaned. Sometimes birds feel hesitant to get into the feeder, but I can bet in winter season it will be their only beautiful shelter with food. For a moderate price this beautiful sturdy bird feeder can be yours and will enhance the beauty of you window with lots of hummingbirds!

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“This bird feeder gives me the chance to observe little birds feeding every day. The suction cups keep the feeder firmly in place, even when its filled with seeds to the maximum capacity and cleaning it doesn’t prove to be difficult either.” – Mary C. Griffith