Best Billiard Table Reviews


Top rated Billiard Tables in 2019


For people who would like to play pool, having a billiard table inside the house will surely be nice. You will no longer need to go out just to play and have fun. In that case, this article will identify five of the best choices that can be made, based on the positive feedbacks that have been given in various best billiard table reviews.


Mizerak Donovan II Slate Table


Best Billiard Table Reviews

This 8-foot billiard table has a neo-traditional design that can be able to easily match any room at which it will be placed. The playing surface is made from high quality deep red wool that will make sure that the balls will roll smoothly and that the surface will be even. It is also a billiard table that is known for its durability, basically because of its design and the materials used. A purchase of this table comes with triangle rack, set of billiard balls, two cues, brush, and chalk.

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The Mizerak Donovan II Slate Table is made of nice material which makes everything settled and strong. The product is best for families who want to enjoy their day playing with billiards with each other. This billiard table is a one-time investment we can enjoy for a lifetime.”  Lynne Nolan


Minnesota Fats Westmont Table


The playing surface of this billiard table is made from the combination of nylon and wool. These two materials are both of high quality and will make playing billiards more fun. It is the perfect addition for the game room of a family that likes to compete over a game of billiards or simply want to have fun through playing pool. The combination of wood and metal exterior is commendable because it contributes into a more elegant appearance, making the table visually-appealing.

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The Minnesota Fats Westmont Table is very compatible in my room as it can occupy a minimal space in the area. The product is very useful because it provides me the entertainment I am looking for. The product has very robust structure that’ why I don’t have to worry for anything. ”  Gary Sharp


Minnesota Fats MFT-800 Covington Table


Among others, one thing that I like the most about this billiard table is the way that it looks, which has also been commended in many best billiard table reviews. The wood ball and claw feet, further embellished with bronzed ball accents, look very pleasing. It makes the billiard table extraordinary in terms of its appearance. The rails are made from oak veneer and have inlays, making them look even better.

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I really love the design of the Minnesota Fats MFT-800 Covington Table. It is very fashionable and classy to look ay in which I am comfortable to place it in any area of the house. It has very nice and exciting features especially when it is played personally.”  Marion Rodriguez


GLD Reno II Table


This is another billiard table that I can highly recommend. Whether you are looking for a billiard table that will be perfect for family bonding or for one that can be used for your business, the GLD Reno II will prove to be an option that you will not regret. It has an elegant design, which is apparent with its beveled legs, wood veneer maple, and the diamond inlays. The 7-year warranty on the playing surface is also a good thing to be assured of reliable support from its manufacturer.

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I will give five stars for the GLD Reno II Table. I really suggest this one for people who are fond of playing billiard at home. The design is fashionable and is made with quality materials so I can say that this one will last longer with me and with my family as we play with it anytime.”  Essie Duncan


Minnesota Fats Vegas Table


If you are looking for a billiard table that is both solid and clean, this is another option that I can recommend. It has leveling feet that will make sure that the playing surface is stable and even. More so, there were many people who have liked the easy installation of the table, which is partly due to the comprehensive instructions provided. Most importantly, it is one of the billiard tables that excel in terms of price. It is an affordable alternative to the billiard tables in the higher end of the market.

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Among the other billiard table sold in the market, I highly suggest this Minnesota Fats Vegas Table for all. The product is very nice and neat to look at so I am proud that I have this at home. I always play with it and provide my time in entertaining myself playing in it with friends.”  Casey Williams