Top rated Billiard Cue Sticks in 2018


After spending several hours of browsing through the best billiard cue stick reviews, I was able to finally compile five of the best choices, which will be mentioned below. I have paid special attention to their price, features, and most importantly, the feedbacks that have been given by the people who have used them in the past.


Viper 48-inch Junior Billiard Cue


Best Billiard Cue Stick ReviewsIf you want your kids to get started on playing billiards at a young age, this option should be considered when it comes to the best billiard cue stick in 2018. At 48 inches, it is not too short or too long for junior players. The weight is also just right, offering users with the freedom to control their moves as they play billiard. It also has the right balance to provide users with the right feel. It is also made with the use of top quality materials, which will be indicative of their ability to last for an extended period of time.

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Minnesota Fats Hustler High Tech Grip Graphite Cue


As you search for the best billiard cue stick in 2018 that can prove to be perfect for serious players, this is an option that should not be missed. It has excellent construction, which is reflective of its ability to withstand many years of use. The multi-weight system in this cue stick is one innovative feature that is loved by many people. With the latter, you can adjust the weight of the stick based on what you deem to be most comfortable. The best thing is that all of the benefits that have been noted earlier can be enjoyed in the absence of punching holes in your pocket.

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Mizerak Maple Billiard Cue


3In the best billiard cue stick reviews that have been published recently, many have noted that excellent choice of materials as a good thing about this product. For instance, it is known for having black nylon wrap, which is basically beneficial in terms of making sure that a solid grip is maintained. This is through superior moisture management from possible sweating of the hand while playing. The stick comes with a traditional design that shows the craftsmanship of the manufacturer. For sure, this is one option that is promising in terms of playability.

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Trademark Global Metallic Blue Titanium Billiard Cue


You should include this model as well in the list of the possibilities with regards to the top billiard cue stick in 2018. The black diamond design with polished blue finish makes it look elegant and appealing, which is sure to command a second look from fellow players or from people who are watching you. You can be assured that this model is perfect for seasoned players. In terms of portability, this can also prove to be excellent as it comes with a carrying case that makes it easy to be carried where you will play next. The case is padded to prevent scratches on the cue stick.

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Trademark Wolf Designer Hardwood Billiard Cue


This 2-piece cue stick comes with a brass joint, which is basically the one that is responsible for making sure of the right fit, and hence, being able to keep its straightness. This is different from the models that have been mentioned above basically because of the unique design. The butt of the stick depicts an image of a gray wolf that is sitting in a grass. It also comes with a carrying case that makes it easy to be protected against external elements that can be damaging to such, and more importantly, making it excellent when it comes to portability.

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