Top rated bill counters in 2019


Every business with activities that involve dealing with a lot of money requires the use of professional bill counter. This is a machine which helps people easily count different bills in a short period of time. Furthermore there are bill counters with special counterfeiting functions which come in handy when the money flow grows with each month. Due to the wide range of products available on the market we took the liberty of going through the best bill counter reviews. During our research we came across 5 special counting machines (presented below) which can be used with confidence in any local shop.


Cassida Advatec75 Currency Counter


Best bill counter reviewsAs we went through review after review in order to find the best bill counter in 2019 one product from Cassida impressed, the Currency Counter. Combining speed with advanced counting precision this sturdy machine is ready to tackle even the toughest of task. Due to its solid construction the model can accurately count up to 1500 bill per minute, helping people save time. Users appreciate the 3 counting speeds (800, 1000 and also 1200) which permit smooth transitions between bills. It features a user-friendly and intuitive keypad which customizes the overall counting procedure. This powerful counter incorporates a top loading hopper which easily holds up to 425 bills.

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Cassida 5520 UV/MG Money Counter


Most of the best bill counter reviews that we studied underline the smooth functionality of the 5520 UV/MG money counter from Cassida. This professional money counter is carefully designed to help people save time and count money with limited effort. It features an intuitive operation system that handles very well different types of bills. Furthermore the machine includes advanced counterfeit detection UV and MG (magnetic sensors) which detects any abnormalities in the bills scanned. Due to its contemporary design the device can be placed in any place of the office. This advanced money counter can count up to 1300 bills per minute!

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Carnation CR36 Bill Counter with UV Detection


Out of the best bill counters in 2019we recommend the CR36 Bill Counter from Carnation, a model present in thousands of local shops and restaurants. With this high quality cash counter people will be able to perform different counting operations without problems. It uses advanced UV counterfeit detection system which prevents fake bills from going unnoticed. The machine also features BATCH and ADD settings for more complex actions. For example, ADD option offers users the capacity to add in one place different banknotes. On the other hand BATCH option can accurately count bills from a large batch with minimal effort.

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Cassida Currency Counter (5510UV)


With the best bill counter in 2019 people will be able to easily count large and small bills. It stands to reason for shop owners to invest in professional counting machines. For fast results we recommend the Cassida 5510UV Currency Counter, an affordable device which significantly improves people’s ability to track better incoming money flows. It uses sophisticated infrared sensors that detect the bill’s characteristics, making sure that all things are in order. In addition to the sophisticated design the currency counter incorporates UV (ultraviolet) sensors which safely detect counterfeit bills. In addition to the lightweight design this machine counts different bills in record time (1300 bills per minute).

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Carnation Mixed Denomination Value Money Bill Counter


Every shop dealing with money flows should have around a professional bill counter. This machine ensures proper money productivity and business fluidity. For smooth and precise counting results we recommend the Mixed Denomination Value counter from Carnation, a model which safely goes through a big batch of banknotes in a heartbeat. With a speed capacity of 1500 notes per minute this counter includes advanced UV detection sensors which keep track of fake bills. The machine has a feeder capacity of 200 notes and benefits from an exclusive 6 months exclusive manufacturer warranty. Due to its advanced working flow, the machine safely keeps track of the money income.

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