How to purchase the right Bike Cover:


When you have to leave your motorbike or bicycle out in the mean streets, you would need to protect it with a bike cover. Of course, you can’t just go out and buy the first product you see, so you need to check out the best bike cover reviews first to find out which product is the best. Because there are so many of such products in the market, you will need to prepare a checklist of the essential elements that you should look for when buying. It’s not just design alone that counts, since you’re buying a bike cover to protect your bike investment. When you can’t afford to have garage space or you don’t have a luxuriously huge living room to put your bike in, the next best thing is a good quality bike cover.


Bike Cover Material

Many types of materials are made into the best rated bike covers. There was a time when bike covers were made of flimsy fabrics but with the increased demand for better protection and upgraded manufacturing technology, a variety of different materials are now used. Nowadays, you have a whole array of thickness, weight and protection rating to base your decision on. Typically, pricey but highest rated products are made of lightweight polyester that is waterproof for more protection. The lightweight quality allows easy transport on the bike, too. Thick and heavy canvas is also another material, but due to the density of products made with such fabrics, they are not the most popular products either. Bike covers made of flexible fabrics such as Lycra and polyester blends offer a one-size-fits-all configuration. There are products also made of polyurethane, plastic or breathable polyvinyl chloride (PVC).


Bike Cover Size

Since not all bicycles and bikes come in a single standard size, even the top ten bike covers are also sold according to size. Typical sizing schemes use gradations from extra small, small, medium, large and extra large. Although there are brands that do not follow such a sizing scheme and instead offer a universal size to buyers, customers may sometimes be more discriminating and prefer a product that is a perfect fit to their bike. If you belong to such a group, you should measure your bike for length, height and width to ensure you’re truly getting a sure fit.


Bike Cover Features

The best bike cover for the money incorporates waterproofing into its construction. It is easy to get an ordinary dust cover when you’re planning to store your two-wheeled machine indoors. But leaving your bike outdoors requires you to purchase a product that is breathable and protective at the same time. Fitted bike covers stay on no matter if the wind is blowing really strong. Clip-on bike covers are held down like a tarp to the ground with stakes, or may be attached to the bike. Safety grommets for fixing the cover to the bike with cables or a padlock are safety features. You might even get dealership bike covers to match your vehicle.


Things to consider:

  • Material that suits your purpose and budget
  • A size that you are happy with for your machine
  • Safety and protective features

Top rated Bike Covers in 2022


The search for the best bike cover in 2022 may not end at all when you consider the many brands and options available in the market. This is a good thing since you will not be limited by a few products alone. However, do make sure you buy only from reputable sources to ensure you’re not wasting time and money.


4MyCycle Heavy-Duty Royal-Blue/ Silver Bike Cover


 Best Bike Cover ReviewsFully waterproof and dustproof, the 4MyCycle Heavy-Duty Royal-Blue/ Silver Bike Cover ensures that your bike stays dry. It has improved large-mesh air vents at the handlebars, which allow escape of moisture to effectively keep corrosion at bay. It is manufactured using fiber-encapsulation process to ensure reliable protection against dust to keep your bike clean. This is the best bike cover in 2022 thanks to the new fabric used in its construction, which also serves as a UV-protecting element. The heavy-duty 190T polymer fabric has double-folded seams that are also heat-sealed and double stitched to ensure durability.

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Avenir Nylon Mountain Bike/ Bicycle Cover


Keep your bike sufficiently protected with the form fitting Avenir Nylon Mountain Bike/ Bicycle Cover. The product is made of tear- and rip-resistant material that offers reliable year-round protection from dust and moisture. Its measurements are a perfect fit for mountain bikes. The bike cover has straps and a hook at the bottom to hold it in place on your bike. A convenient zippered storage pouch comes in the package to ensure easy stowing when the cover is not in use. When you want a cheap way to cover your bike, the Avenir bike cover is a good choice.

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KLOUD City ® 190T Nylon Waterproof Bike Cover


The slim and durable KLOUD City ® Nylon Waterproof Bike/ Bicycle Cover is made of premium 190T nylon. It deserves to be included in the best bike cover reviews due to how it provides ample protection against dust, rain, scratches and sunshine. Worry no more about bird poo on your bike as this product is dustproof and waterproof. A specially designed buckle at the bottom holds the bike cover in place on top of the bike. The KLOUD City ® Nylon Waterproof Bike/ Bicycle Cover is large enough to accommodate your bicycle due to its dimensions of 74 inches (L), 38.6 inches (H) and 25.6 inches (W).

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Baleaf Waterproof Dust Rain Snow Bicycle-Cover


The special knit 190T nylon material of the Baleaf Waterproof Dust Rain Snow Bicycle Cover makes it a durable product that you can depend on to protect your bike. It keeps away moisture and dust while keeping your bike protected from scratches and sunshine. Leave your bike in the streets or on the porch and stay worry-free. A specially designed annular elastic at the bottom ensures a close fit for convenient on and off. The cover has a copper lock-hole at the front-wheel part to help you keep your bike locked. A different color strip is used for the front and back part so you’ll know the difference.

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Generic Rain Dust Snow Waterproof Bicycle/Bike-Cover


Made large enough to cover your bike, the Generic Rain Dust Snow Waterproof Bicycle Bike Cover offers light-duty protection for your bike or bicycle. It’s got lovely drawings of a bike and motorbike that adds to its innate charm. The bike cover is your vehicle’s first line of defense against dust, rain and snow. It has a fairly large size that should fit big bikes sufficiently. The vinyl material allow rain to just flow off and on to the ground, ensuring that your bike stays dry. It’s a very cheap product that should serve its purpose amply.

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