What to Consider When Buying a Reliable Bike Antitheft


Whether your bike is your only mode of transportation or a favorite form of exercise, getting it stolen is probably not something you want to experience. Bicycles can be expensive and you want to protect your investment which is why you should always use an antitheft system when you leave your bike unattended. There are some factors to consider and the informative tips included in this buying guide can help you find the top rated bike antitheft locks for 2022.

Best Bike Antitheft


There are several types of bike antitheft systems to choose from, and each has its own advantages. Sturdy bike locks are generally less expensive than other antitheft devices, and are easy to carry on your bike. These can include key and combination locks, and the right one for you is often a matter of personal preference. There are also antitheft alarms that can be easily programmed and controlled by a remote, but these are priced higher and may not fit all budgets. If you do choose an antitheft system with an alarm you will also want to ensure that it has a long battery life.



The materials used in constructing the antitheft system are also important, and you want it to be strong enough to deter would be thieves. High strength steel is often recommend for key and combination locks, while alarms with keyless entry and sensitive motion sensors are ideal for antitheft systems on motorbikes and scooters. The best bike antitheft reviews also recommend choosing a digital lock with an integrated circuit which can give your bike the added protect it might need. You might also want to consider a steel bike lock that is coated in PVC which is extremely difficult for thieves to cut through.



Some of the best bike antitheft reviews recommended choosing a system with a few additional features that can make it easier to keep your bike from being stolen. Motion sensors and audible alarms are always convenient, along with extra keys if required. Additional screws for mounting will make it more difficult for the antitheft device to be removed, and some models even include additional padding to prevent the bike from being scratched. Other features to consider include silent and audible modes on the alarm, along with a versatile design that will let you mount it almost anywhere.


Top Rated Bike Antithefts in 2022


Choosing an antitheft system can be confusing and you want to make sure that your bike is protected. While we can’t choose the right system for you, we can show you the best bike antitheft of 2022. This and the other top rated systems are designed to protect your bike from thieves and give you the peace of mind you need to leave it unattended.


Cocoweb ArmBar


1.Cocoweb ArmBarThis antitheft lock is constructed from durable steel and covered in a tough PVC coating. It is virtually impossible to saw through, and its U shaped design gives you the advantage of being able to place it through the wheels and frame in several positions. This makes it perfect for almost any type of bike, and you will also appreciate the included locking mechanism. The 14mm U bar is easy to attach to your bike with the convenient carrier, and it also includes two keys for the sturdy lock. It is easy to attach to the frame when you are riding, and its versatile design is the perfect way to keep your bike safe when you’re not around.

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DBPOWER Tabstore


2.DBPOWER TabstoreThis antitheft device is designed for most motorbikes including Honda, Harley Davidson, Yamaha, Suzuki and other popular brands. Powered by a 12V battery this antitheft device is also incredibly easy to install. You will appreciate the anti cutting design which helps prevent thieves from disabling the alarm, and you also have the advantage of the included remote controls. The 4 button remote can not only control the alarm system, it can also start your engine before you get to your bike. Along with the 125db alarm, this antitheft system also features convenient flashing lights and a motion sensor. As an added safety precaution you can also summon emergency help with the included remote control.

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Allnice Drill Resistant


3.Allnice Drill Resistant Resettable 5 DigitsThis is not your standard combination bike lock, and you will appreciate its tough and durable design. Constructed from manganese steel the chain and lock are virtually impossible to drill or saw through. It is also designed to be resistant to water and dust which can make the combination lock difficult to open and you will appreciate the included cover which makes it easy to antitheft device clean. It has a length of 6mmm x 900mm making it ideal for bikes, motorcycles, and even sliding glass doors, and it also includes a convenient key in case you forget the combination.

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Docoller Siren Alarm


4.Docoller Siren AlarmWhile this might look like an ordinary padlock, it also includes a convenient 120 db alarm which can scare off any would be thief. The padlock is resistant to cutting and drilling, and is perfect for securing bikes, doors, and even outside gates. The padlock also includes a motion sensor that will activate the alarm whenever it is moved, and you will also appreciate the two settings. The mechanical mode ensures that the lock is properly secured, while the low power setting limits the number of false alarms and helps to conserve the small battery.

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Shells Group


5.Shells GroupDesigned to be reliable and affordable, you will feel secure leaving your bike unattended with this anti theft device. It is constructed from high quality steel and is resistant to cutting and drilling, and it also includes a protective pad on the hook which helps to prevent the lock from scratching your bike. It features three points for secure mounting, and can support up to 55 pounds of weight. Its unique hook design is perfect for securing road and mountain bikes, along with tricycles and even garden gates. Easy to install and lock securely, this antitheft device might be exactly what you need.

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