Big Screen LED TVs – What to Look for:


In the present more and more Americans are searching for a brand new big screen LED TV to replace the old one. The current television sets available on the market come equipped with a wide number of features that enhance daily visual experiences. A big screen TV can become the center media piece of any living room, bringing family members and friends together. Understanding more about the current line of LED TVs ensures that you will invest in a great product. Once you know more about the LED technology behind the current top rated TVs, you will know exactly what to look for in a new model. There are people that feel confused about investing in LED or LCD TVs. According to recent statistics it appears that LED TVs are preferred by more and more men and women.


Due to the many products available on the market it can be pretty difficult to narrow things down to one TV. There are popular brands like Panasonic, LG, Vizio, Sony or Toshiba which release amazing LED TVs of different sizes which can be installed in different rooms. This is why we decided to test the big screen TVs with LED technology segment for a comprehensive insight in the makings of top rated models. What to look for in a high quality LED TV? Before you decide upon a product you need to take into account some of the following aspects: number of pixels, contrast ration, control panel, dimming technology and refresh rate. In order to make your job easier we decided to attentively draft the best big screen LED TV reviews. We tested over 35 LED TVs from top brands for over 90 hours. We took apart each product with attention in order to see what makes it tick.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Available Sizes Price Total HDMI Ports Refresh Rate Our Rating Where to buy

Samsung UN48H6350

32-75 inch $$$ 4 120 Hz A+ AMAZON

Samsung UN55F7100

46-75 inch $$$$ 4 240 Hz A AMAZON

LG Electronics 50LN5600

50-60 inch $$$ 3 60 Hz B AMAZON

Vizio M551d-A2R

32-80 inch $$$$ 4 240 Hz B+ AMAZON

LG Electronics 50LN5200

42-55 inch $$ 2 60 Hz B+ AMAZON


Most of the current LED TVs use advanced local dimming technology in order to dim or shut off light from various segments of the screen for greater contrast. With the best big screen led TV in 2019 safely present in people’s homes, daily fun is assured! This is why LED technology can deliver bright images, with smooth light and vibrant colours. Some TV manufacturers emphasize the presence of even 3.000.000:1 or high contrast ratio. It is important to know that there are some LED TVs don’t use backlighting but side illumination. TVs with side illumination don’t present local dimming but they do offer brighter pictures than regular LCD models. Another important aspect about LED TVs relates to design. People want to invest in a slim and beautiful television set, capable of blending in the room’s surroundings.

How to find the best big screen LED TV in 2019? Well, going from pixels to aesthetics represents a journey of knowledge which leads to wise investments. It is important to choose a great LED TV that offers hours of fun and visual excitement. This is probably the reason why so many Americans put a lot of thought in picking out a brand LED TV for their home.



Top rated big screen LED TVs in 2019


Technological advancements have made TVs better, having a higher picture quality, a bigger size and also smart capabilities, all for the best home entertainment possible. Now there are many big screen TVs you can choose from, but the best ones are the model which use LED technology. If you want to invest in a top notch model, then you should read the best big screen LED TV reviews. Our team of experts have picked the most successful models in 2019.



Samsung UN48H6350


The Samsung UN486350 is a marvel of technology, able to display Full HD resolution pictures, so the user can catch every detail of his favorite TV show or movie. The 240 Clear Motion Rate doesn’t allow blur to affect your image quality when you are watching fast action frames. Another impressive feature is the Eco Sensor which will adapt the TV screen to the lighting in the room. An innovative feature is the Smart View 2.0 which will give you the opportunity to stream live TV directly to your smartphone, tablet or laptop. For more connectivity options to other HD devices the TV also has 4 HDMI port. All these features and more make it the best big screen LED TV for our experts.


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Samsung UN55F7100


Best Big screen LED TV reviewsLooking for a big screen HDTV should stop after checking out the features of Samsung UN55F7100. This model is a very popular choice in the US and Canada and is recommended by the top big screen LED TV reviews. By purchasing it, you will get a top picture quality and will be able to view wonderfully detailed Full HD pictures. While other big HDTVs have problems with motion blur, the 240 Hz refresh rate makes this issue nonexistent for this Samsung model. The Voice Control is one of its most impressive high-tech features.



Impressive features on a gorgeously striking and attractive product make this the best large screen LED TV 2019 for many satisfied users

Offers impressive shadow detail and accurate color reproduction for that outstanding viewing experience

Carries smart TV suite that is one of the most impressive in the market, loaded with countless apps that enable the viewer to enjoy more with just one appliance

Exceptional movie playback with immersive sound system so users can enjoy movies with cinematic sound, exactly as they were meant to be



Black levels are relatively lighter than those of other LED LCD TVs, but still delivers as it should

Music replay may be below the standards of users who are strict audiophiles, but sufficient for countless users


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LG Electronics 50LN5600


For a very affordable price you can get your hands on this LED HDTV from LG which has a wonderful set of featuers. First of all, if you buy it you will have the opportunity to view movies and TV programs in Full HD resolution. Also, it has smart TV capabilities which will let you stream movies directly from specialized movie sites, like Amazon Instant Video, Netflix and so on. The picture quality is most appreciated for its vivid natural-like colors, making the best big screen LED TV reviews recommend it.



Smart TV features bring a host of enjoyable applications that the user can tinker with and take pleasure in

Has integrated Wi-Fi so an existing network can be connected to for endless streaming and sharing of media from compatible devices straight to the TV

Amazing color detail, clarity and brightness can make one wonder whether they’re just staring at a TV or actually right there where the action unfolds

Getting access to premium content providers is a reality through Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, YouTube and Netflix straight to the unit



Refresh rate of 60Hz is good enough but not outstandingly so as compared to TVs with 120Hz refresh rate


“I have owned this HDTV from LG for well over a year and I wouldn’t like to change it. While not a new model, the picture quality is great the wireless capabilities allow me to steam videos or movies quickly, so I can’t ask for more. I don’t really care who makes the best big screen LED TVs, because I am satisfied with the capabilities of this model. I think the 50LN5600 is still one of the most popular LED TVs, even today.”– Wilton Vandusen


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Another LED HDTV which you can go for, with a top price-quality ratio, is VIZIO M551d-A2R. This 55 inch HDTV is a smart TV as well, so it will give you the option to quickly stream contents from the web. The Smooth Motion technology will offer you a 240 Hz refresh rate, much appreciated by sports fans because you won’t encounter any motion blur. These features and more make it a prime candidate for the title of the best big screen LED TV in 2019.



Subtle design elements plus  a bezel that’s nearly invisible for edge-to-edge, boundary-less image reproduction

Worth the money compared to entry-level Vizio E-series, loved in best large screen LED TV reviews due to its outstanding shadow detail and amazingly deep black levels

Local dimming provided at the price of non-dimming units, with a rich and in-depth color palette unlike any other

Rides genuinely on LED backlighting technology for television, with superior performance and lots of picture smarts



Tends to highlight too much red on the screen, but a little tweaking of the brightness and contrast settings may help

Reflective screen can be distracting, but room lighting can fix that


“I’ve made the best purchase for the money I spent with this Vizio LED TV. It offers a stunning picture quality and a 240 Hz refresh rate, all for a very cheap price. It was for sale on Xmas Eve, so there was no chance I was going to miss the opportunity to get it for such a low price.”  – Addie Strickland


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LG Electronics 50LN5200


LG Electronics 50LN5200 is a very reliable HDTV, which produces some excellent Full HD images, making you have a top picture quality in the privacy of your own home. You can even upscale the resolution of inferior pictures, this being one of its most appreciated features. Also, the very nice and slim design will look amazingly on your TV stand. All this and more you can get for a very decent price, being easily afforded by a customer with an average budget.



Able to deliver stunning picture onto the screen while being quite efficient at saving energy while in use, with an impressive Energy Star qualification rating

Images come out super sharp and vibrant in color, thanks to superior LED technology utilized in the making of this TV

Has revolutionary Picture Wizard II Technology that makes it possible to enjoy live-quality entertainment, with excellent color detail, contrast and brightness

Easy navigation through a straightforward menu system, offering onscreen level settings for essential image quality components including tint, color, black depth, back lighting intensity and sharpness



Single HDMI output limits the number of devices that can be set-up with the unit, but for users who just want standard value without complex elements, this is the product to get


“Black Friday made this LED TV extremely cheap and because it had good feedback from customer reviews, I was sure it was worth buying. I can’t complain about the video quality, it certainly is energy efficient and the only thing I see wrong with it, is its single HDMI port.” – William E. Dolan


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Sharp LC-50LE650 Aquos – Not available


Sharp LC-50LE650 can prove to be a very reliable HDTV, which will bring you some excellent quality pictures, to better enjoy a good movie or the game on TV. This is why it has also a 120 Hz refresh rate to limits the effects of motion blur for fast moving pictures. The dual core processor combined with the Wi-Fi capabilities mean you will have a smart TV on your hands, so you can stream the internet for your favorite videos or movies.