An Expert Buying Guide on Big Camping Tents


Whether you are buying a big camping tent for friends or family there are several factors you will want to consider. You want to make sure everyone is comfortable, and that includes having enough room to sleep. Where you are planning on camping and the season will also play a role in helping to determine which tent is the right one for you. To help you make an informed decision we have listed a few buying tips that will keep you in your budget so you can find the right big tent for your next camping trip.


What to look for when buying a big camping tent?



According to the big camping tents reviews the most important aspect to consider is the size. While family camping trips can bring you closer together, you still want to have your own space to sleep in at night. Most camping experts recommend purchasing a camping tent that is designed to accommodate one more person than is in your group. This helps to insure that everyone has enough room to move around without stepping on each other.

There are several types of big camping tents to choose from, and the best one for you will depend on your particular needs. Dome style camping tents are able to withstand harsher camping conditions, but often do not give you a lot of interior space. Camping tents that are “cabin style” generally offer the most space, and can even be divided into separate rooms for additional privacy. You can also add additional room onto your camping tent with a screened room. Ideal for summer sleeping, it should be noted that these tents are not waterproof.


Easy to Use

When you are asking the question “what are the best big tents for camping” you will definitely want to find one that is easy to assemble, and tear down. Tents with fewer poles and clips can be quickly set up with minimal fuss, and you will also want to make sure that the tent can be easily stored. Doors should also be accessible for all campers, and it is also nice to be able to have plenty of ventilation.


Extra Features

When the big camping tents are being compared the top rated ones usually include additional features. Mesh liners can reduce moisture and improve ventilation, while rain flies can keep you are your gear dry. Interior storage pockets are ideal for holding frequently used items, and an additional ground cloth can keep the floor of the tent dry during rainstorms. Some big and cheap camping tents also include extra storage space.


What Are the Best Big Camping Tents?



Browning Camping Big Horn Family/Hunting Tent


This big camping tent is ideal no matter what type of outdoor adventure you and your family are going on. It can be divided into two rooms for additional privacy, or used as one large area when you need it. The family size camping tent is designed to be extremely easy to set up, and is also lightweight for portability. Stake your tent by your favorite fishing spot, or use it on your next hunting trip with your kids.

There are two doors for easy access to either of the tent’s two rooms, along with a zippered front entrance. To give you plenty of space for sleeping the tent features side walls with a straight design. The large camping tent is waterproof, and can withstand smaller gusts of wind. There are six windows in the sides for plenty of ventilation, along with convenient interior storage pockets. This big camping tent is designed to give you plenty of room, and make your next camping trip a success.

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Coleman WeatherMaster Hinged Door Tent


Featuring two rooms, this large camping tent is designed to comfortably sleep up to ten people. It is ideal for family trips, or for outdoor adventures with a scouting group. The camping tent is lightweight and easily portable, and is also designed to be set up in minutes. The poles are color coded, and use clips for quick fastening. Along with the included one year warranty, this big camping tent is also manufactured to be durable and weather resistant.

The weather tech system is guaranteed to keep you dry during rainstorms, and includes the durable rain fly and polyurethane floor. Stay dry and comfortable during wet camping trips, and enjoy plenty of ventilation with the mesh door and windows. The door is also hinged for easy access, and to make it easier to keep it tightly shut against annoying bugs. This large camping tent can actually be set up by one person, and is affordably priced to fit almost any budget. Keep everyone comfortable on your next camping trip with this durable tent.

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Wenzel Great Basin 3 Room Tent


You will love that this big camping tent includes three rooms for plenty of privacy. It is ideal for trips with friends or family, and features an innovative design that is easy to set up. The fiberglass poles are durable and lightweight, which also makes the camping tent easy to carry. Adding to this is the included carrying and storage case. It is designed to comfortably hold up to eight people so you can take everyone camping with you.

Along with the three rooms there is also plenty of ventilation, which can be important when you are camping with a large group of people. The mesh windows and roof vents will give you a wonderful cross breeze while you are sleeping. The door is designed to be easy for everyone to access, and this top rated tent also includes a convenient loft to store your gear. Keep everything picked up and dry, and keep smaller items close by with the two storage pockets.

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There are several big camping tents to choose from, and the most important aspect to consider is which size will be right for your needs. Two of the top rated models that also include several convenient features are the Browning Camping Big Horn Family/Hunting Tent and the Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Person Hinged Door Tent. Durable and affordable these are two examples of what you should look for in a big camping tent.