If you’re here just to find the best bench grinder and really can’t afford the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have gathered a lot of information about the best bench grinders on the market by looking at expert review sites, overall brand quality and value for money. Out of the products we have looked at, the Dewalt DW758 is the best because it has a powerful induction motor of ¾ hp that runs at 3600 rpm, making it a strong, heavy-duty power tool. The cast iron base and motor housing, together with the eye shields, spark deflectors, and tool rests render it stability and make it a safe to use appliance. Two 8” wheels set 12 ½ ‘’ apart let you work on larger objects. If the DW758 is unavailable, you should consider the Craftsman 9-21154 as it is the second best option.



How to Buy a New Bench Grinder


Given that manufacturers have placed a wide variety of bench grinders on the market, it is best if you keep some basic information in mind when you go shopping for such an item. Also, try and leaf through some of the best bench grinders reviews to see what other buyers have to say about the different models on the market.

Grinding wheel

A bench grinder has one or multiple grinding wheels that operate the actual grinding process. These wheels are abrasive and, depending on the type, can work for a broad range of tasks. Therefore, you should think about the use you are going to give to the grinder. Grinding wheels are distinguished based on two major characteristics: the grain and the grit. The grain refers to the type of abrasive, or material of the wheel. From the common aluminum oxide and zirconia alumina to the latest, strong, ceramic aluminum, there are plenty of materials and alloy combinations you can choose, each one working best for a particular type of work.

The grit, on the other hand, reflects the size of the abrasive grains of the wheel and can go from the coarse type used for less refined grinding to the ultra fine type that works for finishing and brittle materials. Also, be sure to look for a proper size of the wheel, as it can vary from 3 inches to 6-8 inches, or even more. For the everyday household jobs, an 8-inches wheel should be more than enough.


Motor power

The power of the motor can affect the machine performance in two ways. First of all, a large, powerful engine will do the job faster and will work on tougher materials and workpieces. Secondly, with great power comes great heat, which ultimately might make you stop in the middle of the action to let the machine cool down. Also, you should remember that a large motor will also be a large electricity consumer.


Safety accessories

The grinding process consists in chipping away small or even large bits of the workpiece. Because of the turning speed of the wheel, these parts will fly off the tool in different directions, making it very easy for you to get hurt. Also, while it’s turning, the wheel itself will become hotter and hotter, causing burns if handled carelessly. To avoid such risks, look for a bench grinder that has an eye protection panels, a cooling tray or an easy to reach and prominent off-button.



Top Rated Bench Grinders in 2021


Also, before you make your choice, consider the weight that your working bench can accommodate and the fact that a heavier machine will render less vibration.



Dewalt DW758


1.DEWALT DW758This sturdy, 40-pound machine promises to get you through the most difficult grinding jobs. A 36 or 60 coarse grit is ideal for chipping of stubborn rust chunks but might be too rough for jobs involving finishing and fine grinding. A rugged cast iron base ensures excellent stability and low vibration, while the ¾ hp motor can run up to 3600 powerful revolutions per minute.  Two eye protection shields and spark deflectors make sure you are safe during operation, while tool rests and a 12-½-inch distance between the wheels let you work on big blades evenly. With a few exceptions related to a certain remediable wobble of the unboxed machine, this grinder has a lot of good reviews and, considering the other offers on the market, might just be the best bench grinder for the money.


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Craftsman 9-21154


2.Craftsman 9-21154If you’re looking for a bench grinder for multiple uses, you can take a look at this variable speed bench grinder that allows you to set the speed from 2000 to 3400 rpm. A robust cast iron base makes this machine stable and reduces vibration, while a ⅕ hp, 2.5A motor gives you enough power to carry out medium-difficulty jobs. Two 6-inch wheels, of which a 60 grit one and an open wire let you carry out different working applications. While it costs a little bit more than the Dewalt model presented above , this model comes with all the safety features we’ve already discussed, such as eyeshields and spark guards, but it also provides water cooling trays and a working light for more precision. As reviewers were very happy with this product, you will probably find it in the first batch of results for the best bench grinders in 2021.


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Porter-Cable PCB525BG


3.Porter-Cable PCB525BGLighter, smaller and cheaper than its counterparts, this Porter-Cable bench grinder allows speed control and works with a 2.5A motor. Two 6-inch aluminum oxide wheels come in a 36 or a 60 grit option and are 3.4-inches wide. A gooseneck lamp is perfect for adapting the light to your needs, but you will have to buy the bulb separately. Aluminum tool rests and removable water tray, along with the standard eye shields will keep you protected against the dangers of grinding work. This grinder also comes with a wheel dresser for cleaning and reshaping purposes so that you can enjoy the same efficiency for a longer period. While the positive reviews are probably based on the value versus price ratio, we still think this model will make a useful tool for less challenging grinding jobs. You can find it for sale on Amazon and in other online stores.


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