Best Behringer studio mixers reviews


Top rated studio mixers from Behringer


Studio mixers are really helpful in sound recordings and live performances. Behringer studio mixers works very great and they hold good name in making the best studio mixers that can help you in record your songs best or make your performance grand because of their amazing features. This article has many best studio mixer reviews. Your selection will become easy after reading them and you will be able to find a best studio mixer for yourself.


Behringer XENYX 802 studio mixer


Best Behringer studio mixers reviewsThis studio mixer has many great features, which make it likable by many people. It is one of the best studio mixers produce by Behringer. It is designed to reduce the noise as much as possible and gives the clear recording. The recording will be sent to outboard recording device. For FX applications, it has 1 stereo aux return. For the best musical sounds it has 3 EQs. For external FX devices, it sends 1 post fader FX per channel.  It is provided with two XENYX mic preamps.

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“I never doubt the performance and capabilities of the Behringer XENXY 802 Studio Mixers because it has already made a name in the industry of video recording and sound editing. The product output is impressive that you can listen to clear and suiting music.”  Hollis Hawkins


Behringer XENYX502 studio mixer


This analog mixer has new addition of +48 V phantom power that makes it best mixer of its kind in the market because it has opened new sound mixing possibilities. It gives the incredible sound whenever you need it with no noise to make the sound clearer for your audience or recording.  It is made of best quality products that make sure that this mixture will last long and will provide you opportunity to enjoy this sound mixer for much time. It features CD/ Tape inputs that can be assigned to the output of headphones or main mix.

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“ Even the Behringer XENXY 502 Studio Mixers are still in analog, you must not consider it as poorly and quality made product. You will just be disappointed and sorry about yourself saying that because the product is perfect in transforming sound into a clearer and useful one.”  Earlene Poole


Behringer XENYX1202FX studio mixer


Behringer has proven its quality of sound mixing by making this mixer. This sound mixer can be found in many best Behringer studio mixers reviews because of its best functioning and very clear sound. This is the advance sound mixer that has 24-bit stereo FX processor that has about 100 amazing presets that include flinger, delay, chorus, pitch shifter and many other types of multi effects. It always gives the warm and clear musical sound. All of the materials used in its making are of best quality that ensures its perfect working.

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“You don’t have to make more adjustment and editing to make your music sound good and better. With the Behringer XENXY 1202FX Studio Mixers, you can apply all the basic adjustments at once without much complications and hindrances to be encountered.”  Norris Craig Lynn


Behringer XENYX1202 studio mixer


This light weighted and smart sound mixer is best to make solo and small performances. This analog mixer reduces noise and it is finest to be used. It weighs only three pounds and you can take it with you easily whenever you want.  It is best to be used in live performances as well as for recordings. Behringer has made this sound mixer with the best quality products to give you fast and trouble free sound mixing. When you need to sound incredible, this sound mixer can help.

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“The Behringer XENXY 1202 Studio Mixers provide me with much ease and confidence in using it every time there are recordings and live performances. It is lightweight and can be brought anywhere else to take charge of the sound performance. The quality of the sound is undeniably perfect.”  Coleman Atkins


Behringer PMP530M studio mixer


This sound mixer can be found in many best Behringer studio mixers reviews because of its many amazing features and design that is liked by its users. It has massive power to make you sound incredible. This sound mixer has multi- FX processor that helps you to give the best live performance as well as perfect recordings. It is extremely light weighted and its compact design makes it easy to carry it around.  It always gives the best quality sound with low noise and more transparent audio.

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“I can say that the best quality of sound can be provided by the Behringer PMP503M Studio Mixers. I can prove the studio mixers ability because I already used it for so long in making any performance on its best. I will never look for another studio mixer because I am satisfied with this one.”  Jarred Talley