What to Consider When Buying a Reliable Bedwetting Alarm


Simple and effective, bedwetting alarms condition kids to wake up during the event. In time they will become aware and able to deal with the problem by themselves. If you are looking for a new bedwetting alarm, there are many different aspects to keep in mind. Reading all about them will make your choice a lot easier, saving you time and money.

A. Bedwetting Alarm

Sound volume

All the best bedwetting alarm reviews point out the importance of sound and its intensity. When it comes to a good bedwetting alarm, a high sound volume is extremely useful. The most important function of the alarm is its capacity of alerting those around in case of the respective event. Waking up the child just in time is a first step in making him aware and will eventually help him deal with the problem by himself. Even if your child has a deep sleep and will not wake up at first, if a bedwetting alarm is capable of alerting others, one of the parents will come and wake up the kid right on time. The rule of thumb? Keep in mind to buy a bedwetting alarm with a loud enough sound so you can hear it, too.


Detection capability

The second most important aspect of a good bedwetting device is its capacity of detecting the event and react in time. A lot of the best bedwetting alarm reviews give extra points for the alarms with sensitive sensors that can detect any kind of moisture that passes through the clothing. A good sensor is extremely important for these alarms. Delivering the sound right from the start and waking up the kid as early as possible represents the most efficient way to get rid of the wetting problem.



Giving your kid a chance to wake up when the unfortunate event happens must not come at the expense of his comfort. The sensor must be comfortable to wear or to attach to clothes and not create any additional stress for the child. Given the delicate nature of the event, most best bedwetting alarm reviews place on top of their list the most comfortable and simple to wear alarms.


Top Rated Bedwetting Alarms in 2021


Wanting to help parents get the best possible bedwetting alarm, we took some time and searched through all the best bedwetting alarm reviews. We looked for the best and the most efficient models available to buy right now, and we found three alarms that come on top of all the rest.


Malem MO4S2 Ultimate


1. Malem UltimateExcellent at waking up even the soundest sleeping kids, this bedwetting alarm comes with a complete range of effects. Adding light and vibrations to an already extremely efficient sound alarm, the Malem Ultimate is one of the most effective devices, waking up the child each time the event happens.

Getting ahead of many other products, featuring a complete alarm set that includes visual stimulation, sound alert and vibration, this bedwetting alarm is the best choice when it comes to waking up a deep sleeping child. Simple and easy to control and capable of turning on and off the sound and the vibration, the alarm reviewed here is the perfect choice for any parent dealing with this delicate problem.

With an extremely comfortable to wear sensor, the Malem Ultimate is considered by many the best bedwetting alarm 2021. Having one of the most sensitive wetness sensors on the market, capable of sounding the alarm at the first drop, this model keeps the child aware of the problem right when it starts, giving him precious extra seconds to react.

Modern, compact and efficient, with a complete range of alarms and a super accurate sensor, this bedwetting alarm is a favorite among parents and reviewers alike.

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Chummie TC300B Premium


2. Chummie PremiumFeaturing a nice and kid friendly design, this bedwetting alarm comes packed with a lot of functions and settings that will surely wake up your child right in time, regardless how deeply he sleeps. Easy to setup, featuring a sensitive sensor and a loud sound system, the Chummie Premium is a great choice that will help your kid deal with the problem without any difficulty in just a couple of weeks.

Created to be as comfortable as possible and having one of the most child friendly designs, this bedwetting alarm helps the kid react as quickly as possible to the event. With its eight alarm tones the Chummie Premium model wakes up the child efficiently by changing the sound each time. Additional light flashes and powerful vibrations help the kid wake up just in time even if he is a sound sleeper. Using its own patented silicone sensor, the bedwetting alarm is capable of detecting the slightest chance of moisture, never missing an event and helping him develop the good habit of waking up before wetting himself.

Comfortable and efficient and equipped with plenty of alert options and an excellent loud alarm, the Chummie Premium is one of the top rated bedwetting alarms 2021 and a perfect solution for the annoying problem.

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Wet-Stop Wet-Stop3


3. Wet-Stop3One of the most efficient and compact bedwetting alarms available, the Wet-Stop3 is a perfect choice for anyone who desires to get the best out of their money. Simple to wear and extremely capable of waking up any child that wets himself during sleep, this bedwetting alarm is one of the best bedwetting alarm 2021.

Coming with five different sound effects and a powerful speaker capable of waking up even the sleepiest children, the Wet-Stop3 bedwetting alarm does its job with superior efficiency each time. Strong vibrations help even more delivering the alert signal to the kid, making him aware of the problem and starting the conditioning as early as possible.

Named by many the best bedwetting alarm 2021, this model is extremely simple to install and use. Using its own specially designed sensor, the Wet-Stop3 is extremely comfortable to wear and does not interfere with the kid’s sleeping habits.

Praised by all its customers for its efficient design and loud alert system, this bedwetting alarm can get rid of the unwanted event in weeks or even days. Helping the kid detect the exact moment when the problem occurs and keeping him awake long enough so he can rush to the bathroom, this alarm is capable of making him take care of the problem in no time.

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