How to Buy a New Bedside Table


A bedside table is considered today a necessity for every bedroom, and choosing one can prove a bit difficult since there are so many models available on the market. Various aspects, from overall décor to the layout of your bedroom must be kept in mind when you are shopping for a bedside table. The following buying guide is based on the best bedside table reviews written by users and it is intended to help you out with selecting a great looking model for your bedroom.

Best Bedside Table

Available space

No matter how great you find one model, it is always advisable to check the available space you have at your disposal for this piece of furniture. Besides the actual size of the bedside table, consider other aspects, as well. For instance, if the bedside table comes with several drawers, see if there is enough room for extending the drawers. Also, it is a good idea to check the height of the piece of furniture you intend to purchase, if you intend to place a reading lamp there.


Bedroom décor

Take a look at how your bedroom looks like. Especially if you have wooden furniture, make a mental note regarding the colors used and the type of wood it is made of. The idea of this small exercise is to find a bedside table that will fit your bedroom layout. Modern and classic designs are readily available, so there are plenty of models to choose from, regardless of your bedroom décor.



Another aspect to keep in mind when you go shopping for a bedside table is ease of assembly. Many models come flat packed, and you only need to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer in order to set them in place. However, if you do not care about assembling the furniture yourself, there are models that are delivered fully assembled, for your convenience.


Storage space

Before reaching for your wallet, consider how much storage space you need to have at your disposal. One drawer or more may be exactly what you need, but you have to be certain of what you want in advance.


Top Rated Bedside Tables in 2018


The best bedside table reviews include the following models as being the most suitable for various tastes and preferences. Each one has its own advantages and can help you organize your space in an efficient manner. See what makes them so popular with homeowners and decide for yourself which one is the best for you.


Drive Medical Silver Vein 13067


1.Drive Medical Overbed TableBeing bedridden has a lot of disadvantages, and being unable to carry on with daily tasks can be very depressing. With the help of the right tools, you can still see about various tasks and keep yourself occupied all day long. One such tool is the Drive Medical Overbed Table, ideal for getting engaged in many different activities, and ensure a degree of independence that helps you feel a sense of achievement in your daily life.

This table can be adjusted as you see fit, rising and lowering with the minimum amount of pressure applied to the surface. Basically, you can adjust the table to the right height so it is the most comfortable for you. Once you are decided on a certain height, you will only need to lock the table in place.

Another advantage of this table is that its laminated surface has non-skid properties, and it is not easy for various items to fall from the table.

Sturdy and reliable, while providing great value for the price, the Drive Medical Overbed Table is considered the best bedside table 2018 by many of those searching for a table for bedridden people, in order to make their lives easier.

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Furinno 11157EX/BR (99978E)


2.Furinno 11157EX-BR Espresso Living SetIn case you are looking for a bedside table that will enhance the style of your home, you will surely love the Furinno 11157EX/BR (99978E) Espresso Living Set. Its simple design is loved by many users, and there are plenty who praise it for its efficient layout.

For those who care about ensuring a safe environment in their homes, the good news is that this set is made of materials that are not treated with chemicals. The living set will not trigger any allergies and it will not have a negative impact on your health, as a result.

Caring for this furniture is very simple. You only need a slightly damp cloth and you will manage to wipe the dust fast and easy. This way, your living set will be maintained in top shape with minimum effort.

The bin drawer is ideal for storing various items that you want to have easy access to. You can place the living set anywhere you like, because its functional design works well with any kind of bedroom layout. The Furinno 11157EX/BR (99978E) Espresso Living Set enjoys many positive reviews from users, and it can satisfy your need for functional furniture with great ease.

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Winsome Ava Accent


3.Winsome Ava Accent TableA bedside table is ideal for storing all your essentials close to you so you can enjoy your rest better. Whether you want to place a reading lamp on the table, or you want a place for your magazines you love reading before bedtime, a good and reliable bedside table is quite important, despite being such a simple piece of furniture.

One thing you will surely love about the Winsome Ava Accent Table is that it comes equipped with plenty of storage space. The two drawers are great for storing items that you want to place away from view, while the open cabinet is a great plus.

The overall construction of this bedside table is sturdy, and you do not have to worry that it will show signs of wear and tear too soon. One of the top rated bedside tables 2018, the Winsome Ava Accent Table scores high in consumers’ preferences and it is much appreciated.

Be aware that this bedside table requires assembly. You will need some screwdrivers to get the job done, but otherwise, the manufacturer’s instructions are pretty straightforward and they are easy to follow. All in all, this is a product you can count on and you can trust.

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