A. Bed CanopyA bed canopy can add dimension and elegance to a room, and it is one room decoration that, while not necessarily needed, it can change the entire layout and give it more appeal. If you want your bed to be cozier, and your bedroom design to go through an important transformation, while paying very little, a bed canopy is a much recommended investment. Reading more canopy reviews can help you decide for a style and a model that will complement your room and make it more comfortable. Use our buying guide to get the best bed canopy for your bedroom.


What to look for when buying a bed canopy



Bed canopies sound like something that would be a good fit in a royal room from the 19th century, and, if that is what you think, you are not so far away from the truth. Made popular during the Victorian era, bed canopies are appreciated by people living today as they were back in the days. There are basically two major types of bed canopies to take into consideration: traditional and contemporary. The first come with more complex intricate designs for the frame and they are reminders of their Victorian ancestors, while contemporary models are minimalistic in design and mostly aimed for comfort.



This is a practical aspect that you should not overlook. The canopy does not only have to fit the bed width, but there must also be enough height to accommodate it. Take your room height and your bed width and length into consideration when you go shopping for a new canopy. The last thing you want is to go home and discover that the model does not fit, no matter how much you try.



This is a subjective consideration, but, since you are buying a bed canopy mostly because you want your room to gain a particular air, aesthetic cannot be overlooked. Go for a bed canopy that will not stick out like it does not belong. If you have a modern looking bedroom, installing a richly designed canopy frame will look out of place. The best canopy for bed you can buy should be one that fits your room design.


Top Rated Bed Canopies in 2022


Heavenly 4-Post Ecru


Who says a man’s bedroom cannot have a canopy? One of the main reasons why bed canopies are usually rejected by male consumers is because they tend to look too feminine. However, the comfort and even practical aspect of a bed canopy cannot be denied.

If you are looking for a canopy that does not look too feminine, try the Heavenly 4-Post Ecru. You will notice right away that the polyester mesh has a minimalistic design, without any flowers or unneeded decorations. Not even your husband will be able to say no to such an unobtrusive addition to the bedroom’s comfort. This may be the main reason why this particular product is the best bed canopy you can find on the market. Extremely popular with consumers, able to fit any bed size, and with a design that does not draw unwanted attention, the Heavenly 4-Post Ecru is a recommended purchase.

If you are living in a humid climate, where mosquitoes are a problem, you will be able to use this bed canopy as a great anti-mosquito net. Dry cleaning can be used when needed, but you can also use cold water to wash the fabric, without a problem.

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Dreamma White Square Top Bed Holiday Resort Style


The Dreamma White Square Top Bed Holiday Resort Style is the ideal gift to offer to a couple of newlyweds. Its romantic design is not very fussy, but it is appealing enough to fit any bedroom. The canopy can be used as a mosquito net, as the four panels are overlapping and can be clicked together to ensure that no pesky insects will go through it.

The canopy is easy to install and to pack in case you want to take it along with you on your travels. It comes with its own hanging frame, so there will be no headaches when you want to place it over your bed.

The Dreamma White Square Top Bed Holiday Resort Style is made of polyester, and it is easy to wash by hand in cold water. You can also use dry cleaning, but only if there are large stains on the fabric that do not want to go away with normal washing.

When you are looking for the best canopies, do not forget about this particular model. Its nice, unobtrusive design is great for countryside homes, as well as for a newlyweds’ room. Its solid white color is a plus for many.

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Fantasy Dreamscape Hoop


This is the type of bed canopy you should purchase, if you want to feel like Sleeping Beauty, or any other Disney princess. You will surely enjoy a good night’s sleep, as this canopy protects you against nasty insects and you will also appreciate the romantic look your bedroom will get with just this simple addition.

A great thing about this bed canopy is that you do not have to worry about size. The model fits any bed size, but you may still want to see if your ceiling is high enough to accommodate the hanging frame. The good news is that the model is so universal in design that it can be placed in almost any bedroom. If you want to lend your bedroom a romantic air, there is no better choice than this white canopy.

The netting is made of 100% polyester and it is easy to wash and to maintain. If you want, you can use it as a mosquito net, but, even if you do not live in an area where these pesky insects are a problem, you can enjoy the beautiful looks of this decently priced bed canopy.

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A bed canopy is a fine addition to any bedroom layout. If you are on the lookout for a great looking canopy, try the Heavenly 4-Post Ecru or the Dreamma White Square Top Bed Holiday Resort Style, as they are outstanding in terms of comfort, aesthetics, and protection against mosquitoes and other insects.