The ultimate buying guide on beach tents


The best beach tent will not only shade you from the sun, it can also protect you from sudden ocean breezes, and blowing sand. The portable covering is also ideal for protecting small children and infants from painful sunburns, and give them a cool place to rest from the sun and hot sand. There are several different types and models of portable shade tents to choose, which can make it difficult to choose the right tent for you and your family. We have put together this buying guide to help you find the perfect shade tent so you can relax and enjoy a day at the beach.


What is the best beach tent


Decide on the Type

There are several different types of beach tents to choose from, and each has its own advantages. Pop up tents are quick and easy to assemble, and are lightweight for easy carrying. Family size canopy tents are ideal for large summer gatherings by the water, while an umbrella styled tent can shelter you from the wind and sun. There are also beach tents designed to protect pets and babies both from the sun and hot sand, and generally include a protective floor mat. Other tent styles include ones that are intended to give you shade from the heat and harmful UV rays, and those that are sturdy and durable enough to protect your active kids even when they play.

Once you have decided on the type of tent that best suits you and your family’s needs, you will be better informed to make the right decision. For more information on the six types of beach tents, please see the full descriptions on the separate pages.


The Size

Beach tents are available in several different sizes that can range from a single person shelter, to one that can accommodate your family and several friends. The size of the tent will depend on how you plan to use it. A smaller shelter with a domed ceiling is ideal if you only plan on using it to stand up in, and a pup tent is perfect for letting kids sit in the shade when they are playing in the sand. You should also consider if you will be setting lawn chairs underneath it, or planning on using the tent to shelter picnic tables at your next beach party. The best beach shelter tent will give you the room you need to move around comfortable, along with offering protection from the sun.



The type of material used in the covering is an important consideration when you are looking for the best beach tent for babies and yourself. You will want a material that is UV resistant, and the best beach tents will also be treated to block harmful UVB rays. Many beach tents do include UPF ratings. UPF ratings between 15-24 are considered good, while the ones that are rated 40 or higher are considered the best for children and infant’s sensitive skin. The canopy should be constructed from a durable material, and it is an additional bonus if it is also waterproof. Some of the common materials used include canvas, nylon, and polyester, though tents that are constructed from canvas or a polyester blend are often considered the long lasting. Since most beach tent reviews state that the UV protectorate is usually found only on the top of the tent’s covering, to allow air flow through the sides, this should also be considered when you are trying to protect small children from painful sun burns.



Good air flow is even more important in a beach tent, than it is in other types of protective coverings. It is generally hotter by the water, which can be dangerous for infants, children, and even adults. You will want to find a tent that has at least two ventilated windows, and the best beach tents have four for maximum air flow. Not only can the warmer temperatures be uncomfortable it can also be dangerous, especially for younger children and pets.


Easy to Use

The best family beach tent or any type of shade covering should be easy to put up and take down. Some pup tents only require one simple step to have them securely standing, which makes it easier for you to relax and enjoy your day outside. You want to avoid tents that require several poles and clips for set up, and models that are too heavy to easily carry are probably not the best choice for a day at the beach.

The best beach tent will also include a convenient bag for carrying and storage. This will also make it easier to set up, since all of the necessary poles and ties are conveniently stored in one place. If there are complicated directions, or if more than one person is required to set the tent up you might want to consider finding a different model to take to the beach.


Best beach tent for babies


1.Schylling Infant UV Play ShadeYou love taking you baby to the beach, but are constantly worried about the harmful sun’s rays and if your infant is cool enough. With a small tent designed just to protect babies and small children, you can relax and let your child enjoy their day at the beach. A beach tent for babies is designed to have a high UPF rating, which should always be over 40. This will keep your baby safe and protected even when the sun it at its brightest.

The tent should have a waterproof design, and while you may not be expecting to be out in a rainstorm it is still nice to know that your child will be protected in case one pops up. Your baby doesn’t need a lot of room to move around, which is why the perfect tent is also compact and easy to carry. You also want to ensure that it can be quickly set up before your infant starts fussing. Openings for air flow should be included in your tent to prevent dangerous overheating from the summer sun.

An included floor mat will keep your toddler from getting burned by the hot sand, and give them a cool place to lay down and take a brief afternoon nap. The Schylling Infant UV PlayShade is the perfect tent to take to the beach with you. It features a 50 UPF rating and is designed to set up in minutes. Whether you go to the beach every day, or are occasional visitors to the waterfront you can relax in the sun knowing your child is safe and protected by the covering.

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Best sun shade tent


1.Shade Shack Instant Pop Up Family Beach Tent and Sun ShelterWhen you are planning a day at the beach you do not want the hassle of unzipping doors, nor do you want your view of the ocean blocked when you are relaxing on the sand. The best family beach tent will be large enough to accommodate both parents and their children, and give them plenty of room to relax in. Since you are going to the ocean to play and spend time together, the tent should be quick and easy to put up. The last thing that you want is to have the day ruined because the tent you chose is difficult and frustrating to assemble.

Family beach tents that have three sides can give you the cool shelter you need, without blocking any panoramic ocean views. Without the hassle of a door, you can also keep an eye on the kids while staying nice and cool in the shade. Protective shelters that include side pockets for sand or additional stakes will give you stability against strong ocean breezes. These tents make a great place for diaper changes, and can also provide you with privacy during feedings.

Most family beach tents are lightweight for easy portability, and include a convenient carrying case so you don’t forget any important pieces. Using a shaded canopy can protect families from painful and dangerous sun burns, and help to ensure that everyone has a great time playing in the sun and sand. The Shade Shack Instant Pop Up Family Beach Tent is perfect for families to take to the ocean or a nearby lake. It is easy to set up, and the three protective sides will shade everyone from the sun. It can give you the privacy that you need at times, while still letting you see everything that is going on around you.

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Best pop up beach tent


1.Genji Sports Pop Up Family Beach Tent And Beach SunshelterThe best beach shelter tent should include everything that you need to protect yourself and your family from the sun’s harmful rays. Not only should it be able to give you shelter from the heat, but it is also nice if it is sturdy enough for you to camp in. During the warm summer months there is nothing quite as relaxing as falling asleep to the sounds of the waves crashing on the shore.

If you want to camp and play in the sun, you want a tent that is durable and meets all safety standards. This includes being fire resistant, along with having a UPF rating that is higher than average. You will want the tent to be large enough to accommodate one to two adults comfortably, along with room for a couple of active children. If the tent will be used for sleeping, it should be noted that the best beach shelter tent will normally only fit one small adult in the small space.

Even though you want the shelter to be lightweight enough to carry easily across the sand, this should not mean that you are sacrificing strength or durability. Ocean breezes can be strong, which is why you want to make sure that the frame is supportive and not easily bent. As an added bonus, family pop up tents that include side pockets for weighing down with sand can help prevent the structure from tipping over. The Genji Sports Pop Up Family Beach Tent is considered the best family beach tent for long, fun filled days by the water. It is durable, stable, and able to protect you from the sun, and it can even be used for napping with its roomy interior.

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Best kids beach tent


1.Pacific Play Tents Seaside Beach Cabana #19091The best beach tent for younger children will be fun and protective. Tents are available in a wide variety of different colors and styles, and letting your kids choose their own pattern can be part of the excitement of going to the beach. These tents are normally smaller in size, which also makes them ideal for the pool. The fun colors and patterns can easily fit in anywhere there is sun and water. Since your youngster will be playing in the water, you will also want a child’s tent that is waterproof.

Children’s tents should also be easy to clean, and include a UV protectorate. Not only will this help to protect the fabric, but also your children from painful sun burns. The best waterproof beach tent will also be lightweight and durable. Children are active and not always careful, so you will want to find a tent that can stand up to them. Ventilation is important, especially for younger children, and the enclosure should have at least two windows for cooling air flow. While you might want a door on the tent to keep younger toddlers safely away from the water, you also want to make sure you can keep an eye on them. Mesh doors not only keep your children safely playing inside you can still see everything that they are doing, including when they decide to eat the sand.

A children’s beach tent can let your toddler safely enjoy their day at the beach, while keeping them covered and protected. The best tent review states that the Pacific Play tents Seaside Beach Cabana is ideal for adventurous toddlers and even for pets. It can be easily set up to provide safe, protection from the sun and even water. With the mesh door for ventilation and air flow, your child will be comfortable and you’ll be able to relax and see everything that goes on inside.

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Best beach umbrella tent


1.Sport-Brella XL - Portable Sun and Weather ShelterThere are several benefits to using an umbrella tent, but the main one is that you can move the covering to match the changing position of the sun. The best beach umbrella tent is lightweight and sturdy. The umbrella styled covering should include protective flaps, so more than just your head is shaded from the sun. Even though it is shaped differently than other tents, you still need to ensure that it has plenty of ventilation.

The beach tent should have wind vents on top and windows located on the sides. To withstand sudden ocean breezes, you will also want the openings to be convenient and easy to close. The best beach umbrella tent will include zippers on all of the vents and windows. This will help to keep sand from blowing into you or your children’s faces, and also protect you from summer rain showers.

Stability is a concern at the beach, and you don’t want your umbrella tent tipping over or blowing away. This can be a problem with the covering’s unique design. Most of these models include sturdy stakes that can be inserted into almost any terrain. Side pockets are also convenient for storing sunscreen, hair brushes, and other small items. The added weight in the pockets can also help to provide additional stability. A favorite model is the Sport-Brella Umbrella Portable Sun and Weather Shelter which manages to be stylish and protective. The three sides shelter you and your family from the hot sun, along with the wind and rain. It is lightweight, portable, and most importantly it is incredibly easy to set up.

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Best beach canopy tent


1.Coleman Road Trip Beach ShadeCanopy tents can give you privacy and shelter whether you are at the beach, or a waterfront campground. Unlike other types of beach tents, canopied models include a convenient privacy door. While most reviews state that you do not want the hassle of a solid covered door, sometimes you simply need the additional privacy. With the zippered covering you have the convenience of using the tent as a changing room. This can often give you more privacy than changing out of wet swimsuits in the public restrooms.

Since it will be used by the water, you want your canopy tent to have a protection rating that is over 40 UPF. This will help the fabric last longer, and help to prevent sun burns and skin damage. With the larger size of these tents they can be used with or without beach chairs comfortably, and the included floor covering helps to protect tender feet from the hot sand. It also makes it easier to use the tent for solo camping trips to the beach.

Whether you are planning on using the canopy covering during the day, or overnight it should be durable and stable. The supporting frame on the canopy tent needs to be able to withstand ocean and stronger lake breezes, and also keep from tipping over. Side pockets can help to weight the tent down, while strong stakes can anchor the canopy into the ground. Whether you are camping overnight by yourself, or spending a day at the beach with friends and family a canopy tent is an affordable option to make sure everyone enjoys their day. The Coleman Road Trip Beach Shade tent is strong, durable, and convenient. It was designed to withstand wind gusts, and protect you and your family from the sun’s damaging rays. With the two zipper closing doors for additional privacy, this tent has everything you need to stay cool and comfortable by the water.

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There are six different types of beach tents that all offer its own advantages. Some are colorful and fun, while others are more convenient and functional. Whether you are looking for a beach tent to protect your baby, small child, or yourself there is a covering that was designed to meet your needs. Finding the right beach tent can be difficult, which is why we created our website.

It is filled with informative reviews, complete product descriptions, and a helpful buying guide, all designed to ensure that you pick the right beach tent. While the wrong shade covering can ruin a trip to the beach, the right one will make sure that you and your family love every minute of it. We are dedicated to helping you make an informed decision that fits your lifestyle and budget, and look forward to helping you pick the perfect shade canopy for your next trip to the water.