Things to Consider When Buying New Beach Slippers:


When summer approaches, people gravitate towards beach wear literature and best beach slippers reviews to fill up on the latest styles to renew their wardrobe collection with. Although footwear basically takes the least priority in this regard, it is still a significant part of the market for beach essentials. Maybe it takes a backseat compared to suntan lotion, tanning solutions and swimwear, but no one still cares to be caught wearing cheap beach slippers that won’t stand up to hours of beach fun or carefree frolicking on the sand. Even when you’re garbed in the latest beach fashion this side of town, not having the right kind of beach footwear would ruin your summer happiness. Or so, we’d like to think.

Flip flops may be hot, hot, and hot during the summer, but the best beach slippersfor the money are certainly difficult to beat. A primary consideration for buying such products is ventilation. Your feet should be able to literally “breathe” in the footwear. Some innovative-thinking makers have incorporated ventilation ports on their slide-in sandals. These are simply cut-out structures on the flap or strap that allow the feet to have good ventilation around while keeping the instep sufficiently covered. Such components prevent sweating on the feet, which is especially useful when you have to spend a whole day at the beach in the sun.

The most reliable beach slippers are those that have a lightweight design. You certainly wouldn’t want to be bothered by too much weight on your feet. It won’t allow you to run, jump and just have silly fun at the beach with the whole gang. Sure, you need protection on your feet but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer wearing beach slippers made of thick, thick layers of rubber. Comfort should be a given, so unusually heavy footwear is out. Of course, the lightweight design should never be used as an excuse for using lousy material quality or poor craftsmanship. The manufacturing process should never be shoddy, still delivering best rated products with premium quality while being superbly lightweight. It’s still a package deal that people demand and deserve.

Durability is often deemed synonymous with thick soles. Unfortunately, this is not always a fact. Some manufacturers embellish their inferior offerings with thick soles that are just made of empty, plastic foam. Such products may look thick but offer nothing in the way of substance and protection for the feet. The sand can harbor sharp objects, potentially dangerous seashells or bits and pieces of beach debris, not to mention germs that could be creeping amidst all that silica. Having strong and sufficiently thick beach footwear under you gives you peace of mind that you’re playing it safe. Nothing beats a great pair of beach footwear that lets you have your fun without the ouches and scars that could result from wearing a lousy pair of beach slippers. There are so many affordable products available online that you can choose from. The important thing is to choose the style, color and design that express your personality, or that fully complement your beach outfit.


Things to consider:

  • Adequate ventilation for the feet
  • Lightweight design that is comfortable and practical for the purpose
  • Durability, excellent quality and craftsmanship


Top rated Beach Slippers in 2018


You can bag the best beach slippers 2018 offered by reputable e-commerce sites everywhere. What you need here is a good eye for value for money plus a healthy dose of buying confidence and sensible judgment on what works for you and what won’t. Be picky if you want. Just make sure you have the budget and the gumption to get what you want.


Sanuk Fraid Too Men’s Sandal


The Sanuk Fraid Too Men’s Sandal deserves space in the best beach slippers reviews due to its extra-soft high-rebound EVA footbed with premium suede sockliner. This greatly comfortable terrycloth liner offers incredible comfort to your feet, pampering them with a soft, delicious feeling that should make you want to literally live in this sandal. The Happy U outsole is an exclusive feature that gives the sandal the right kind of tread for superior grip on surfaces. The dual-layer poncho and canvas strap is styled with a worn look by being in a frayed structure, giving the sandal that rugged, comfy silhouette. This pair of sandals carries an elegantly laid-back style made for weekends at the beach and lazy days in the sun.

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Nike Benassi Swoosh Slide Men’s Sandal


Use this comfortable pair of sandals in the shower and you won’t ever want to have any other footwear while showering. The Nike Benassi Swoosh Slide Men’s Sandal has a contoured footbed that hugs the foot with precision, conforming to the curves and dips of the foot to ensure a great fit. The synthetic upper offers support to the top of the foot or instep, covering it adequately while keeping the foot securely ensconced while walking. The sandals also make a great pair of house slippers, allowing easy on and off with their slide-in design. They carry a short and narrow styling that works great for giving the feet a slimmer look. Individuals with wider feet can also order in bigger sizes for optimum fit.

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J. Fiallo New-Slide Men’s Beach Sandal/Slippers


Built to be fast-drying, the J. Fiallo New-Slide Men’s Beach Sandal/Slippers are the best beach  slippers 2018. Every slipper in this exclusive  line comes in two-tone colors. The undersole and the body of the slipper are in contrasting light and dark hues. The midsole is extra-cushioned for ultimate comfort. The slipper is made extra durable, of the finest and softest rubber. Wear it at the beach, in the shower, by the pool, in the house and anywhere you want. Relax anywhere in this great pair of stylish beach slippers with ribbed slide-in straps that enable easy wearing and convenient on and off. The outer sole offers  superior grip with its non-slip construction, giving you a secure footing every time.

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Bertelli N.Y. Slide Beach Sandal/ Slippers


These cool slides are perfect for the beach and for virtually anywhere. The Bertelli N.Y. Slide Beach Sandal/ Slippers have massage nubs that are omnipresent in pricier footwear. These tiny nubs offer reflexology massage as you walk, getting into those pressure points gently while enabling good blood circulation throughout the body. How’s that for dual-purpose footwear? The slippers are made of durable yet soft rubber, with a suede overlay on the upper for even more comfort. The beach slippers are also fast-drying so you can use them on the beach, by the pool or while showering. The sides of the overfoot flap  have ventilation panels that ensure excellent “breathing” for the feet and which also serve to keep the sandals from developing a funky smell after long-term use.

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uYES Massage Casual Thong Slippers/Women’s Beach-Wedges


With their massage nubs on the footbed, the uYES Massage Casual Thong Slippers/Women’s BeachWedges are heavenly on the feet. Available in various colors, the sandals make a great complement to a colorful summer outfit. Perfect for beach and everyday wear, these beach wedges offer elevated support and comfort without the heavy price tag. They are incredibly affordable, unbelievably comfortable and practical. No summer is complete without them. You’ll love how they hug the feet in extreme relaxed style and total comfort. The thick outsole offers good grip while protecting the soles of your feet from possible injury. You won’t look at flip flops, beach slippers and beach wedges the same way again when you’ve tried the uYES Massage Casual Thong Slippers/Women’s Beach-Wedges.

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