In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best beach chair? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. After collecting plenty of information about the best beach chair on the market, we have made use of what we have learned from various expert review sites and owner feedbacks to help consumers make more educated purchases for this kind of product. We have proven the Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler to be matchless in this category thanks to its ability to deliver comfort and versatility to those who want more than just a place to park their bottoms while enjoying the beach. This beach chair is made of polyester fabric, which boasts resistance against the damaging effects of the sun. The polyester material is also resistant to stretching, shrinking, creasing and mildew while being strong and lightweight, so your beach chair looks as good the first time as it is every time you have a beach adventure. The five different chair positions allow you to relax the best way every time. If the Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler is unavailable, we recommend getting the second best option, the Coleman Oversized.



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When it comes to sitting by the ocean, we understand how important it is to be comfortable. The most popular beach chairs provide users with comfort, relaxation, and they look good too. We have created this list to help you decide which is the best beach chair for your needs.

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Types of beach chairs

There are several different types of beach chairs available, and they all provide you with something that the others do not. For example, loungers are among the top ten because you can nap, sun bathe, and just relax. Many loungers come with cup holders, headrests, and even cut out spots for your face to poke through for sunbathing.

A backpack beach chair is designed for convenience, as it can be own as a backpack until you find that ideal spot on the beach. These are ideal for those who have a lot of things to carry, and by wearing the backpack chair, it frees up your hands.

Travel benches are good for families who spend a lot of time in the water but do not want to lay on a towel and get sandy. The travel bench does not take up a lot of space and it can be folded up for easy transportation.

You can never go wrong with a classic cheap beach chair. This chair sits about a foot off the ground and gives you the ability to stretch your feet out in a near laying position without having to lay on the sand.



You can find these chairs made primarily of three types of material: aluminium, wood, and steel.

Aluminium is lightweight but it is not very durable. If you are not careful, the chair could get bent out of shape if it is handled roughly. In addition, aluminium has a tendency to soak up some of the heat, so the metal part can get hot when exposed to the sunlight for too long.

Wooden chairs are a great choice for a new chair because it is both durable and it also does not soak up the heat as much as its counterparts.

Steel chairs are among the heaviest chairs, but they are the most durable. These beach chairs are best suited for poolside use where they will not be moved frequently.

Other than the type of chair and the material, you may want to consider other features when making a choice. Some of these extras include cup holders, footrest, headrest, padded armrest, pockets for storage, if it can recline to multiple positions, and if it has a canopy for built in shade.

We hope that you think of this guide when you are preparing your gear for your next outing to the beach. Ask yourself these questions when you are trying to choose what is the best chair for your beach going needs.


Things to consider:

  • What kind of chair are you looking for? Do you want to lay down and sunbathe? Maybe you would rather recline and read a book? On the other hand, do you want to sit and let the water lap at your feet?
  • What kind of material do you want the chair to be? Aluminium is lightweight, but not the most durable. Wood is strong and a classic look, but heavier. Steel can get hot and is best suited for home use.
  • What kind of extra features do you want? Do you want the convenience of cup holders? Maybe you prefer cushioning for your head and feet. What about shade?



Top rated beach chairs in 2022


After a very stressful week at work, my officemates and I are planning to go on a quick beach trip for the weekend. I took my old beach chair out from the garage to bring along but most of its frame has already corroded. Now I am planning to buy a new beach chair and since I don’t have a lot of time to shop I just checked some items online. I read the best beach chair reviews from the feedback given by customers on the internet and I found the perfect beach chair for me.



Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler


You don’t have to travel out of the country or go to an expensive resort over the weekend just to get the quick vacation you deserve. Whether you want to go sunbathing in the beach or go fishing in your lake house, you can always bring the Tommy Bahama backpack cooler chair along with you. It is very comfortable to sit on and the chair’s construction is sturdy and stable. There are 5 chair positions that you can choose from according to the most comfortable position for you. It is indeed the best beach chair in 2022.



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Coleman Oversized 


If you want a product that is versatile, this device might be the one for you. The model was designed as a camping chair, but it can also be used at the beach. Among the features that make it worth your while are its built-in cooler and the mesh cup holder that it incorporates.

This choice has a fully cushioned seat that is very comfy and a back that can offer support.  As expected, this option is fully collapsible and, as a result, it can be easily stored and transported. This model is a best-seller that has received positive reviews so far.



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Coleman Utopia 


If you dream about getting a classic-looking beach chair, the Coleman Utopia should suit your needs. This choice has a beautiful design, and it includes a relaxed back and a low seat that allows its user to spread his/her legs in the sand for extra comfort.

The model was made from materials that are sturdy. In fact, its frame was developed from powder-coated steel, and it can support up to 250 pounds. This alternative also features a seatback pocket where you can store your beach book and sunglasses and a cup holder for your drink. The manufacturer also supplies the users with a carrying bag for storage and transportation.



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ALPS Mountaineering Rendezvous 


This alternative has been built to deliver stability and comfort to its users. The item was designed to be used for a variety of activities, including beach trips and campfire gatherings. Overall, it measures 22 inches in width, 14 inches in depth, and 24 inches in height.

What is more, this choice has a total weight of 6.8 lbs. and it can hold up to 300 lbs. at a time. Because it was made from TechMesh Fabric, this chair is very breathable when compared to other counterparts. The frame of this product has been made from materials that are very durable.



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Tommy Bahama Mesh 


This choice might also interest you, as it comes outfitted with a mesh trim and a cooler. This option has an attractive design that makes it effortless to transport. In fact, when folded, this chair looks like a backpack that has padded straps.

To better cater to its users’ needs, this alternative can be adjusted into four distinct positions, in accordance with your preferences. Still, it cannot be fully reclined. Additionally, it has a weight capacity of 250 pounds, and it features molded arms that incorporate a drink holder. According to reviews, this option is a good purchase for tall people.



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Crazy Creek Beach & Festival 


This low-seat chair is another option that you should have in mind before placing an order. This heavy-duty device has a sturdy design and the perfect height to be used for concerts and festivals on the beach.

To be easy to move around, the choice can be folded entirely and placed in the included carrying bag. Moreover, when assembled, its seat sits at 6 inches off the ground. This is a comfy purchase as it features a relaxing mesh back. Most of its users spoke highly of it, and they warmly recommended it.



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CORE Equipment Folding 


If you are set on acquiring a beach seat that is comfortable, check out this option. The quilted seat of this product was developed from polyester, a sturdy material that can pass the test of time. On top of that, this well-built alternative features padded arms that can provide the user with extra support.

The built-in oversized cup holder that it includes is a practical addition that only adds to the overall comfort of this option. As a plus, the product comes supplied with a sizeable bag that has a special strap that you can use to transport it.


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