Expert Buying Advice for Battery Weed Trimmers


Getting rid of the weed and overgrown grass in your garden is no easy task, and, while there are powerful corded trimmers on the market, you may want to opt for a battery operated one. Reading more about battery weed trimmers will get you well acquainted with all the necessary features to look for in good quality model. We offer you the following guide to help you out when choosing a trimmer for your garden.

A.Best Battery Weed Trimmer

Battery life

As far as portable models are concerned, battery life is, without a doubt, the most important aspect to take into consideration. Lithium batteries are currently considered the best for string trimmers, because they support numerous cycles and they do not get obsolete easily. If you want to purchase the best battery weed trimmer right now, go for a model operated by a lithium battery, because it is the most likely to serve you for a long time without the need for replacements.



One thing garden owners should never forget when shopping for a string trimmer is how comfortable the device feels in their hands. A good trimmer should have very good balance, with just a little more weight at the top. If you cannot try the trimmer yourself, read what other customers have to say. Lack of comfort is easy to spot and it can be a true deal breaker. Along the same lines, aim for a product on which the controls are ergonomically placed, so you can access them without any problems during operation.



A weed trimmer is great to have, but what can you do when you have to deal with nasty overgrown grass that tends to lurk on edges and corners? The best weed trimmers around have the ability to convert to edgers, so you can cut all the unnecessary grass to the height you desire.



Another aspect that is mostly related to comfort, the shaft must be easy to handle by the person in charge of taking out the weed. The best models come with a telescopic shaft that can be adjusted to fit your height, so you don’t have to bend or stretch in order to use the device.


Which Are the Best Battery Weed Trimmers in 2022


Being aware of how important is to know exactly what you will be spending your money on, we decided to offer you some extra information on the most popular models on the market. The following three products are all praised and loved by garden owners for their ease of use and dependability.



Black & Decker LST136W


1.Black & Decker LST136WThis is, hands down, the best battery weed trimmer you can find at the moment. With plenty of features to go around, this model will help you get your garden free of any weed and overgrown grass in no time.

The first thing that has to be mentioned about this Black & Decker trimmer is that its PowerDrive Transmission is designed to drive more juice from the motor to the string so you can trim the weed faster and easier. As you may well know, cordless models are not very powerful, so it is a great thing that Black & Decker found a way to enhance the power usage without sacrificing comfort and convenience.

The model operates on a 40V lithium battery, which means that you will get to use the string trimmer for a long time. The power you have at your disposal can be used to cut faster, or to cut for a longer time, depending on your preferences and how much power you need for rougher patches.

As any garden owner, you do not need only a weed trimmer, but also an edger. This model converts with ease from one to another, so you can get rid of the weed from all the edges and corners of your garden.

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GreenWorks 2100702 G-MAX


2.GreenWorks 2100702 G-MAXHaving a good battery operated trimmer at your disposal is very handy, but what about those times when you need to have your device working for a lot of time? Batteries, even the best kind, need quite a while to recharge, and during this time, you are left with nothing to do on your hands. The GreenWorks 2100702 G-MAX comes with the solution: the model accepts gas attachments, so, when the battery is running low, you can switch to gas, and this way, continue to trim your garden of the unnecessary weed.

The motor the device comes equipped with is designed for quiet operation, and you will quickly notice how efficient it also is. This GreenWorks model is considered by many the best weed trimmer around because of its versatility and efficiency.

Another thing that must be mentioned about the capabilities of this trimmer is the fact that it can be attached to other gardening tools, in order to get the job done faster and better. The device will start right away and it will get to work, helping you deliver the best results in no time.

The GreenWorks 2100702 G-MAX comes with its own battery and charger, but it is also compatible with other models, so you may want to check the list of compatible batteries in advance.

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Worx WG156


3.WORX WG156Convenience and comfort are two of the most important traits this string trimmer has, and also the main reasons why it is so popular among garden owners. The lithium-ion battery it comes equipped with provides great dependability, and helps you use the trimmer for a long time without having to invest in a replacement battery.

The trimmer is capable of converting into an edger without a glitch, so you can use it continuously in the garden, even when you stumble upon a rougher patch, or a corner overtaken by weed. The handle is adjustable, so everyone can use it; in case you want to enlist another person’s help, adjusting the handle to fit them is really a breeze.

The shaft is telescopic and it can also be adjusted according to your height and posture. The best thing about the Worx WG156 is that it can be, indeed, used by anyone, and deliver the same great results each and every time.

The shaft also has a 90 degree tilting angle, so you can use it all over your garden without harder to reach areas stopping you from getting the results you want. Because the device comes with two batteries, you can use it for a longer time, and get your garden in top notch shape without any interruptions.

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