What to Consider When Buying a Top Battery Operated Weed Eater


Running quieter and cleaner compared to gas models, the machines found in the best battery operated weed eater reviews also offer simpler start and maintenance. Offering cordless simplicity, battery operated weed eaters allow the user to go around the property without being limited by extension cords. To ensure one is getting a premium quality machine, the following elements need to be considered carefully.

A.1 Battery operated weed eater

Battery Performance

Many of the products featured in the best battery operated weed eater reviews run on lithium ion batteries. These are typically rated from 20 to 40 volts for light- to medium-duty models. Lower voltage batteries offer less runtime and power compared to those with higher voltage ratings, and this can be an issue when you have to maintain a particularly large piece of property.

Charging times for the battery can also vary. Fast charging, if available for the machine, can require 30 minutes only. However, standard charging can take from three hours or longer, depending on the model. Make sure to evaluate this factor against your needs to ensure that a battery-operated machine is what you really want.



Most top rated battery operated weed eaters 2022 are designed with a straight shaft, which is perfect for easy reach under obstacles including benches, shrubs, and decks. If you don’t really have to work around too many tight areas, a straight shaft will work just fine. Additionally, the shaft should be adjustable as well, as this will enable you to change the string trimmer’s working height to a comfortable level for you to work with. This means you won’t have to bear persistent back pain for using a weed eater fixed to a single working height.


Cutting Swath

The best battery operated weed eater 2022 offers a wide cutting path to ensure faster completion of yard maintenance tasks. Check out machines that offer 12-inch cutting swaths or wider to help you finish the job easier.



A machine that has a convenient bump-feed line advance feature enables easy line release from the spool by simply tapping the trimmer head against the ground. Automatic-feed heads employ centrifugal force to deliver new line when needed.

Some models have a pro-style head instead of a spool. This type has short lengths of line to help reduce instances of tangling and jamming when loading a new line.

Dual-line heads cut twice with each rotation and also trim faster, while single-line heads facilitate winding of a fresh trimmer line. A fast-loading spool allows insertion and winding of a new line without requiring the spool to be removed or taken apart.

Variable speed controls enable use of different levels of power to suit the cutting requirements or to help extend the life of the battery.


Top Rated Battery Operated Weed Eaters in 2022


A battery-operated weed eater simplifies yard maintenance work by enabling easy mobility and cordless efficiency. The wise buyer does decent reading and research to ensure making a good buy for this type of gardening equipment. However, if you are the kind of gardener who’d rather do things than evaluate them, let us make the job easier by presenting three products worthy of being in garden expos and in your own yard.



DeWalt DCST920P1


1.DEWALT DCST920P1The DeWalt DCST920P1 string trimmer is lightweight at 14 pounds, so carrying it around is not going to be a herculean task. It cuts a wide 15-inch swath using a 0.080-inch dual line to help you finish the yard maintenance tasks quickly and easily. The dual-line head trims faster and cuts twice to ensure thoroughness. The machine is equipped with a bump-feed line advance feature that allows effortless release of fresh line from the spool with a simple tap to the ground. To ensure user comfort, the auxiliary handle is padded. The machine is outfitted with a brushless motor that optimizes the efficiency of the engine while ensuring lasting use and durability.

This device offers variable speed control via the trigger mechanism. It provides easy handling and maneuverability around and under obstacles thanks to the straight shaft. The DeWalt DCST920P1 weed eater comes with a 20-volt MAX 5.0Ah lithium ion battery that provides long run time and reliable power output. The Hi-Lo speed control switch enables effective runtime management. To ensure greater torque plus maintenance of the cutting speed under load, the machine carries an exclusive gear drive design that also increases the efficiency of the engine while needing less power input.

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Black & Decker LST136W


2.Black & Decker LST136WThe Black & Decker LST136W weed eater is equipped with the PowerDrive Transmission that enables the motor to deliver more power to drive the cutting line, which results in faster task completion. To ensure long runtime, the machine is outfitted with a rechargeable 40-volt MAX lithium battery, which also offers more power output so the unit can run stronger. The PowerCommand dial allows the user to select between maximum runtime and maximum power to optimize use of the device. For tackling thick weeds, choose 8500 RPM. For extended battery life, choose to run the machine at 6500 RPM.

For continuous work without the frequent bumping against the ground, the head is equipped with an automatic feed spool system. This element utilizes centrifugal force to feed more line when needed, ensuring dependable performance and predictability. Trim grass in areas that are difficult for even a mower to reach, thanks to the straight shaft. Easily converting from a trimmer to an edger, the machine requires a simple turn of the shaft for versatile use, so you can achieve neat edging results along hard surfaces as well. Switch between cutting and edging tasks with the head that rotates 180 degrees. The battery can be used on other tools within the same product range.

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3.WORX WG175Boasting versatility as a grass trimmer, edger and mower, the WORX WG175 weed eater offers three-in-one functionality. It is outfitted with dual-position wheels that enable variable use. Conversion is easy and requires no tools and no time at all-just 30 seconds! The machine is outfitted with a 32-volt MAX lithium battery that offers cordless simplicity of operation as well as effortless mobility. The lithium ion battery also provides long run times and greater power output. Moreover, it provides greater battery capacity while ensuring no gradual loss of power and no self-discharge. Unlike other battery-operated models, this 3-in-1 machine offers quick charging times and a lightweight build.

The device provides a 12-inch cutting diameter for easy and quick task completion. This weed eater offers a full single line feed system that requires no bumping against the ground to advance the line.The height of the straight shaft can be easily adjusted thanks to the quick-release trigger lever that allows telescopic changing of the working level. The 90-degree tilting shaft ensures easy maneuverability of the machine. Weighing in at just 6 pounds, the WORX WG175 comes with a flower spaceguard that helps the user move around delicate flower beds and garden plots with ease, while doubling as an effective edger guide. The front assist handle comes with seven locking adjustments for optimum comfort during use.

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