Battery operated ceiling fans are great to have on the road, in an RV where you don’t have electricity or inside a tent, when you are camping. Getting a ceiling fan that fits your preferences and your needs to the letter may be a bit tricky, though. Certain aspects must be taken into consideration, and knowing that you can actually depend on a certain model is very important. Reading reviews of different battery operated ceiling fans is very useful because you will learn beforehand which models are the most popular and which ones you should steer clear of.

What to look for when buying a battery operated ceiling fan


Energy efficiency

Probably the most important aspect when looking for the best battery operated ceiling fan is energy efficiency. Since the model you will purchase will run on battery, you will need a ceiling fan that does not die on you after operating for just a little while. Manufacturers of such models are always striving to employ new technologies to make their products more energy efficient. Always look for specs that clearly explain how much energy is being used and how effective the battery is. While you can always recharge the battery pack from the one installed in your car, it is good to know you can rely on your ceiling fan. Many consumers opt for ceiling fans that can also be installed in a tent, because they need to know that they can take their fan with them everywhere they want to go. However, when you are shopping for portable items, keep in mind that they must also be easy to accommodate in cramped places. Energy efficiency, however, comes first, because it makes a portable battery operated ceiling fan a much better deal than models that are known as energy hogs.



This is more a characteristic that matters for all ceiling fans, regardless of whether they are battery operated or they are installed inside a home. The longer the blades, the more air the fan will be able to move, helping you get warmer or cooler, depending on the season. However, if there is one thing to keep in mind about fan models that you can install in an RV where you do not have electricity is that the size can be accommodated inside the RV. Because there will be much less space to cool or warm than inside a home, the size of a good and reliable battery operated ceiling fan must strike a balance between size, comfort and efficiency. These are the attributes to look for and if you find a product that has it all, you will know you found a good deal.


Channel interference prevention

When you are seated comfortably in your RV, you will probably want to watch television. The best battery powered ceiling fan should not interfere with TV channels, so you can enjoy your trip in the greatest conditions possible. This is an issue many manufacturers have dealt with, and so far, there are several models that come equipped with specially designed technology that prevents TV channel interference from happening. Without a doubt, this is a great plus, and one of the things to look for when you are shopping for a battery operated ceiling fan. The most important aspect for you, at this point is to make sure you will enjoy the best comfort and the best conditions when you are using your RV.


Top Rated Battery Operated Ceiling Fans in 2018


Global Electric NDC1242WRBBK


Global Electric is a company specialized in making battery operated ceiling fans, and the Global Electric NDC1242WRBBK is one of their best models. Considered by many consumers to be the best ceiling fan of 2018, this particular product offers all the benefits expected from a good and reliable ceiling fan you can take on the road with you.

The model comes equipped with a three phase motor. The special construction of the motor ensures the high reliability of this model, and you will also enjoy its great energy efficiency. An interesting aspect to keep in mind is that you can program this ceiling fan to move at 6 different speeds, which is more than what you normally get from a ceiling fan you can install in your home.

The Global Electric NDC1242WRBBK is a good addition to any RV or motor home, because it is both stylish and reliable. The black matted blades impose a minimalist design that will work like a charm anywhere you decide to install this ceiling fan.

The electricity usage is of 1Amp and the motor is designed so that it never overheats the switch. It is worth mentioning that the electricity consumption is 30% less than for standard motors of 12V. The model comes equipped with special technology to prevent TV channel interference.

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Global Electric NDC1236WBNECHYCHY


2. Global Electric NDC1236WBNECHYCHYThe first thing you will notice about this battery powered ceiling fan from Global Electric is its style. If the model reviewed above has more of a minimalist design, the Global Electric NDC1236WBNECHYCHY stands out by being a better fit for people looking for a ceiling fan to fit the furniture they have installed in their RVs.

Style is not the only thing that this model does best. It is highly energy efficient, as other ceiling fans produced by Global Electric. The motor employed on the Global Electric NDC1236WBNECHYCHY is much more efficient than 12V motors. The 1Amp electricity usage makes the motor 30% more efficient than regular motors employed on portable ceiling fans. You will also appreciate that the motor does not overheat, so there is no danger of a fire, if you leave the fan on for longer periods of time.

You will have no troubles using this ceiling fan and watch your favorite shows on a portable TV. The Global Electric NDC1236WBNECHYCHY comes equipped with the latest technology to prevent TV channel interference, so you will be able to enjoy a great trip away from home, benefiting from all the conveniences you have at home.

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A good ceiling fan for RVs and motor homes will not be hard to find after reading our simple, to the point buying guide. The best products on the market right now are the efficient Global Electric NDC1242WRBBK and the stylish Global Electric NDC1236WBNECHYCHY, both great to have with you when going away on trips.