If you’ve done massive amounts of research just to find the best bath towel on the market, this short paragraph should provide just the kind of information you need. We have performed our own share of product comparison and research by checking out expert review sites for bath linen and evaluating sales figures. Thankfully, our in-depth research and comparison enabled us to find what consumers consider the best product as of this writing, the Utopia Towels UT0209. This product comes as an entire set of four towels, all with a premium grams-per-square-meter (GSM) rating of 700 to guarantee superior absorbency and performance, so they can dry in less time and with greater efficiency. Every absorbent, soft, and fluffy towel in the set is made of 100 percent cotton fabric for superb breathability to ensure each towel is ideal for use on the hands and body. Every hypoallergenic towel feels soft to the touch, perfect for people with super-sensitive skin. If you can’t get a hold of the Utopia Towels UT0209 because of its high popularity, we recommend getting the second best option, the Chakir Turkish Linens HC-BT-WHT-BAM-1-Parent.



Buying Guide


Towels are bought based on tactile feel, but as any informed consumer knows, there’s much more to bath towels than mere touch alone. With the way softness scams are used by some unscrupulous towel manufacturers, it is up to the buyer to know the difference between top notch towel quality and simple marketing gimmickry. How do you know you are buying a premium quality bath towel?

For lasting functionality, choose products in the best bath towel reviews that are made of premium-quality material

Although most towels are made of cotton, the type of cotton used largely determines the feel and look of the bath linen. While conventional cotton is used in everyday towels, a premium-grade cotton fabric is used in more expensive, high-scale products.

Egyptian or Pima cotton towels have more fibrous and longer threads to guarantee a greater number of moisture-absorbing loops per inch. You can find super-fluffy, ultra-soft Egyptian cotton towels used in high-end hotels and spas. The American-grown version, Pima cotton, comes with a similarly rich feel and look as authentic Egyptian cotton towels that soak water up quickly.

Turkish cotton towels are in the same league as Pima and Egyptian cotton towels in terms of durability and lasting use as long as they are properly cared for. Turkish cotton comes with a natural sheen.

Bamboo bath towels may be 100 percent bamboo but are frequently made of bamboo plus a cotton blend. This kind of towel is colorfast, supple, and lush. Bamboo is an extra-absorbent fabric as the bamboo plant itself flourishes in a pest-free setting while being naturally bacteriostatic.

Organic cotton towels use cotton grown minus the fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides that are typically utilized in farming cotton. Both organic and inorganic cotton have the same feel or texture.


For real value for money, get the best quality bath towel sets that come with good bath towel construction

Good-quality bath towels are both strong and soft. You want 100 percent combed cotton that has fibers that attract water naturally, being able to hold nearly 25 times its weight. With combed cotton, the shorter threads have been eliminated, so the towel is kept strong and is resilient against pilling. Only the longest, most durable threads remain woven in the bath towel.

Ringspun cotton bath towels are manufactured by twisting the short and long fibers together, which results in a finer, smoother yarn that feels greatly luxurious compared to combed cotton threads.

A terry cloth bath towel has distinctly larger thread loops while woven with an extra yarn. The extra material is what delivers the additional absorbency of this kind of towel. The loops are what give a towel extra absorbency. It will be very difficult to actually view the base of an absorbent towel because of the dense way the loops are packed tightly.

Double-stitching on double-turned edges provide additional toughness by preventing fraying to enable worry-free machine washing and drying.

The fabric weight of towels is expressed as grams per square meter or a GSM number. This denotes the density of the fabric used in the towel. The lighter and thinner construction of lower GSM towels makes them perfect for gym and beach use.


The best bath towel sets come with properly-sized towels

A real bath towel, post-bathing or bath sheet should be large enough to enable you to wrap yourself in it. Slightly larger than a regular bath towel, this size is terrific for drying off and has dimensions of 35 by 60 to 70 inches.

Standard bath or post-shower towels are suitable for drying after a bath or shower and measure 27 by 52 to 58 inches.

A washcloth, just as its name implies, is used to wash the body or face and can be used for the face, hands, and body in and out of the shower or bathtub. Typical dimensions are 13 by 13 inches.

After washing your hands, you dry them using a hand towel, which should be durable enough considering the kind of application it should support. A hand towel typically measures 16 by 28 to 30 inches.

A fingertip towel provides guests with a nice little fabric on which to dry their hands after washing. A bit smaller than a hand towel, a fingertip towel is found in guest bathrooms and is often used when entertaining. For display, this 11 by 18-inch towel can be layered with a hand towel.

A tub mat lets you step in and out of the shower easily without trailing water along as you go. This type of towel is absorbent and dense and measures 22 by 34 inches.


Top Rated Bath Towels in 2022


There is a huge selection of bath towels on the market. While this can somewhat complicate the buying process, we hope the above buying guide simplifies the decision-making stage for you. We have also highlighted the best products below for even more shopping assistance.



Utopia Towels UT0209 


If you want luxury on your skin after every shower or bath, get the Utopia Towels UT0209 towel set while it’s still available. This set offers a luxurious feel in all the four towels in the package. Each towel boasts a premium GSM weight rating at 700, which guarantees superior density to provide remarkable absorbency and performance.

Each towel in this 4-pack set provides a spa-like, sensual experience while ensuring exceptionally quick drying and absorbency. The towels deliver a truly fresh feeling during every use. Made of 100 percent ringspun cotton for superb softness, the towels let you wrap yourself in fluffy, absorbent, and soft comfort after a refreshing shower or bath.

The breathability of each towel makes it ideal for use on the hands and body. Each towel is made hypoallergenic, plush, and soft to the touch, and suitable for those with ultra-sensitive skin. The terry nature of every towel in the pack offers superior absorbency, with loops on both sides to provide more surface area on which to dry the body and hands.

Each lightweight, 100 percent cotton towel in the package utilizes durable yet soft ringspun terry in an extra-large size for optimal versatility, absorbency, and coverage. This is the ideal vacation accessory that also works great on the beach and at the spa.

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Chakir Turkish Linens HC-BT-WHT-BAM-1-Parent


Made in Turkey, the Chakir Turkish Linens HC-BT-WHT-BAM-1-Parent comprises four immaculately white bath towels made of 35 percent natural organic bamboo rayon blended with 65 percent luxurious Turkish cotton. Each towel delivers the softness and silkiness of cashmere that offers an absorbency level to outclass cotton.

Used in large 5-Star hotels all over the country, this 4-piece towel package is composed of four towels each made from natural materials. Each towel is manufactured free from harmful chemicals and synthetic substances to make it safe for everyone in the family. Be amazed by the extremely soft, plush, and silky texture of each towel.

The towels in the set are also made super absorbent while being versatile enough for daily use. You will love how each towel is made with extra strength to guarantee years of use. Enjoy luxurious drying off after every shower or bath with the silky-smooth towels. Each bath towel measures 55 by 26 inches for dependable coverage and drying.

You’ll love how every towel in the set comes with a luxurious feel that makes it great for drying off every part of your body from head to toe. If you want a good feel and good quality combined with effective and comfortable drying, the towels in the set should support your needs really well.

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Salbakos Luxury Hotel & Spa


Comprising six pieces of 16 by 30-inch hand towels, the Salbakos towel set provides Turkish luxury that befits use in spas and hotels. Each towel in the set boasts eco-friendly, organic manufacture. You will surely love the luxurious feel delivered by each piece, which boasts an extra-thick weave at 700 GSM for superb absorbency and softness.

Get luxuriously quick drying off performance from each towel, which has double-stitched hems to ensure extra durability. Each towel is made to be compliant with ISO 9001 standards and with Oeko-Tex® quality. The materials used in the making of each towel are guaranteed to be free from pesticides and toxic chemicals.

The taupe color is vat-dyed for more than 7 hours to ensure consistent brightness through multiple launderings. These Turkish towels are made extra-soft and durable as they are manufactured without using bleach even with white-color towels. The dye gets infused into the yarns under high temperature and high pressure for around 6 to 12 hours, depending on the color, to ensure maximum dye absorption.

The manufacturing process ensures that fading does not occur even with the most brilliant colors in the product line. With each wash, the towels get even softer thanks to the superb manufacturing process.
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