Top rated bandsaws in 2022


In creating new shapes to be used in constructions, one must use a reliable bandsaw that would really get the job done. This review contains the top five bandsaws that would really help the consumers in picking out the right bandsaw whether for personal use or for construction use that they can rely on.


How to find the best bandsaw for your needs – A buying guide


bandsaThere are millions of woodcrafters and wood workers that want to cut precise curves in different wood materials, ideal to finish projects. Now, if you want to use a powerful power tool in order to add precision during every project, you need a professional bandsaw. There are many cutting tools available on the market, which you can use with confidence whenever you need to. In order to find the most efficient product you should consult with attention some of the best bandsaws reviews, written by specialists in the field. A high quality bandsaws will do a whole lot more than simply cut curves into different types of materials. Such devices can be used in order to cut tenons, small rabbets which can rip small pieces of stock or even resawing thin strips of wood.

You need to take into account band saw sizes, functions and sizes in order to end up with a product that responds well to every command. In order to find the best bandsaws in 2022 you have to know that there are 2 main types available on the market: floor-standing cabinet models and shorter units for mounting on a bench top. Cabinet models are usually designed for professionals whereas smaller devices can be used by home-schooled woodworkers. There are two important things to take into account while searching for a brand new band saw: depth of the cut and throat.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Size Price Dimensions Motor power Our Rating Where to buy

Grizzly G0555

14 inch $$$$$ 44 x 20.8 x 19.8 inches 1.0 HP A+ AMAZON


10 inch $$$$ 34.6 x 17.7 x 14.6 inches 1/2 HP A AMAZON

Rikon 10-305

10 inch $$$ 35.5 x 12.8 x 22.5 inches 1/3 HP B+ AMAZON

Powertec BS900

9 inch $$$ 31.5 x 18 x 12 inches 1/2 HP B AMAZON

Jet 708718R

14 inch $$ 32.9 x 10.5 x 5.8 inches 1 ¼ HP C AMAZON


As you probably already know, saw’s depth of cut represents the distance from table to upper blade guide. Most band saws can cut 6-inch depth, with optional functions that extend it to 12 inches. The throat represents the distance from the vertical frame section of the saw to the blade. Smaller unites exceed 12 to 14 inch throat distance for better functionality while measuring and cutting different wood materials. Another thing to take into account is the motor’s size. Most of the home-level include a powerful 3/4 to 1 horsepower motor while bigger motors include variable speeds.

Woodworkers understand that bandsaws variable speed. Furthermore maximum speeds should incorporate precision, while cutting metals, plastics and wood. Consult with attention the present best bandsaws reviews, written down by specialists in the field and use the information to identify the most efficient product. Band-saws need to come with a cast-iron, aluminum and steel alloy table which can be tilted by up to 45 degrees, for advanced angled cuts. Furthermore the table should be around 16 inches in length and width, completed by miter track.

It is important to have band saws with tires and also cleaning brushes, in order to keep the construction performance high. The product needs to have a dust collection port in order to maintain the area free to work. With the best bandsaws in 2022, you will be able to get things done easier and with less effort. The product needs to be installed with ease. Time is of the essence when it comes to small or big construction projects, for most people.


Things to consider:


–          Types of bandsaws: floor-standing cabinet models and small mounting stands

–          Take into account depth of cut and throat

–          Size of motors for home-level models with 3/4 to 1 horsepower level

–          Construction type with cast-iron, aluminum and steel alloy table



Grizzly G0555 Bandsaw


Best bandsaw reviews

Commended by various best bandsaw reviews, this bandsaw really gets the job done with precision and accuracy. With its wide array of functionalities, this bandsaw really is superior to other bandsaws in the market. I really find this bandsaw really easy to use and its precision and accuracy really exceeded my expectations. I could just easily cut in almost any material I would use with ease. I really recommend this bandsaw to people who are really meticulous when it comes to cutting materials to be used in construction.



As the best 14 inch bandsaw 2022 from Grizzly, the G0555 is designed with a deluxe heavy-duty stand and special sawing functions that deliver accurate cuts on a wide range of materials

CSA certified and equipped with a powerful 1 HP motor this powerful bandsaw offers contractors the chance to control adjustable blade speeds from 1500 to 3200 FPM, more than enough to cut through hard surfaces

The bandsaw is made with a cast iron frame and cast aluminum wheels for proper stability during each operation

Features a special 4-inch dust port which maintains the working process clean and productive



Does not include a work light to illuminate the cutting surface

Some assembly is needed but with the instruction manual the installation won’t take long


Grizzly G0555 Bandsaw has been very reliable for my projects. It makes work easier and faster because of its features which enhance  the precision of the task at hand. It’s reliable and trustworthy if I compare it with other bandsaws I’ve used in the past.” Brian Seamans


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Jet JWBS-10OS Bandsaw


This bandsaw has many functions that made this bandsaw popular in many best bandsaw reviews. This bandsaw has a large table made out of cast iron that allows greater comfort when cutting large pieces of materials. The belt drive system prevents the excessive vibration of the machine which provides greater precision and accuracy in cutting materials while providing extra power to the bandsaw. I liked that this bandsaw has reduced the vibration it produces which allowed me to cut thing with greater precision and ease. This bandsaw is definitely a must-buy for people who want comfort and superior performance.



Designed to tackle even the toughest of cutting jobs the JWBS-10OS bandsaw features a quick-release blade tension system which permits contractors to perform swift cuts with accuracy

The bandsaw features a large tilting table made of cast iron and an adjustable LED work light which ensure proper stability and illumination during each task

Performing impressive cutting depth of 90 in. 4 1/8 with each cut this bandsaw has a benchtop design which permits people to easily move from one worksite to the next

Powered by a heavy-duty induction motor and a solid Poly-V drive system the bandsaw keeps the cutting force smooth with reduced vibration



The knobs and handles are made of plastic but they get the job done

The bandsaw includes a3/8 blade but not a 1/4 blade (this type is available for purchase separately)


Jet JWBS-10OS Bandsaw is a one of a kind product sold in Amazon which I bought because it had excellent reviews. It’s all that I expected it to be and more, making me glad I decided to invest in it..”  Daniel Knoll


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Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw


When you want durability and performance from a bandsaw, then this bandsaw is perfect for you. Made out of steel, this bandsaw can take on any heavy-duty tasks that you can throw at it.  This bandsaw has a dust port that collects the dust from cutting your materials for easier disposal. The dust port really made it easy for me to clean up my workspace as opposed to other bandsaws that scatters dust all over the workspace which makes it difficult for me to clean up after work.



The 10-305 bandsaw has a large cast iron table, measuring 13-3/4 inch by 12-1/2 inch, more than enough to accommodate different cutting applications even for long periods of time

Powered by a powerful 1/3 HP motor this bandsaw delivers impressive power for various operations like cutting pen blanks or other materials

Backed by an exclusive 5 year manufacturer warranty this bandsaw includes a 2-1/2 inch dust port which maintains the working surface free of debris and dust

This powerful bandsaw comes with the following cutting capabilities: width 9-5/8 and 4-5/8 height



Does not include a mitre gadget but has a special port for it (this cutting precision gadget is available for purchase separately)


I don’t have to worry about the precision of my work when I use the new Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw. It can produce an accurate and precise cut extremely useful in my construction projects. I got it for a very cheap price because this bandsaw had a Black Friday discount.” Stephan Edgell


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Powertec BS900 Bandsaw


This bandsaw has a blade guard adjustment that allows better adjustment of the blade of the bandsaw without harming yourself while using this bandsaw. The glass installed in this bandsaw allows you to look at the blades while being used. The glass installed in the bandsaw is really useful especially when finding what’s wrong with the machine when it’s broken. The blade guard adjustment really adds protection when I’m using this bandsaw; I wouldn’t have to worry being cut by the blade of this bandsaw.



Designed for contractors and workers that understand value of cutting precision, the BS900 bandsaw features an exclusive blade guard which can be adjusted to entertain fast blade changes

Features a sturdy aluminum die cast table with rack and special pinion system that easily tilts to 45 degrees thus ensuring proper position for bevelled cuts

Powered by a 1/2 HP induction motor the bandsaw reaches cuttings speeds of 1725 RPM more than enough to perform accurate cuts

Great for small works but able for more challenging ones this bandsaw features a patented quick release blade tension which permits users to easily change blades



Does not include a protective cover (this accessory is available for purchase separately)

Some assembly is needed (consult with attention the instructions during the installation process)


Powertec BS900 Bandsaw is a durable and reliable machine which has proven to be an excellent investment. I was even lucky enough to get it for a discounted price from Amazon on Xmas. Because it works so well, I’m certain it’s one of the top ten bandsaws in 2022.” Andrew Ballantyne


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Jet 708718R Bandsaw


This bandsaw has a functionality that allows you to reuse the wood that was cut from the material. The design of the bandsaw is ergonomically designed to help you use the bandsaw without struggling to find comfort. I was really comfortable using this bandsaw with its ergonomic design. This bandsaw really makes use of the discarded parts of the material being cut. This bandsaw in perfect for people who really utilizes every inch of the materials they use in construction.



As the best 14 inch bandsaw reviews underlined, the 708718R model from Jet can easily perform accurate cuts on different types of materials

Backed by a solid 1 year manufacturer warranty this powerful bandsaw features a solid aluminum painted fence and also 2 18-inch guide bars for proper cut management

This high quality band saw can safely rip stock up to 12 inches with minimal user pressure

It features precise locking slides with a durable 28-1/2 inch rail that ensure proper cutting stability and in the process project efficiency



The user manual is pretty vague on some issues but people can always consult the Jet Tech Support


With Jet 708718R Bandsaw, I can easily cut different pieces of wood exactly how I want. It’s not hard to work with and precision is it’s most important feature. I definitely recommend purchasing it because it’s one of the most reliable bandsaws I have ever worked with. It’s not too expensive either, costing under $120. ”  Ronald Murphy


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