What baby walker toy to purchase


1.1 Plan Toy Baby WalkerIf you’re looking to purchase a baby walker for your little one, then you probably know by now that you have to pick a product that’s not only useful, but also safe for him or her. In order to ensure that this is true, all you have to do is spend a little bit of time looking for information on the best baby walker toy out there.

Skip this, and you might end up in the unfortunate position of getting a product that doesn’t fulfill its duties. Even this scenario is better than another, which is getting a walker that harms your baby. Luckily, what you have to do in order to avoid this is to look for baby walker advice, which is exactly what we’re giving you in this buying guide. The good news is this: you don’t have to wait to get new baby walkers in 2020 in order to get the best ones out there.


What to Look for When Buying a Baby Walker Toy?


Speed Reducers and Anti-Slipping Pads

One of the biggest dangers when it comes to baby walkers is that your baby might end up falling over if they start moving too fast when they’re in one. If you want to avoid this, you should make sure that the baby walker you’re getting comes with a speed reducer, which won’t let your baby go too fast.

The speed reducing and anti-slipping features are all about preventing the same type of danger, which is why we put them together into one concern. Pads that prevent slipping are typically made out of rubber, and they simply create extra friction between the floor and the walker, ensuring that your little one won’t be able to push it as fast as he or her would normally be able to.


Wide Base

Having a wide base is great for several reasons, one of them being practicality. Usually a walker with a  wide base comes with more toys. More toys means that your little one will have more ways of playing, which also means that they’ll be distracted for longer periods of time. As such, you won’t have such a hard time ensuring that he or she behaves, because all you’ll have to do is remind them of all the fun games that they can play, and they’ll be happy once again.

More importantly, a wide base means that your baby won’t be able to pass through doors he or she shouldn’t pass, thus ensuring that they won’t get hurt.

2.2 VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

Adjustable Height

As your little one gets older, using the same height the walker was set on initially won’t be very safe anymore, but it also won’t be comfortable for him or her. In order to avoid your baby sitting awkwardly in the walker, you should look for a product that comes with an adjustable height, as this will allow you to use it for longer.


Three appreciated products:


Plan Toy Baby Walker

1.1 Plan Toy Baby WalkerThis product is the best baby walker toy for parents who know that they will be able to supervise their baby constantly while playing with it. While it lacks the anti-slip feature, it ensures that your baby won’t get injured by going too fast, because he or she won’t be able to fall in the same manner they would if they would be placed in a regular walker.

It also comes with an adjustable height, which is quite unique when it comes to this type of walker. This means that you’ll be able to use it for a longer time. This is important, because such a toy can actually be used even after your baby has learned to walk. Since it worked by being pushed on, your baby will surely love to play with it even when they have mastered the walking skill.

Finally, it’s entertaining and educational as much as it is safe. It comes with 24 natural and colored blocks, which makes it interesting for the little one, while also helping them learn about size and shape with the help of these blocks.

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VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

2.1 VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning WalkerIf you’d like your baby to have lots and lots of fun with their walker, then this one’s the one to get. Aside from having amazing ratings, this model will provide your little one with countless things to do. In addition, even the walker itself is fun, as it is very colorful, having blue, orange, red, yellow and purple on it, among other colors.

In terms of the toys it has, there’s a small piano, with 5 keys on it, 3 rollers that spin, 3 shape sorters, light up buttons, and spinning gears. It also comes with a barn door that can be opened and closed, and finally, a phone handset, which  will help the baby make “phone calls” to all of his or her friends.

In terms of safety, this walker is just about as safe as it gets. The rear wheels come with rubber seams that ensure your baby won’t be sliding. Also, the same wheels can be locked, ensuring that they won’t go too fast, thus further ensuring that the little one is very safe.

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Fisher-Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker

3.1 Fisher-Price Bright Beginnings Activity WalkerIf you’re interested in a baby walker from fisher price, here it is. This particular product is also one of the best baby walkers under $30, so if you’re on a budget, this model might be perfect for you. It was made to be used for small babies, which means that it will be perfect for those who are younger than 36 months.

The great news is that you don’t have to wait until about the age that you think your baby might start attempting to walk. You can get it sooner than that,  because it provides lots and lots of activities even for babies who are unable to use it. For instance, it has flipping doors, turning gears, spinner beads which also slide, and a spinning ball. These will make sure that the young one stays busy and entertained the entire day.

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