Top rated baby thermometers in 2019


During the early months of the child’s life, vigilance and constant care need to be priorities. Parents understand full well this aspect, investing in precaution devices like baby thermometers. There are times when parents need to know the child’s temperature in order to assess his health. Fortunately there are a lot of baby thermometers available on the market which can become valuable tools in the baby’s first months. Taking into account that few parents have the luxury of going through the best baby thermometer reviews we took the liberty of doing the research for them. We also read user testimonials and in the process found 5 special models which can be used without reservations in nursery.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Baterries Price Guarantee Sensor Type Our Rating Where to buy

San Sero Digital

AAA Battery Included $$$$ Lifetime Ear A+ AMAZON

Just-Brill Digithermo

Included $$$ Lifetime Ear A AMAZON

Safety 1stPrograde Complete

Not required $$ No Oral B+ AMAZON

Safety 1st Comfort Check Pacifier

2 AAA Included $$$$ No Rectal, underarm and oral B AMAZON

Summer Infant Pacifier

Not required $$ No Oral B AMAZON



San Sero Digital Baby Thermometer


The majority of the best baby thermometer reviews that we have consulted underline the smooth functionality of the Digital Baby from San Sero. This trusted baby care product offers quick and accurate readings on the baby’s temperature. The thermometer uses advanced art digital infrared sensors which offer precise data, worth taking into account. This reliable thermometer incorporates dual colour LCD display which provides the data in a readable manner. This particular thermometer delivers instant readings on the baby’s physical state. The basic package comes equipped with a detailed user manual and durable “AAA” batteries, ideal to improve the monitoring operation.

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Just-Brill Digithermo Baby Thermometer


Best baby thermometer reviewsBabies and infants are pretty hard to care for, given their vulnerable state. Now, a good thermometer will help parents know exactly the baby’s state of health. From the best baby thermometers in2016 we picked out the First for Kids, Infants from Just-Brill. Parents need to choose between C or F degrees and safely determine the little one’s temperature. It can take the baby’s temperature from inside the head through the ear drum via an advanced infrared laser. This particular feature ensures accurate readings on the child’s state. Because it weighs only 1.3 ounces the thermometer is fairly easy to use.

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Safety 1stPrograde Complete Family Thermometer


Parents go to extensive lengths to keep their children safe and healthy. The first step to a healthy child is to know at all times, how she or he is feeling. As a result, moms and dads use thermometers in order to know exactly the baby’s temperature. For accurate readings we recommend the Prograde Complete Family thermometer from Safety 1st. Why this particular model? The thermometer incorporates 3 automatic sensor tips which permit parents to use in 3 ways: oral, rectal and also underarm. Due to the large LCD screen each temperature data is easy to read in daylight and at night.

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Safety 1st Comfort Check Pacifier Thermometer


Every nursery should come equipped with a professional thermometer, designed to provide accurate readings on the child’s physical state. This is why we recommend the best baby thermometer in 2019 from Safety 1st, the Comfort Check Pacifier. Due to the soft and orthodontic nipple the baby will have no trouble accommodating to the thermometer. This digital thermometer offers in only 90 seconds an accurate reading on the baby’s temperature. It also features an on and off button for easy use. As an additional trait the thermometer comes equipped with a special medicine dispenser. Because it weighs only 1.6 ounces the device is easy to transport and store.

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Summer Infant Pacifier Thermometer



In our search for the best baby thermometer in 2019 we came across the Pacifier thermometer from Summer Infant. This professional monitoring device can be used to safely take the baby’s temperature. If the baby boy or girl is too hot the thermometer will provide accurate readings. The monitoring process takes place in a safe and non-invasive manner keeping the child safe and comfortable. When the reading is complete the device will let out a distinctive beep and will glow red. The thermometer can register different levels of temperatures, up to 99.9 Fahrenheit. It comes equipped with a very comfortable orthodontic nipple which the child will grow to love.

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